Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chicken Soup with the moral fence straddlers of America...

There's something outlandish about a culture that worships violent men while simultaneously expressing outrage about terrorism. On the surface this seems like a contradiction, but it actually makes sense to anyone who understands that all human interests are functions of self interest. Self interest is the driving force behind capitalism. It's also the driving force behind democracy. When was the last time you intentionally voted for a candidate that represented someone else's interests but not your own?

Health insurance companies value their own profits above the value of human life and human suffering.

Members of the legislature who do what the health insurance tells them value their campaign funds more than the lives of their constituents.

Millions of American football fans value the enjoyment of watching a football game more than the safety of the young woman who was raped by their favorite player.

Self interest drives everything people do. Concern for others is a minor consideration.

With that in mind...

How many Americans saw their quality of life improve by the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? Almost 3000 people were killed that day. The laws of probability suggest that there had to be at least a few dozen batterers, child abusers, or some similar characters. Has anyone ever cross referenced the victims with criminal records or incidences of domestic violence?

Probably not.

What American would want to?

Now here's the embarrassing question:

What would a terrorist have to do in order for you to gain something you could not achieve or acquire on your own?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Chicken Soup with Robertson High School's sodomizing hero Michael Gallegos...

Terrorists, serial killers, and similar criminals are often people who've been made to feel powerless, friendless, and afraid during many, if not all of their formative years. With that in mind, it's especially delightful when a sadistic, sodomizing hero of the gridiron attempts to convince others that he's genuinely remorseful.

Back on December 14, 2010 I posted about a group of what has been revealed as a not very uncommon group of young men who played football for Robertson High School...not very uncommon in the sense that behaving like a perverted, homo-erotic Nazi is very common among football players. I got curious and started following up on some of the subjects of my past posts. Here's an article where Michael Gallegos, the ringleader of the Robertson High School Sodomy Squad whines about his reduced quality of life.

As you read about Michael Gallegos' pathetic attempts to precipitate sympathy for himself and his family pay close attention to the fact that neither he nor any other hero of the gridiron ever feels sympathy for their victims. In fact, he demonstrates his utter lack of empathy with one of the least sincere sounding apologies you're ever likely to hear. Watch the video in this story and listen to the hero struggle with an eleventh hour, court ordered statement.

The usual image of a terrorist is that of a raving lunatic who just likes to destroy other people's lives. Here's an important question:

Why should terrorists feel an ounce of sympathy for anyone who would enable a gridiron hero like Michael Gallegos?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chicken Soup with Emily Bazelon and Lady Gaga...

When I first heard about Columbine (about 12 hours after the event) I felt an indescribable sense of relief. Finally, we're going to address the problem of bullying in a serious manner. I really thought that no one could continue defending bullies and blaming victims without destroying their own credibility.

I was wrong.

Within days the forces of denial began screaming what a callous public most wanted to hear. These forces continued their bullying-wasn't-the-problem crescendo for ten years until Dave Cullen published his best seller, "Columbine." Cullen also chose to tell the public what it wanted to hear:

The two killers were crazy.
Bullying was not a significant factor.
There are no systemic problems in either our school system, our society's deification of violent athletes, or the lunatic asylum known as the institution of family.
Go back to sleep. All is well.

And the denial continues to this day, helping to ensure that our society's production of homicidal personalities continues unabated.

In a March 1, 2012 article Emily Bazelon writes about Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation. Two aspects of the article stood out immediately.

FIRST: In the tenth paragraph Bazelon says, "I winced when she talked about how the Columbine school shooters were bullied, since that’s a myth long busted."

Poor Emily. People continue mentioning the uncomfortable truth no matter how hard you and others work to cover it up. Bullying at Columbine was not a myth and almost certainly continues to this day. There is bullying at every high school, including Columbine and victims (including those who live in constant fear of it without experiencing very much of it) who are already damaged are most likely to become suicidal, homicidal, or both.

SECOND: There was no mention of the role modeling of parents who raise their children to be bullies.

To both of you...the fact that someone manages to reproduce does not make them a competent parent. Raising a bully is like defecating in the village well. All those who can't find another water source are unavoidably familiarized with the taste of your family's character. Show a little bravery and start talking about the parents of bullies.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chicken Soup with ex-gridiron gorilla Christian Peter...

Christian Peter is another character whose behavior terrorists can study in order to avoid feeling guilty about their chosen profession. You can read about Christian Peter's character here. He whines about the New England Patriots and calls them a pack of liars here. But here you can find behavior that I've found to be truly disturbing since high school.

Apparently Christian Peter created a video worthy of entertaining the psychotic audience at the Roman Coliseum. And the psychotics are still around in dangerously large numbers. Scroll down to the January 14, 2012 comment, allegedly left there by Christian Peter's wife. She makes two statements that terrorists can learn from:

First she says that she "laughed so hard watching my husband in this video as a boy." He was not a "boy" when he made that video. If what's been written about him is true, he was a violent, 265 pound rapist; not a boy. She then continues with "he still has the heart of a lion" as if that were some sort of compliment. If someone released a lion onto a college campus, how would the public and our law enforcement community react? Lions aren't things to be admired. They're just dangerous animals.

I've run across women since high school who shamelessly defend men who've spent their lives establishing a reputation for cruelty, violence, and criminal behavior. That's a bit disturbing, but they're not alone. Colleges actively recruit football players who commit violent crimes off the field. Team owners like Bob Kraft obviously do likewise. And most disturbing of all; millions of ordinary Americans, none of whom would like their daughters to be raped blithely show up on game day and pay ludicrous ticket prices for the opportunity to enrich players like Christian Peter.

Terrorists can learn from their behavior.

Chicken Soup with the mathematics of bullying...

In the six years between graduating from high school and enlisting in the military I operated a motor vehicle after drinking more than the legal limit of alcohol pretty much every Friday and Saturday night. That translates into about 1200 individual incidents of DWI. At the time, all of my friends and millions of our young adult peers behaved in a similar manner. Here's the important question:

Why did I (and all of those millions) not crash into something?

During my early adulthood a small minority of drunk drivers crashed into something, but most of them got away with it. Imagine if American culture promoted the idea that drunk driving was harmless based upon the fact that most of the time, no one is killed.

That's how American culture treats bullying.

It's common to hear that school shooters (Columbine, etc.) were bullied prior to becoming homicidal. It's also common for the voices of sanity to be overwhelmed by a chorus of voices reminding us that most of the time bullying does not precipitate homicidal behavior.

Here's the question:

Drunk driving was always illegal, but it only became socially unacceptable after it caused a sufficient degree of death, property damage, and human suffering. What degree of death, property damage, and human suffering will be deemed sufficient to correct the American public's opinion about the harmlessness and acceptability of bullying?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Chicken Soup with "extremist" websites...

In the post immediately previous to this one (just scroll back) I promised to browse an extremist website in honor of Orwellian nutlob Nicolas Sarkozy. I'm disappointed to report that I couldn't find one. I Googled a few obvious terms like, "jihad website, die Americans die, death to the west (this is a musical group), god is great, muslim terrorist recruiting, and sarkozy blows godzilla." I was disappointed by the absence of a musical group named "Sarkozy Blows Godzilla."

To be honest, I wasn't trying all that hard to find an "extremist" website, but the question must be asked:

If "extremist" websites are responsible for turning otherwise ordinary people into terrorists, what causes ordinary people to want to find such websites? If I really, really wanted to find one, I'm certain I could have. But...I would have to have already been motivated to blow up shopping malls or bravely shoot little girls in the head. So what's motivating people to consider such behavior before they even visit one of those eeeeevil websites?

Hey Nic'...good luck with that election.

Chicken Soup with Orwellian nutjob Nicolas Sarkozy...

After reading this story I'm even more convinced that terrorists are a lot less crazy in comparison to elected officials (and possibly the voters who elect them) than ever.

Hoping to capitalize on the public hysteria precipitated by the homicidal rampage of Mohamed Merah (one month before Sarkozy's re-election) he's proposing legislation that would criminalize the simple act of a "repeat visit" to any "extremist website."

Hysteria can win elections, but it rarely solves any of society's problems.

First on the list of legal problems is the definition of "extremist website." Will the public be told that, like pornography, we can't define it but we know it when we see it? One can easily imagine a day when politicians define "extremist websites" as any website that opposes them. Perhaps Sarkozy would define my website as "extremist."

Anyone who goes along with Sarkozy's Orwellian nutjob proposal is only going to convince terrorists of the legitimacy of their cause. In fact, I'm going to try to find a few "extremist" websites and "browse" them in Sarkozy's honor.

As always...terrorism is not the product of deranged minds. Terrorism is precipitated by people who can't get through the day without puting someone less powerful or simply less popular in his or her place.

Tally Ho Nic'

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicken Soup with the movie, "Jumper"

In the movie "Jumper" a young man discovers that he can teleport. He uses his power to "jump" into bank vaults after the bank has closed and lives quite lavishly on what he's stolen. There's more to the story but his ability to rob banks is the subject at hand.

How many Americans can honestly claim that if they possessed the same ability that they would not use it to enrich themselves illegally? Would you continue trying to make ends meet by fighting commuter traffic and working a crappy, low paying job? Not likely. You currently work for a living for one simple reason:

You have to. You are inhibited (key word here) from pursuing any other alternative.

You don't quit working and go back to college because the lack of money "inhibits" you.

You don't rob banks or commit some similar crime because your fear of going to prison "inhibits" you.

Now let's get a bit more personal:

If you had the ability to teleport, would you use it to take revenge upon people who harmed or offended you in some way?

Be honest...

Imagine the joy of being able to teleport into the home of the bully who made your formative years so miserable and pouring a bucket of urine and feces you'd been collecting in your garage on his head and then teleporting back home before the jackass could jump out of bed. Imagine how humiliated he'd be in front of whatever bully loving bimbo was lying next to him.

You're thinking about it...aren't you? You could really enjoy life if you weren't "inhibited" by the inability to do what you want.

The point of this post is simple. Few of us will ever be able to teleport, but people who commit acts of terrorism are not "inhibited" by empathy. If their lives are miserable enough they're not "inhibited" by fear of death or prison either. The Columbine killers certainly weren't. Empathy is learned behavior and spending one's formative years being conditioned to fear and hate everyone around you undermines that learning process very effectively.

Speaking of domestic was Timothy McVeigh treated during his formative years?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chicken Soup with Donte Stallworth and the Patriots...

Terrorists can look no further than Patriots owner Bob Kraft when they're looking for a way to rationalize the low value of human life.

Football fans will remember that the Patriots drafted that wonderful example of human goodness and gridiron role modeling Christian Peter back in 1996 and only dumped him when Mrs. Kraft objected to his majesty's presence. Now they've done it again by picking up Donte Stallworth.

My very first post of November 7, 2010 described the behavior of Donte Stallworth and the fact that he got away with killing someone without serving any prison time for it. Of course, he killed an old, blue collar worker and as every good Republican knows; their lives aren't worth anything anyway.

Terrorists, particularly the domestic kind can take comfort by following a two step rationalization process:

1) First they can envision a large, violent member of the gridiron elite brutalizing one of their offspring.

2) Then they can envision vast hordes of football fans cheering wildly when his majesty runs onto the playing field.

Anyone who truly believes that Americans are not this morally depraved can leave a comment.

Chicken Soup with George Orwell...

In his novel "1984" author George Orwell introduced readers to the term "doublethink." Doublethink is the ability to simultaneously embrace two mutually exclusive beliefs.

It is common for Americans to believe that adolescents can be harrassed, beaten, threatened, spit upon, robbed, slammed into walls, kicked, and generally brutalized throughout their formative years with little or no effect upon their willingness to value things like human life. Simultaneously those same Americans feign bewilderment when a victim of such treatment becomes a serial killer or school shooter.

It is also common to hear Americans criticizing those who complain about bullying and attaching labels like "emotional marshmallow" to them. These Americans will remind plaintiffs that the real world is a jungle where you need to stand up for yourself and fight your own battles. Not surprisingly these are the same Americans who complain bitterly when those emotional marshmallows behave as if they really do live in a jungle as they were raised to believe.

A community that is civilized enough to have earned the privilege of complaining about terrorism does not behave this way. If you know of such a community feel free to enlighten me.

Hey out there?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Chicken Soup with Chris Brown's fan base...

Terrorists can avoid feeling guilty about what they do by realizing how callous most of their victims really are.

Chris Brown may not be a professional athlete, but he certainly behaves like one. For those of you who've been living in a closet, Chris Brown reminded Rihanna who wears the pants by beating her into submission a few years ago. In a civilized society he would have been locked in a cage for many years. In America he didn't serve a day and continues to make money selling crappy music to the sort of people who have no problem with men beating up their girlfriends. He even has people who shamelessly defend him.

Terrorists know that no decent American, certainly not anyone who is civilized enough to have earned the right to complain about terrorism would be caught dead enriching a violent sociopath like Chris Brown.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chicken Soup with the wonderful, child loving community of Vancouver, Washington...

Once again...

Terrorists can rationalize what they do by observing the behavior of their prospective victims. Another teenaged girl hung herself after what is described as "years of bullying at school and online." If this sounds familiar, you may be thinking of that human cesspool at the other end of the country, South Hadley, Massachusetts.

I'm going to make a reasonable prediction here, reasonable because history supports it. The adults in authority will make bland assurances that everything possible is being done to prevent another tragedy. The bullies will get away with minimal punishment in the tradition of South Hadley. Other victims of bullying will receive a clear message to keep their mouths shut if they know what's good for them. The criminally incompetent parents who raised the bullies will of course, not hear a word of criticism.

If terrorists need to know anything more about the American public just leave a comment.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Chicken Soup with Alexander Song and the University of Maryland...

Terrorists, particularly domestic terrorists rationalize what they do by watching the behavior of their target (the public) and making a value judgement about their lives. Here's another story about an allegedly homicidal college student at the University of Maryland. The question in the minds of potential terrorists is simple. Will the community make a thorough, good faith effort to research the source of Alexander Song's hatred or will the usual level of indifference and denial prevail.

A while back I wrote about a 19 year old student named Daniel Murray who also attended the University of Maryland.

University of Maryland student Alexander Song, age 19 posted threats of a massacre on the internet. If he had just gone out and killed some people I would tend to believe that he just wanted to kill some people. The fact that he posted a threat suggests that he wanted to broadcast his anger about the way he's been treated in the hope of being treated with ordinary civility and respect, a mode of behavior that many of America's gridiron heroes are pathologically incapable of granting to smaller, weaker, or lower status males. I suspect information will trickle in as time goes by.

In the can prevent this sort of thing by treating bullies as the dangerous sociopaths that they are. Cheering wildly as they run onto the playing field or offering yourself up as a soulless sperm dumpster only makes it easier for people like Daniel Murray and Alexander Song to hate you. And of complements to the law enforcement community for responding so quickly. If only the same could have been true for the pedophile enablers of Penn. State.