Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chicken Soup with the steroid whores of Steubenville...

A rape victim's worst enemy isn't the rapist. A rape victim's worst enemies are often other women.

Athletes are often surrounded by women who's behavior is indistinguishable from prostitutes, with one exception. Instead of simply demanding cash for services, they hope to trade the use of their bodies in exchange for inclusion in a high status group, association with high status males, or some other form of elevated social status. Some women are very successful at their chosen profession and it's not unusual for them to shamelessly refer to rape victims as whores and brazenly threaten bodily harm for daring to accuse His Majesty of a crime. In the tiny minds of steroid whores, athletes can do no wrong.

Terrorists can sleep soundly knowing that their victims have even less empathy for victims than they do.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chicken Soup with amazing comedian and criminal attorney Walter Madison...

Monty Python's Flying Circus was a British comedy show that aired on PBS in the early 1970's. One of their skits featured someone who wrote a joke that was so funny, the author died laughing within seconds of completing it. When the police arrived to investigate an unattended death, they read the joke and died laughing as well. A series of others arriving on the scene also read the joke and died laughing. Finally, the joke was cut up into individual words on seperate pieces of paper, translated into German one word at a time, and read over loudspeakers by non-German speaking British soldiers near the front lines of WWII. Vast numbers of German soldiers died laughing, which is of course, the real reason the Germans lost.

The reason I'm reminiscing about this particular comedy skit is not to reveal how truly ancient I am. I'm just using it to segway into a news article that may have the same effect upon readers. After reading the title...just the title of the online article linked below, I came very close to dying from excessive laughter. Indeed, expert medical personnel had to be summoned to administer strong depressents to prevent further levity induced damage to my health.

Medical and legal disclaimer:

Reading the title of the article linked below may cause uncontrolled laughter intense enough to cause permanent incredulity with America's Alice in Wonderland legal system.

Laugh Now.

I don't normally beg for attention but if you're even remotely as put off by Attorney Madison's appeal, and if you survive the laughter, please e-mail this post to everyone on your address list and tell everyone you come in contact with to risk death from excessive levity by reading the article linked above. This is really over the top, even for the subjects of this weblog.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Chicken Soup with Bailey O'Neill of Darby Township, PA.

As I've emphasized many times, terrorists and mass murderers who may be experiencing a twinge of doubt about their chosen profession can sleep soundly, as they have yet another example of how low the value of human life really is in America. Bailey O'Neill was a good example of the sort of character that Americans claim they value and respect, but secretly loath. Bailey O'Neill was an American male who wasn't aggressive, hostile, or violent. He tried to walk away from the sort of violent trash American parents are dumping into our schools, playgrounds, and neighborhoods these days, and that cost him his life. Bailey O'Neill made the mistake of attempting to deescalate a conflict in a culture that loves conflict, worships violent males, and turns the worst of them into millionaire celebrities. Bailey O'Neill was a civilized person in a society dominated by violent sociopaths and their toadying, sycophantic enablers.

Regular visitors to Chicken Soup will probably be familiar with a character named Izzy Kalman. I posted an excessively scathing opinion of Kalman back on February 25, 2011. After an extensive e-mail exchange with him I completely rewrote it, much to the dismay of at least one of my readers. Kalman refers to the current antibullying movement as a "witchhunt" and makes his living with a program called Bullies2Buddies. His program emphasizes the idea that victims of bullying should attempt to make friends with the bully. I suspect his heart is in the right place but I also suspect he has no concept of the difficulties involved with transforming a violent, predatory species into a civilization. Kalman also emphasizes that America's current efforts to combat bullying are failing and perhaps making the problem worse. On this point alone...I agree. Current anti-bullying programs are failing, and they're failing for one simply reason.

No one in the anti-bullying movement is willing to address the problem by undermining the bully's sense of legitimacy.

My teenaged son told me how lame our school's anti-bullying program was and I gave him a suggestion. I told him to ask the teacher why no one ever talks about the parents who raise bullies. He was understandably hesitant and I told him to forget it if he didn't feel safe. Apparently he's popular enough to get away with it because he finally asked the question. He came home laughing about the teacher's reaction. "She looked like she sat on an ice pick. Then she moved on as if the question wasn't asked." With that in mind, here's a simple exercise for anyone who really wants to understand why the current programs are failing. Read the following politically incorrect statements and compare them with your own memories and experiences. If they match your own opinions but you're unwilling to repeat them in public, then you understand why antibullying programs in our school systems are failing.

Bullies are like human feces. They emerge from the orifice of family character, and they're accepted with open arms by their peers in the cesspool of community character.

If you like bullies, bigots, and batterers, you'll love the criminally incompetent parents who raise them.

A bully is simply a bigot who does not prey upon a specific demographic group. If the bully preyed upon black people it would be called a racist. If it preyed upon Jews it would be called an antisemite. If it preyed upon women it would be called a sexist or a mysoginist. If it preyed upon children it would be called a pedophile. Bullies do not focus on any well defined demographic group. They simply choose anyone who appears vulnerable and safe to attack at the moment. But they're no different than any other violent bigot.

When assholes reproduce, the world gets another bully.

Soulless, social climbing whores reward the bully. Bottom feeding cowards blame the victim. Toadying sycophants fawn for the bully's favor.

Dogs, chimpanzees, and humans are all violent, predatory animals that employ the same basic social structure: the pack. Within a pack, rank and status is established by bullying. The alpha male will periodically run up and down, hooting, beating its chest, calling attention to itself, and physically abusing each member of the pack to test its authority. The alpha male eats first and is given most of the breeding opportunities. In a human pack, bullying lets everyone know, particularly social climbing females who's needs are to be serviced and who is to be shunned. Sound familiar?

Men like Timothy McVeigh, Eric Harris, and Adam Lanza spent their early lives waiting for adults to signal their disapproval of bullying by criticizing them. Clearly, no one uttered a word of criticism. They and many other young men learned something very important from their experience. A society that holds violent individuals in high esteem and looks down upon those who are least violent is not civilized enough to have earned the right to complain about terrorism. Either attack the bully's support system or stop feigning bewilderment when homicidal maniacs spray bullets into crowded rooms.

Here's some further reading that may stimulate those wonderful memories of your youth.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chicken Soup with Pope Damage Control...

I spent a futile 15 minutes trying to come up with an appropriate post, but I think the title says it all.

One wonders if Pope Damage Control will be brave enough to finally out all those pedophiles the Catholic Church protected all those decades. Or will he just call for the faithful, the gullible, and the callous to pray for the children without actually doing anything?

The victims are watching closely, and you just never know when one of them will follow the tradition of bullying victims by staging a media event.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chicken Soup with the University of North Carolina...

Try as I might, I just can't escape this weblog. Hardly a day goes by without some wonderful American reminding me why our society produces men like Eric Harris, Adam Lanza, and Timothy McVeigh. Today's Chicken Soup features yet another college administrator who treats rape victims as if they were the cause of the problem.

This story in Huffington Post (and a lot of other sources as well) explains in nauseating detail. Enjoy the following delicious morsels of Chicken:

"Well... Rape is like football, if you look back on the game, and you're the quarterback, Annie... is there anything you would have done differently?"

And if that wonderfully empathetic statement doesn't warm the hearts of the world's terrorists, the following list of questions surely will:

"They asked me how high my skirt was...where was the hem?"

"They asked me how many times I've had sex in my life."

"They asked me if it was really rape, or just bad sex."

"They asked me if I knew it wasn't a good idea for a 'pretty girl' to walk alone on campus."

"They asked me to demonstrate how hard I fought back."

"They asked if I was really raped, or if I was making it up to cover up bad grades."

I'll attempt to help the University of North Carolina...because I'm a helpful sort of person.

When a student reports being raped, you ask if she needs medical attention. If she says yes, you call an ambulance. If she says no, then you pick up the telephone and offer to call the police. What you don't do is cover up the problem so you can boast of your low crime rate in all those shiny catalogues.

Stop making it easy for homicidal maniacs to feel good about spraying bullets into crowded rooms.