Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chicken Soup with Columbine Principal Frank DeAngelis...

Here's a recent interview with Frank DeAngelis that says a lot without saying much of anything. He expressed a desire to see money spent on programs designed to help troubled youth.

Could you have made a more meaningless statement Frank?

I'm not surprised to learn that even after 14 years and multiple mass murders, DeAngelis is still unwilling to embarrass the football program by admitting that community sanctioned bullying is a serious problem.

Perhaps after the next massacre he'll be more willing...or the next...or possibly the next?


What are the lives of other people's kids compared to the unbridled ego of America's gridiron sociopaths?


  1. You should e-mail DeAngelis- see if he's man enough to debate you like Izzy did.

  2. I've written to him many times over the years with little to show for it. He looked like a tired old goat in the video.

  3. Looks more like a chubby little bitch to me.

  4. Aging is nature's reward for not dying gloriously in one's youth.