Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chicken Soup with Aspen Times columnist Todd Hartley and his man sized penis...

Aspen Times columnist Todd Hartley must really enjoy reading about school massacres. As I emphasized in my post about Adam Lanza, the sort of men who spray bullets into crowded rooms have often spent their entire lives being humiliated, intimidated, and made to feel utterly alone and powerless by that darling of the American Family, the charming sociopath with the Mitt Romney smile. For many of them, and almost certainly for Adam Lanza, staging a massacre was the first time in their lives they didn't feel powerless. And what better way for a guy with a small penis to feel powerful than to deprive the public of any opportunity to take revenge after committing an act purposely designed to horrify and enrage as many people as possible? Why does Todd Hartley want to publicly humiliate such men? I don't know. You'll have to ask him.

No one can predict the exact time and place of the next massacre, but there are many more Adam Lanza's in the pipeline, just waiting for someone to provide that last little reminder that they'll spend the rest of their lives alone, celibate, and friendless. And Todd Hartley is really trying to piss them off. I wonder why. Will Todd Hartley's man sized penis become engorged at the sight of more dead children? Will he get his secret hard on?

Perhaps if all 535 throbbing members of Congress manage to perform a miracle by turning all scary looking firearms into dust, Todd "I'm With Stupid" Hartley can come up with a plan to prevent someone with a small penis from metaphorically thrusting a stolen fuel truck through the wall of a high school cafeteria. Wouldn't that be worthy? Look Ma. No assault weapon.

I'm trying to place Todd Hartley into one of the groups of bully enablers I described in this post. I'm open to suggestions. Just leave a comment. And when we've figured that out there'll only be one more question.

What will Todd Hartley say to the next group of parents who have to bury their children?

Sleep well stupid.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chicken Soup with Columbine Principal Frank DeAngelis...

Here's a recent interview with Frank DeAngelis that says a lot without saying much of anything. He expressed a desire to see money spent on programs designed to help troubled youth.

Could you have made a more meaningless statement Frank?

I'm not surprised to learn that even after 14 years and multiple mass murders, DeAngelis is still unwilling to embarrass the football program by admitting that community sanctioned bullying is a serious problem.

Perhaps after the next massacre he'll be more willing...or the next...or possibly the next?


What are the lives of other people's kids compared to the unbridled ego of America's gridiron sociopaths?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Chicken Soup with the Westboro Baptist Church...

As is their custom, the most vile humans in America announced plans to picket at the funerals of the Newtown massacre victims. I haven't seen them in the news. I suppose even those idiots have a sense of self preservation.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chicken Soup with Adam Lanza and a few hundred ghoulish American legislators...

This post is divided into four parts:

1) Adam Lanza

2) America's shamelessly ghoulish legislators

3) The customary post tragedy search for scapegoats

4) The Conclusion

Adam Lanza: Search your memory for a young man who is less masculine in appearance than Adam Lanza... Take your time... Now mentally transport yourself back to that wonderful, carefree decade between about age 12 or 13 when puberty really begins to rear its ugly head and about age 22 or 23 when most people who attend college have either graduated or dropped out. Search your memory for those least masculine males one finds in every middle school, high school, and college in America. Remember those guys? How were they treated by their peers? Living inside a physically unimpressive body, lacking social skills, and being an Asperger's sufferer is a miserable existence for any young male in America's steroid obsessed culture, but it doesn't increase the probability of becoming a mass murderer. It only makes you a more attractive target for community sanctioned abuse...and that increases the probability of becoming a mass murderer.

With that in mind, the fact that Adam Lanza was both homicidal and suicidal doesn't surprise me. He was highly intelligent and no doubt knew he would spend the rest of his lonely, disfunctional days playing video games in his mother's basement. What I have no explanation for is Adam Lanza's choice of targets. Twenty year old men who are enraged by the cruelty and ostracism they experienced usually think of the high school or college they attended, not the place where they learned to finger paint. It's possible that he was so timid, so robbed of self confidence that he just couldn't bring himself to attack anything larger. The fact that he killed six adults tends to undermine this argument, except that he killed six unarmed women. And he obviously had a low opinion of women. He shot his own mother in the head while she slept. It's also possible that he obsessed over some long forgotten incident that occured while he was an elementary school student, but that's kind of a stretch as well. Unless some as yet unrevealed fact is reported, we'll probably never know why he chose to attack 6 and 7 year olds. For anyone genuinely interested in preventing similar tragedies, it really isn't important anyway.

The Legislators: What's more important than the killer's choice of targets is the manner in which everyone is reacting. Right now even the most conservative defenders of the Second Amendment are falling all over each other in an effort to ingratiate themselves with registered voters. Over the next few weeks every elected official in America will be blathering ad nauseum about the need for "common sense" gun control. They'll be shamelessly whoring themselves for media coverage with loud, aggressive denouncements of scary, menacing looking, military style "assault weapons". I heard several of them blathering away on NPR this morning.

In truth, none of them give a rat's ass about your child's life. If they did, America would have a single payer health insurance system that covers every American citizen, or at least every American citizen under the age of 18 regardless of who their parents are or how much money they have. Instead, legislators who are now pandering to hysterical voters by ghoulishly feeding off the recently deceased chose to pander to the self interest of the health insurance industry when healthcare was the headline issue. They're so full of donkey squirts I can smell them upwind.

The Search for Scapegoats: Right now, Adam Lanza's computer is being closely examined in a feverish search for publicly acceptable scapegoats. Any website he visited; any person he conversed with in a chatroom; any motorist who drove by his home while he was surfing the web will be considered suspect. Right now the public wants to blame someone...anyone, as long as they can steer clear of The Problem.

The Conclusion" This is going to continue happening for the simplest of reasons. No one with the power to address The Problem is remotely interested in doing so. It's a national embarrassment but certainly no secret that the vast majority of these guys were victims of chronic, community sanctioned bullying. The quickest way to defuse the next one is to convince him that America is switching sides. The bullies will now be punished severely and the victims will no longer be shamelessly blamed for the criminal behavior of others. I doubt this will happen of course. America's love affair with large, violent sociopaths is a hard habit to break.

Perhaps that will change after the next massacre...or the next...or perhaps the next after that. I've been doing this so long I begin to wonder.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chicken Soup with Jason the Columbine Jock.

I often feel like America is just an enormous version of a textbook alcoholic family where everyone is willing to make the most ludicrous claims in order to avoid admitting what everyone knows, otherwise known as The Problem:

Assholes reproduce. They want their children to be feared by other people's children. Fathers who are assholes are "devastated" when their oh so manly sons fail to make the baseball team. And an awful lot of the mothers are really just belligerent men in women's bodies. And that's where the vast majority of bullies come from. It's the parents stupid!!

In the 13 1/2 years since the Columbine massacre there's been an increasing tendency to either dismiss the incident as water under the bridge or to insist that bullying was not a significant causal factor.

Then Jason came along and reminded me why this weblog exists. Chicken Soup fans should take notice of the fact that Jason openly admits being a bully and targeting Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, yet no one asks him why he did that, why he thought it was acceptable behavior, or why none of the "innocent" people who knew he was a bully didn't ostracize him for being such an asshole. Even the Great and Powerful Oprah steered clear of The Problem. Thank you Porkah Belfrey for showing your customary concern for victims of bullying. Have a donut on me. And here's a video of Jason the ruggedly hansome Columbine sociopath explaining how much he's changed. Chicken Soup fans will take notice of the fact that mommy and daddy also have substance abuse problems. What I find most interesting in all three links is the willingness of all involved to pretend that The Problem doesn't exist. The facts loudly declare the existence of The Problem but none of the people do.

Thank you Jason for openly admitting that you proudly helped to fill Harris and Klebold with a homicidal rage. Thank you to all of the talk show hosts and producers, and all of the magazine writers and editors for successfully making Jason look like some sort of hero instead of the monster he really is. And a big thank you to all those mommies and daddies out there for producing sadistic assholes like Jason.

Are you feeling the love yet? Have some more Xanax bitch.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Chicken Soup with NFL hero Jovan Belcher...

Here's another character the world's terrorists can study in order to assuage any feelings of guilt they may have acquired about their chosen profession.

A Chicken Soup fan directed my attention to yet another great American hero of the gridiron, Kansas City Chief's linebacker Jovan Belcher. This article in Slate by Justin Peters reports that he bravely murdered his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins by shooting her. He then drove to the Chief's practice facility and after thanking two of his coaches and the team's general manager for all they'd done for him, he did the best thing possible. He shot himself in the head. Unfortunately, he didn't shoot himself in the head before murdering Kasandra Perkins.

You're wondering about the terrorists...

Americans shamelessly display a slovenly worship of large, physically powerful athletes and depraved indifference for their victims. The article doesn't specifically mention it, but Jovan Belcher has probably been a violent bully since grade school and you can bet the farm that his violence was excused for the usual reasons:

He was an athlete.

The victim asked for it.

Terrorists share a common characteristic with soldiers. Their job is much easier if they can dehumanize their targets. Soldiers usually have to be propagandized into dehumanizing the enemy. Terrorists have it a bit easier because Americans dehumanize themselves. Americans will be talking about the tragedy of Jovan Belcher's death for years. They'll forget about the victim by next week. And best of all, fans will come out of the woodwork to declare that "NFL players aren't significantly more apt to harm women than guys in general." Someone using the name "Geack" left this comment in response to this article. The rest of the comments read like a dry academic debate and most of them avoid criticizing violent behavior or expressing concern for victims...Chicken Soup for the Terrorist Soul.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chicken Soup with the Broken Window Theory...

I first learned of the Broken Window Theory of crime when I read Rudolph Giuliani's book "Leadership" several years ago. The first paragraph of page 47 sums it up nicely:

When an abandoned building has a broken window, someone who would never throw a rock at an intact, occupied building may decide to break a second window. Once the building has lots of broken windows, someone might break in, steal all the copper pipes and light fixtures, use the place as a crack house and so on. Once it becomes known that the building in question is the home of squatters, drug addicts, and other interesting types there's a good chance that the neighbors will start moving away and customers will shop elsewhere. The downhill slide from there is obvious. The idea is to stop that first broken window by punishing the first rock thrower.

So what does this have to do with bullying?

When an adolescent is bullied in school and it becomes obvious that no one cares enough to punish the bully, other students participate or otherwise enable the bullying to continue. When this happens a relationship defined by fear, hatred, and a lust for revenge is established between the victim and the entire school community as a group. Sometimes this relationship grows to include the whole of society when the victim learns that bullies are coddled just about everywhere. The victim may initially become vandalous, then graduate to other, more interesting crimes simply because he's been taught to hate the civilized and child loving community he grew up in. This is apparently what developed prior to the Columbine Massacre.

So how do you discourage that first act of bullying?

School administrators, law enforcement personnel, and especially parents could begin stating in clear terms that bullies are criminals who belong in prison. It would also be wise to say very unkind things about enablers. If the bully is an athlete it would be very effective to boycott any event in which he is participating. Showing up and cheering reinforces the bully's sense of legitimacy and is a form of enabling. Adopting this as a consistent policy would undermine the bully's sense of legitimacy and its sense of security. It would also reduce the bully's parents' sense of legitimacy and discourage them from blaming the victim.

But don't hold your breath waiting for effective leadership to emerge. When it comes to bullying, the average person is some combination of mean, stupid, and callous. And as long as child loving people like Izzy Kalman and Frank DeAngelis are roaming the quiet countryside, bullies are safe from significant criticism.

And that, boys and girls, is why otherwise healthy, sane children become mass murderers in early adulthood.

Go Rebels!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chicken Soup with the American voter.

According to this Huffington Post article 56,145,950 registered American voters attempted to install a charming, empathy deficient sociopath into our nation's highest office.

Could you people possibly dehumanize yourselves any more thoroughly?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chicken Soup with Tagg Romney, son of Mitt, grandson of George...

The world's terrorists have another example of America's love affair with violent sociopaths to learn from.

I wrote in a previous post of my belief that Mitt Romney is a textbook sociopath. Given the fact that the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, Mitt's son Taggert, commonly known as "Tagg" doesn't appear to be any more stable, mature, or willing to place value on the well being of others than his father.

During an interview with North Carolina radio host Bill LuMaye, Tagg Romney stated that in response to Obama's claim that Mitt Romney lied, he "wanted to jump out of his seat and rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at the President." One politician accusing another politician of being a liar is best referred to as light comedy. It's certainly doesn't justify the commission of a violent crime. But that's not the way Tagg Romney was raised to behave. He was obviously raised to be a violent bully...just like dear old Dad the scissor wielding prep school sociopath. And there's a bigger problem. By expressing the desire to physically attack the President of the United States, Tagg Romney not only revealed himself to be a bully like his father, he also put the Secret Service and the President in an awkward position. When an ordinary citizen makes a verbal threat against the President, he is at least questioned by the Secret Service. When the son of the President's opponent makes a threat, any action by the Secret Service takes on the appearance of using Presidential authority to intimidate one's opponent. If I were in charge of the Secret Service detail charged with the responsibility of protecting the President, I would have at least called Tagg aka Biff Romney in for an interview and not worried about appearances. But that's just me. I actually take violent crime seriously.

Domestic terrorists are generally working from a position of relative weakness. For this reason they cannot attack their enemies directly. Instead, they attack their enemy's enablers. And they're always looking for enablers. With this in mind, why would any American with an iota of common sense want to dehumanize himself by voting such a phony, self serving, and oh so charming sociopath into our nation's highest office?

Remember...Ted Bundy was charming too, and for much the same reason.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chicken Soup reviews the movie, "Never Back Down"

Karate Kid was a bad movie with a bad message. Never Back Down was ten times worse and sent the same message on steroids. Remember kids...every petty disagreement must be escalated until at least one person is injured or killed or you won't be a man.

Sean Faris plays Jake Tyler, a quick tempered high school football player who likes to hurt people. Someone shot a video of him beating another player during a game and posted it on the internet. His mother moves the family from Iowa to Florida in order to give Jake's younger brother a shot at a professional tennis career. Jake must now fit in with an entirely new group of students who know almost nothing about him...almost nothing. About all his new fellow students know about him is based upon the video of him fighting. In one memorable scene Jake is strolling down the hallway while an endless parade of hot looking girls give him sultry looks as they watch the video on their cellphones.

The message here is that pretty girls won't give you a second look unless you're a violent sociopath.

Speaking of pretty girls...Amber Heard plays Baja Miller, a thoroughly hateworthy steroid whore who flirtatiously invites Jake the steroid Tyler to a "party" and hands him a small piece of paper with the address on it. Jake goes to the "party" which is set on the grounds of what looks like a mansion. Cam Gigandet plays Ryan McCarthy, the school fighting champion and all around sociopath. Ryan shows Jake around the estate where teenagers are landing what the military would describe as killing blows on other teenagers, seemingly without causing much harm. Then Ryan leads Jake into a room and tells him that he has to fight. This is where Jake learns that he's been set up by Baja Miller who turns out to be Ryan's girlfriend. Baja Miller belongs to the demographic group I describe as "female sociopaths" in my Chicken Soup with the Bully Enablers post. A circle of teenagers closes around them and Jake the steroid Tyler is beaten badly enough to put any ordinary human in the ICU for a long time. Apparently Jake is no ordinary human. The next scene shows Jake waking up with a black eye and a bruised face and his younger brother asking him what the other guy looks like. Amazingly his injuries appear to heal with astounding swiftness.

Yeah, right.

Jake is introduced to an MMA trainer who agrees to train him if he avoids fighting outside of the gym. Jake agrees but ends up taking on three guys who jump out of a manly Humvee and thoroughly defeating them.

What a man.

When the video of that fight hits the internet one teenaged member of the student body can be heard exclaiming, "I heard one of them might die."

What a man.

Oddly, no member of the law enforcement community seems remotely interested in what's going on in their community. In fact there's a stunning absense of adult involvement anywhere in the movie.

I'll wrap this up.

Baja the airhead Miller, suddenly figures out that Ryan "is only happy when he's hurting someone." Apparently she wasn't clued in earlier in their relationship by his choice of hobbies. By the end of the movie Jake the steroid finally proves his worthiness as a man by beating Ryan the sociopath in a fight. Then Baja the steroid whore chooses the new reigning sociopath to be her boyfriend.

Aside from reinforcing the mysogynist's belief that all women are soulless whores who devote their youth to servicing the most violent males they can find, this movie sends the same bad message found in Karate Kid. If you're being victimized by a violent bully, the answer is to become a more highly skilled fighter and then...and only then will you be respected.

Why don't we just close down our prison system and fire all of our law enforcement personnel and declare America to be a jungle where the smallest, weakest, least violent males are as unworthy of life as a Jew at a Klan rally.

As always...domestic terrorists can sleep soundly.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chicken Soup with Thomas Junta...

A couple of co-workers were discussing the behavior of some of the parents in their local children's hockey league the other day. Words like "jerk" and "moron" were used. Needless to say this reminded me of Thomas Junta of Reading, Massachusetts.

Back on July 5, 2000 Thomas Junta (270 pounds of pure manliness) sat on top of 165 pound Michael Costin and beat him to death at an ice rink after a children's hockey practice. Does it get any more manly than that? Apparently Junta was angry about the way Costin was coaching or refereeing his 10 year old son's game and complained about it. Costin then allegedly attacked Junta after he came back into the building looking for his son, a scenario that suggests a complete lack of sense on Costin's part. And to be fair here, Costin appears to have been something of a violent moron himself. This time he paid with his life. Junta was eventually convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter and sentenced to 6 to 10 years. He ended up serving about 8 years and was released on August 27, 2010.

This might be just another routine story about a run-of-the-mill sociopath with a sperm count except for the bizarre interpretation of the crime described in Wikipedia. Obviously the Wkipedia article wasn't produced by a journalist. The writer emphasizes the claim that Junta (270 pounds of pure manliness) was only defending himself against an attack by 165 pound Thomas Costin, something he could have easily done by giving Costin a good shove. He/she then implies that Costin was somehow unworthy or weak or otherwise not qualified to be called a man by stating that his injuries "were nothing more than the result of three punches." Obviously Costin was unworthy of life due to his inability to take a few punches and learn his lesson. I suspect that a close relative wrote it.

I've repeatedly emphasized my belief that bullies and most other violent criminals are the product of criminally incompetent parents so I wasn't surprised to learn that Thomas Junta's son, Quintas Junta was arrested for staging an armed home invasion. Then Quintas Junta was found dead, presumably from a drug overdose. I wasn't surprised by the behavior of Michael Costin's son either. Apparently he likes to abuse his girlfriend and according to this article he spent a little time with his own kind for it.

After reading a variety of articles (Google "Thomas Junta.") it looks like all parties involved have criminal records and long histories of abusive behavior. This story is about an unremarkable collection of violent meatheads but I was a bit disturbed by the opinions of a few close acquaintances. Three male and one female acquaintance of mine expressed surprise and disappointment with the fact that Thomas Junta was going to actually serve prison time. All four of them expressed the opinion (separately) that it was just a fight and that junta should go free. One of the males justified what Junta did with a shrug of his shoulders and the partial statement, "once the adrenaline starts know..." I haven't been in contact with three of these people in years, but adrenaline man was convicted of a double homicide a few years back and won't be leaving prison until he's dead. I'm starting to wonder what went on in the house next door all those years ago.

This weblog is mostly about the public's tendency to favor violent males and rationalize that the victim somehow brought it on himself. Unlike most of the other sociopaths who've graced this weblog, Junta did not appear to have much of a following outside of his family. It was the fact that four people whom I'd previously thought of as mentally stable and reasonably civilized all wanted to see a 270 sociopath go free that reinforced my low opinion of humanity in general and reminded me of The Rule of Most:

"Most people can be relied upon to behave in a manner that is Mostly civilized Most of the time. But, you can reasonably expect anyone to turn on you at any time for the pettiest of reasons."

Domestic Terrorists aren't insane. They simply understand that people are really dumb, violent animals at heart, only slightly more civilized than chimpanzees.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Chicken Soup answers a question...

After reading through this weblog, an acquaintance of mine asked why I hate America so much. I wasn't aware that I was leaving that impression on readers so I'll try to clear things up.

A long time ago I read a memorable quote in a newspaper. A woman who managed to escape the Soviet Union and settle in the United States remarked that she didn't worry about the American government punishing her for expressing an opinion. She worried about what her neighbors would do. Her observation of American culture stayed with me for a long time.

I don't hate America or the American form of government. I firmly believe that America is a good step along the way to civilizing our species. What I hate is the overwhelming tendency of Americans to praise and reward violent criminals and blame their behavior on the victims. If you're under the opinion that you've never rewarded criminals or blamed victims, read this and then read about this gem of the American Family and decide for yourself.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Chicken Soup with the Tustin Junior Pee Wee Red Cobras...

Just when Chicken Soup was thinking about going back into semi-retirement, along comes another disgusting story about participants in that most wholesome and character building institution, American football. Given all of the angry people in America waiting for that last straw to break their ethical backs, Chicken Soup wonders why so many Americans insist on making it easy for Domestic Terrorists to feel good about what they do.

When an adult encourages or orders a child to harm another child or if the adult rewards the attacker for doing so, then the adult should be prosecuted as if he committed the crime himself, especially if the adult is an authority figure to the attacker. I don't know if this is written into law anywhere in America, but after reading about allegations that Head Coach Darren Crawford, former Assistant Coach Richard Bowman, and Tustin President Pat Galentine were involved in paying their players cash bounties for intentionally injuring opposing players, it obviously should be. No one has proven anything yet and the allegations are still being investigated. The reason these adults probably feel as if they've already been found guilty is simple. Given the character and record of the Institution of Football, this story is as believable as cold weather in Canada. In fact, it all sounds familiar to me...

This story immediately triggered memories of another scandal involving very young players during a Pop Warner game at Stagg High School on September 2, 2006. On that day assistant coach Cory Petero tackled 13-year-old Brian Wood after witnessing Wood violently attack his son for the third time in one game. The euphemism for "violent attack" in football is "late hit" but the intent is to cause excruciating physical pain and injury, and to intimidate the victim. There were no allegations of cash bounties at the time and none now. Instead, intentionally injuring opposing players should be looked upon as the normal course of behavior for the sort of characters most attracted to violent, competitive athletics.

Here's why:

Football is not a game. It never was. Football is a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry that looks upon badly injured players as just so much collateral damage, just an unfortunate side effect of doing business. It prioritizes the physical safety of players, including children, only when the monetary cost of insurance and law suits imposes a unifying motive upon the entire industry. And only the most naive parents allow their children to participate based upon the empty rhetoric of sportsmanship, character-building, and personal development. Your child is little more than raw material.

When children are signed up for competitive athletics, they enter a machine that turns out a product of enormous economic value to its owners: professional entertainers. The operation of this machine resembles that of a mining operation where a colossal amount of material is blasted and dug out of the ground in order to produce a proportionately tiny amount of finished product. Both operations leave enormous piles of tailings in their wake and both have a long history of being messy, dangerous to participants, and corrupt.

In football the filtering and disposal of less promising candidates follows a time-tested and widely accepted routine. The first few seasons appear to be conducted as promised; athletics is treated as a game where ideals like fun, fairness, and sportsmanship are openly promoted. This helps to maintain a pleasant illusion for the benefit of recruiting new players. When the players reach the age of 12 or 13, not coincidentally when they’re just bumping into the front edge of puberty, the situation changes considerably. There is little emphasis on having fun and increasing pressure to win regardless of the consequences. Anyone who finds this situation uncomfortable or for any other reason simply falls out of favor is urged to find something else to do. If such an individual does not choose to leave on his own, various methods of encouragement are imposed upon him, one of the most physically dangerous of which was demonstrated by 13-year-old Brian Wood and recorded on videotape during the game in question.

When a play ends, each individual tends to relax and return to his side of the line. This is when a player is most vulnerable to physical injury and Brian Wood obviously knew it. The “late hit” that was witnessed by what is certainly by now an audience of millions was an intentional act intended to cause a great deal of physical pain to the victim and to intimidate him.

Leave now or this will happen again, and again, and again.

The fact that the victim could have been badly injured, crippled, or killed obviously means nothing to Brian Wood, his adult role models, or to the entertainment industry as a whole. If his parents raised him to be a bully, he may have committed the act on his own accord just to acquire a sense of power, or he may have done it after learning that his victim had fallen out of favor with the coaches or the other players. Whatever the motive, it was not an accident. Brian Wood is a fairly typical sociopath of the gridiron and the American public loves him for it.

Domestic terrorists who have yet to become as infamous as Timothy McVeigh, Cho Seung-Hui, and James Holmes can sleep soundly knowing that millions of Americans place more value on the outcome of a Pop Warner football game than they do on the lives and safety of their neighbor's children.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chicken Soup revisits America's healthcare issue...

I'm repeatedly amazed by the average American voter's inability to distinguish between health insurance and healthcare. Imagine if most of your neighbors, coworkers, and personal acquaintances couldn't tell the difference between automobile insurance and the industry that manufactures automobiles and you'll understand how I feel. I'll try to explain the difference in simple terms. I'll even type slowly for those who can't read so fast.

I want those who manufacture medical equipment and pharmaceutical products to have a profit incentive and a significant number of market competitors so that they'll supply patients with the best that our technology can provide. Capitalism is an asset to patients here.

I want doctors, nurses, and hospitals to have a profit incentive and plenty of competition so that they'll have an ever present reason to do the best job they can do in order to avoid losing their patients (customers) to someone else. Capitalism is an asset here as well.

I do not want the health insurance industry to have a profit incentive and here's why:

1) Health insurance companies are not in the business of healing the sick and injured. They're in the business of making money. Health insurance companies make money by two basic methods. They charge premiums to those who are currently least likely to become sick or injured. Then they save money by refusing to pay legitimate claims as often as they can get away with it. Republicans like this arrangement because people who don't make much money are about as worthy of life as a Jew at a Klan rally. Hitler referred to people who were least likely to produce more than they consumed as "useless eaters." Republicans probably have a similar term, but they're smart enough to avoid using it in front of a camera.

A single payer health insurance system would cover everyone, but it will be economically inefficient because it will cover Americans who are in the Republican moral sphere, not economically worth treating. Republicans don't like the idea of a single payer system because it would allow those unworthy of life to receive healthcare they could never pay for on their own. Republican politicians like to criticize the legality of abortion while they take campaign contributions (bribes) from an industry that forces huge numbers of their fellow Americans to suffer and die needlessly.

And that's all a terrorist needs to know about the value Americans place on the lives of their own citizens.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chicken Soup has a conversation with Columbine teacher and author, Paula Reed...

It's rare for anyone to engage me in debate for more than one or two comments. Paula Reed is an exception. The back and forth commentary can be boiled down a bit:

I believe that most criminal behavior is the result of the criminal's personal experiences. I also believe that most of the behavior we now attribute to personality disorders, syndromes, and various forms of mental illness are caused by the people you are forced to interact with during your first two decades of life.

Paula Reed places a much greater emphasis on the role of mental illness in extreme crimes such as mass murder than I do.

I wasn't disheartened by my inability to win her over. I was pleasantly surprised by her willingness to actually maintain a debate instead of simply ignoring me or asking to be paid as Izzy Kalman did. You can find Kalman's commentary by Googling "Kalman" and Chicken Soup." I found him to be a bit arrogant, but many would say the same about me. Decide for yourself.

Read through the commentary between Paula Reed and myself and make up your own mind.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chicken Soup revisits the Pedophile Enablers of Penn. State...

Sara Ganim is generally credited with bringing the true character of Jerry Sandusky and his pedophile enablers into the light of day. The element of her story that interests me the most and embodies the reason for this blog's existence can be found in the following quote from a Glamour Magazine article about Ms. Ganim:

"But many were relieved. They were done keeping their story bottled up inside."

There are situations where the crime and the identity of the perpetrator are known to many members of the public but due to the status of the perpetrator, no one is willing to speak openly. This is the kind of scenario that almost screams for a domestic terrorist to step in and begin ruining lives and reputations. Let's consider the following scenario:

An adult survivor of Jerry Sandusky's pedophilia quietly returns to the local community and anonymously stages a media worthy act of Domestic Terrorism. The act itself doesn't need to be particularly sophisticated. He could fire a few random shots into the stands from a very long distance or detonate a crude pipe bomb somewhere. The objective is to grab the attention of the local community and the media, not to kill or maim a large number of victims. The Terrorist could then send a letter to the University President explaining that Jerry Sandusky was and still is a pedophile. Blind copying dozens of newspapers, magazines, law enforcement officials, etc. would also be a good idea.

And then he could go home and wait...for months if necessary...

What would all those heroes of the gridiron do then? How would all those pedophile enablers react? How would the law enforcement community react? Would they attempt to contact every former member of Second Mile in order to create a suspect list? How would they approach them? Excuse me sir. After one of Sandusky's victims set off a bomb, we've decided to pretend that we care about victims. Um...did you set off a bomb the other day? If the law enforcement community suspected the Terrorist of being the Terrorist, how far would they go in their attempts to prosecute him? This is a sticky question because Sandusky's pedophilia and the University's willingness to cover it up would probably have become public knowledge by then. Would they risk the appearance of revictimizing a victim who may be guilty of nothing?

Just a thought folks. Enjoy the weekend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chicken Soup thinks it's time to demand an I.Q. test before allowing anyone to breed.

Whenever I hear the words "Texas" and "football" in the same sentence, I know that psychotic people are somehow involved.

A 297 pound 12 year old in Texas is upset because he's no longer allowed to play in the "PeeWee" league against kids who weigh no more than 135 pounds. I won't get long winded here but apparently very few of those 297 pounds consist of brain matter.

Every domestic terrorist wannabe in America can take comfort from the fact that there are adults...lots of adults who see absolutely nothing wrong with allowing someone who is bigger than most professional football players to compete against middle school kids, most of whom are about 200 pounds lighter. If adults who are trusted to become parents and coaches place no value on the lives and safety of children, why should terrorists?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chicken Soup with Sawyer Rosenstein...

Domestic terrorist wannabes, the sort of disaffected loners who dream of surpassing the homicidal records of men like Timothy McVeigh, Eric Harris, Cho Seung-Hui, and Ronald McDonald look-a-like James Holmes (The Joker) will be assisted in their efforts to rationalize mass murder by studying how America's child loving culture reacted to the viscious attack on Sawyer Rosenstein at Eric Smith Middle School in May, 2006.

The cover of the July 9, 2012 edition of People Magazine included the words, "SCHOOL BUS BULLIES How could this happen?" These words appeared in the upper right hand corner and for reasons of color contrast appeared to be designed to attract attention. Unfortunately, this wasn't the feature article. People readers were far more interested in Paula Deen's amazing 30 pound weight loss, "The Truth about Katy Perry's Split with Russell", and Johnny Depp's "New Life as a Single Man." Mr. Rosenstein's story was shuttled way back to page 88 under the caption, "People HEROES AMONG US." It consisted of a one page piece about an otherwise healthy teenager who was injured by a known criminal so badly that he'll be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The name of the criminal isn't mentioned of course. In America, the safety and privacy concerns of even the worst criminals is paramount. In that respect, the article accomplished little beyond reminding readers that in the 13 and a half years since Columbine, most American adults still have their heads buried someplace warm, dark, and moist.

Sawyer Rosenstein is not a hero. Heroes are people who run into burning buildings when everyone else is running out. Mr. Rosenstein is the victim of a violent crime that could easily have been prevented if American adults actually placed a higher value on public safety than they do on the egos of violent sociopaths and of parents who want their children to be feared by other people's children. Mr. Rosenstein's efforts to remain sane and stay busy are certainly commendable, but society's attention should be focused on preventing other victims from suffering a similar fate. Yes, that means we need to begin actually punishing young criminals instead of treating them like naughty children. It also means...and this will terrify conservative loonies...we're going to have to hold bad parents criminally responsible for their role modeling. This is not an invitation to file more lawsuits. It's a call to begin treating criminals who reproduce as what they are...criminals. Bullies are usually raised in homes where one, and often both parents role model violence as the normal method of establishing one's rank, position, and status within the community. Criminal parents train their children to brutalize and terrify other people's children and genuinely believe they are right in doing so.

Start arresting violent bullies and any parent who expresses approval of violent behavior. You'll probably save lives by doing so.

Or you can leave your heads concealed from sunlight and wait for the next opportunity to feign bewilderment when someone starts spraying bullets in a crowded theatre. There are more "Jokers" in the pipeline, and Americans are making it very easy for them to rationalize that the lives and safety of their victims don't matter any more than Sawyer Rosenstein did.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Chicken Soup asks why the American public is so upset about terrorism...

Obviously, Americans have no objection to violent males imposing harm on others. So why are they so upset about terrorism? I'm sure someone out there has the answer.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chicken Soup isn't surprised by domestic terrorism...

Here's some light reading for those who are still confused about our nation's crime problem. Ask yourself how many closet sociopaths are created by tough love.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Chicken Soup discusses the obvious...

In nature, bullying is the usual method of establishing rank, social status, and privilege within a pack, herd, or other social group. Dogs do this. Chimpanzees do it. Humans do it too. In nature it makes sense because it ensures that the biggest, healthiest, and presumably the most survivable members of the group do most of the breeding. Those who end up being bullied simply survive as best they can and live miserable lives. In a human civilization bullying has lost its beneficial characteristics and become an obvious hazard. Victims of bullying don't just wander off into the woods and die. They start fires, build bombs, bring guns to school, create computer viruses, become various kinds of criminals later in life, etc. And most of them end up reproducing anyway. At our current level of technology, victims who turn into criminals are an expensive irritant. A few decades from now our level of technology may reach the point where a single individual, acting alone may have the ability to seriously undermine our economy's ability to function or our government's ability to govern. James Holmes used a few firearms to commit an act of domestic terrorism. The next "Joker" might be a microbiologist instead of a failed Ph.D. candidate. If you make enough people too sick to show up for work and you have the ability to repeat the process every couple of months, the economic consequences would be significant.

The danger in treating young, violent sociopaths like naughty children instead of like dangerous criminals could hardly be more obvious, but most people just laugh this off.

America's growing stock of domestic terrorists aren't laughing.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chicken Soup with James Holmes of Aurora, Colorado...

Last time I tried to avoid spending too much time blogging it was David Salmon who pulled me out of retirement. Now it's James Holmes.

I've never met Mr. Holmes, but I suspect he's one of those terrorists I've been warning you about who's learned to hate Americans simply by observing how the public places the ego of violent sociopaths ahead of their victims' safety. Speaking of the public...their behavior is very predictable.

Over the next few days and weeks you can expect to see the following:

1) There will be a candlelight vigil or some similar event intended to perpetuate the myth that human life is valuable.

2) Someone will declare that this time, the name of the killer will not be remembered while the names of the victims are forgotten. We will not forget the names of the victims!! I think we all know better. James Holmes will be remembered because human instinct requires us to remember things that are dangerous so that we can avoid them in the future. We'll forget the names of the victims because we don't need to remember them in order to survive.

3) The media will ask increasingly stupid questions of police officials during press conferences. What brand of underwear was he wearing, and was it clean?

4) You'll hear everyone who ends up in front of a camera repeatedly denounce "gun violence" while staunchly avoiding any criticism of America's love affair with young men who are big enough to brutalize their victims without a weapon. Terms like "common sense gun laws" will be repeated ad nauseum while any suggestion that Holmes was simply the product of a violence loving culture will be shouted down and ridiculed.

5) Repeated references to Columbine will be made, not because anyone is willing to explain any substantive connection, but because it's only 15 miles away. Perhaps James Holmes was affected by the same Satanic mind control rays that affected the Columbine killers.

6) When all the dust settles, a consensus will be reached. The behavior of James Holmes, like the behavior of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold will be blamed on something that doesn't threaten the beliefs or interests of anyone who matters. Anyone who offers an alternate explanation, particularly if it's accurate will be ridiculed or ignored.

Anyone who's done more than skim through a couple of posts here understands that I've never been baffled by mass murderers, serial killers, and terrorists. Americans love violent young men and have no problem discounting the safety and well being of their victims. James Holmes is not a mystery. He's just an embarrassing episode of negative feedback; something America's generous stock of social climbing whores and cocky, sadistic bullies can be proud of producing.

Go Rebels!!

This sort of tragedy is going to continue happening until Americans stop rewarding our nation's most violent males and stop ostracizing our nation's least violent males. (Pay close attention to the subtitle of this blog.)

Remember, the next time you cheer wildly when a violent sociopath prances onto the football field, one or more of his victims may be looking for an enabler to kill.

Back to semi-retirement...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Chicken Soup will be taking a break from blogging...

A few weeks ago I declared my intention to shut down this blog because of time constraints. I won't be shutting it down, but I won't be blogging very often either. It's a constant distraction from my many other duties. For all those who manage to stumble onto this blog I suggest you read about bully enablers and pedophile enablers first before continuing. Those two posts should clear up any mystery about why terrorists are able to place such a low value on human life and human suffering. (They have good role models.)

Enjoy the soup.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chicken Soup asks an embarrassing question...

Which kind of person is traditionally hated more by the average American, the abuser, the victim, or the third party who refers to the abuser as what it is?

Domestic terrorists, serial killers, and other similar characters know the answer already, but I'd like to hear from you.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chicken Soup celebrates the conviction of Jerry Sandusky, All American Pedophile of Penn. State...

Domestic terrorists who haven't made up their minds yet will no doubt be watching the Pedophile State saga closely. Will they be enraged by further displays of depraved indifference, or will football fans defuse the vitriolic rage of unknown victims by staying home on game day and possibly save lives?

The conviction of Jerry Sandusky is a victory of sorts, but only a small one. He's currently 69 years old and probably won't live long enough to really pay for his life of crime. What's really important about his conviction is that it opens the door to the criminal prosecution of as many of Sandusky's enablers as possible, countless civil suits which will, if there's any justice in the world destroy the finances and the reputation of the Pedophile State football program, and send a chill up the spines of every high school and college administrator in that bully loving, victim blaming paradise known as America.

Potential domestic terrorists will be watching the behavior of the public to determine whether or not it is ready to punish Pedophile State by staying home on game day. Football fans are not innocent, uninvolved spectators. They enable some of the worst criminals the American Family can produce. Providing money and blind, unearned worship to an institution that knowingly enabled a pedophile makes you just as guilty as Jerry Sandusky.

Stay home assholes!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chicken Soup asks, "When is it acceptable to complain about being bullied?"

Read this oddball story, then continue...

If you complain about bullying when you are a child you'll be branded a momma's boy, a sissy, or a wimp, and your parents will be ridiculed for wanting a nerf world for their precious baby.

If you wait until you've reached puberty before complaining about bullying the insults will take on a distinctive sexual tone. You'll be called a pussy, a faggot, or a bitch. This is the beginning of a phase in life when social climbing whores know who to service and who to shun and cowards know who to suck up to and who to look down on.

If you wait until you've graduated high school and entered early adulthood before complaining about bullying the insults will be about half sexual in nature and half about your level of maturity. You'll still be called a faggot or a bitch, but there will be an increasing number of bully enablers who claim that you've failed to mature and failed to get over being picked last for baseball. You'll continue to notice that women who could choose just about anyone they want still shamelessly whore themselves to the biggest assholes and cowards continue to identify themselves by sucking up to bullies and blaming their victims.

The older you get before you complain about being bullied, the more bully enablers will accuse you of being obsessed and having issues. You'll be told to get professional your own expense of course. You might even be looked upon as potentially dangerous to all those peace loving, mature people who stood by and did nothing while your head was being stuffed into a shit filled toilet. Bless their hearts.

The subject of the above linked story, 73-year-old Carl Ericsson obviously wasn't raised in an environment where complaining about being bullied was acceptable behavior.

Once again...Americans make it very easy for terrorists to do what they do and still sleep at night.

Go Rebels! Three cheers for Sandusky! And don't miss a game no matter how many violent sociopaths show up on the field.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Chicken Soup visits the toilet...

Latrine poetry usually lacks creativity, but I like this one.

Here I sit upon the crock,
Giving birth to a Columbine jock.

And always remember to display your community's character by shouting "another Jew in the oven!!" when sinking a basket in gym class. If I had done that when I was in high school, I would have been hung out to dry and my parents would have been ashamed to show their faces in public. Apparently the good Christian folks in Littleton, Colorado live by different standards.

As always...continue making it easy for the world's terrorists to hate Americans.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Chicken Soup begins to understand the interest in Dustin Camp...


Scroll down to the 12th paragraph of this article and read how Dustin Camp's mother, Debbie Camp describes her son's decision to run a pedestrian over with his Cadillac.

The words sick bitch come to mind, but then I have to remember that Debbie Camp is the mother of a Texas football player (Are they all violent assholes down there?) and it sounds about normal.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chicken Soup wonders about the recent fascination with Dustin Camp...

For a long time I got a couple dozen hits on a good day. Then I started noticing that my Dustin Camp post started getting an increasing number of hits from all over the world. There was even a visitor from Iceland today. I barely wrote three sentences about the guy back in June, 2011 but his story seems to be attracting the most attention.

Chicken Soup wonders why...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chicken Soup with the Columbine has beens...

Middle aged has been number one calmly lit a king size, all white, filter tipped cigarette and prepared to impress the others. "You know" she began proudly, "I really hate to sound like I'm bragging but my daughter fellated ten members of the football team after last Friday's game." Middle aged has been number one was obviously proud of her daughter's endurance. She understood how a girl gets ahead in life and thoughtfully passed her knowledge onto her offspring.

Middle aged has been number two wasn't impressed. She understood that getting ahead required a girl to be a bit more selective. Her cigarette was longer than middle aged has been number one's, 100 millimeters, all white, and also filter tipped. "My daughter satisfied the quarterback and two running backs in the back of a Humvee." Simply being a football player wasn't enough for her daughter. A smart girl got ahead by taming a young man who's family could afford to give their son an expensive automobile.

Middle aged has been number three stood quietly while the other two finished their unimpressive banter. She smoked the longest cigarettes of all. Middle aged has been number three took an extra long drag on her 120 millimeter, all white, filter tipped cigarette and reminded the others who the alpha female was. "My daughter proved her worthiness by fellating the captain and the co-captain until they were simply exhausted."

The other two middle aged has beens were speechless. After satisfying both the captain and the co-captain there wasn't anywhere else to go, nothing to which a girl could aspire. She'd made it to the top. They struggled to maintain their composure and searched for the proper compliment. After all, it wasn't every day that one enjoyed the honor of such high class company.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chicken Soup with bully apologist Rick Holmes...

Rick Holmes of the MetroWest Daily News reminds us that we shouldn't put violent criminals in prison because that only makes them more angry. He refers specifically to David Salmon, the ruggedly handsome sociopath who demonstrated both his personal bravery and his family character by brutalizing a smaller, weaker Cory Pingeton in front of a video camera.

On the second page of his article Holmes reminds us that the frontal lobe of the human brain isn't fully developed until the mid 20's, obviously implying that David Salmon didn't understand right from wrong. He makes no mention of the fact that bullies seem to know enough to avoid attacking victims who are bigger, stronger, or more skilled in the fighting arts. Violent sociopaths don't have immature frontal lobes. They're just assholes, usually being raised by parents who want their children to be feared by other people's children. In reality, anyone old enough to attend kindergarten understands right from wrong. David Salmon and others like him behave in a criminal manner because they've been taught, usually at home that you're not a man unless others fear you. They've also learned that no one in authority will pull their bully loving, victim blaming heads out of their asses long enough to impose a meaningful punishment. Holmes continues with the statement, "If you want a kid to stop acting childish, wait long enough and he'll grow up." David Salmon didn't "act childish." He brutally attacked his victim in a manner intended to cause physical injury and excrutiating pain. More important from a legal point of view; David Salmon committed his crime in front of a camera in order to impose a state of fear in every other student in school. David Salmon is a small time terrorist, not a naughty child.

The last paragraph on the second page of Rick Holmes' article states, "What crime victims really need is to understand why it happened to them. They want a sincere apology and some reason to believe the criminal has been changed by the experience, and won’t do it again." Holmes somehow believes that victims of violent crime want to be further humiliated by a phony apology and an empty handshake from the criminal and another display of depraved indifference from adults in authority. I could continue, but it's better if you read the article yourself.

Rick Holmes reminds me of the ultimate victim blamer, Izzy Kalman. You can find a few more posts about Dizzy Izzy by googling his name and Chicken Soup. These two guys should get together and swap stories about the best way to turn victims of adolescent brutality into adult serial killers.

The world's terrorists may be criminals, but they shouldn't lose much sleep killing Americans who value a violent sociopath's desire to be feared over the safety of the victim.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Chicken Soup advises against voting for Mitt Romney...

Millions of Americans have no problem with voting a sadistic sociopath into our nation's highest office. If that isn't Chicken Soup for the Terrorist Soul I don't know what is.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chicken Soup with David Cash, Jeremy Strohmeyer, and a few million American hypocrits...

On May 25, 1997 David Cash chose not to interfere when his friend Jeremy Strohmeyer murdered a 7 year old girl. He's been described as a remorseless, amoral sociopath and I don't defend his behavior.

I'll be adding to this in a day or so but I'd like readers to think carefully before answering the following question:

How is David Cash's indifference to victims any different than that of all the other Americans who've managed to grace this weblog?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chicken Soup discusses the theory that domestic terrorism is a form of systemic feedback...

Bullying today is something of a hot, media worthy issue. When I was young bullying was considered a non-problem and anyone who complained about it was a pussy, wimp, faggot, momma's boy, or some other subhuman unworthy of life. Today it is far more acceptable to complain about it and to file criminal charges against the bully.

So what caused this change?


Beginning in Pearl, Mississippi, the late 1990's brought us an escalating series of school shootings, all precipitated by community accepted bullying. Neither the public nor the judiciary cares much more about the safety of victims than they ever did, but they have to pretend that they care because they fear terrorism.

This is an obvious negative feedback loop. What remains to be seen is the degree of terrorism that will be required in order to convince the judiciary that bullies are not naughty children but serious criminals in need of serious prison time.

Keep your eyes on the David Salmon case.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chicken Soup discusses the social benefits of bullying...

Bullying bestows an important social benefit upon society.

Without bullying, cowards wouldn't know who to feel superior to and who to suck up to.

Without bullying, social climbing whores wouldn't know who to service and who to shun.

Without bullying, toadying sycophants wouldn't know who to fawn over.

Imagine the social chaos of living in a world without bullying.

I'm Chicken Soup and I approved this message.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Chicken Soup describes the bullying process...

The purpose of bullying is to establish a social heirarchy founded upon the ability to impose harm on those who are of lower status. Bullying follows a standard, almost textbook pattern.

The bully will begin by observing its environment much as a predator does when its watching a herd of antelope. The bully is looking for physical weakness, social insecurity, or preexisting low status. Sometimes the bully will begin by committing an act that is indistiguishable from any other street crime. It will physically assault its victim, often in full view of others in order to establish a reputation for violence. This appears to have been Mitt Romney's preferred strategy. More often the bully will behave in an overtly imposing manner or commit an act best described as obstruction.

Imposing behavior can take numerous forms but here are a few examples:

The bully will sit down next to its victim during lunch and begin eating the victim's food as if he were invited to do so. It may engage in conversation with others at the table and become angry with anyone who doesn't laugh or otherwise appear impressed with its domineering behavior. The bully may reach over to its victim's desk during class and borrow something. Pushing the victim aside and taking something from the victim's locker is pretty common as well. Shoving the victim aside when the victim is using a piece of equipment that everyone is expected to wait in line for and simply taking over is a favored tactic of schoolyard sociopaths. The basic purpose of this behavior is to demonstrate to everyone that the bully has both the ability to impose itself upon whomever it wants to and has the ability to escape any significant punishment.

Obstruction is similar to Imposition but involves preventing the victim from doing what he needs to do rather than taking something from him. Bullies commonly stand in the way when the victim needs to get into his locker, use the bathroom, enter class, enter the bus, etc. The bully simply gets in the way and forces the victim to either ask repeatedly for common courtesy or to attempt to shove his way past the bully. Assholes raise their children to believe that this justifies committing assault and battery under the rationalization that the bully is only defending itself.

Take care not to confuse bullies with harmless pests. A bully is establishing the right to impose harm upon others by placing himself at the top of the social hierarchy, or at least placing himself above his victims in an environment where allegedly mature, caring adults truly believe that some adolescents are more equal than others. A harmless pest is usually an individual from a socially dysfunctional family environment who makes inappropriate remarks or tells the wrong joke at the wrong time. He or she is easily fooled into behaving, at least verbally as a bully behaves, thus creating the false appearance that he is being a bully instead of being led into trouble by the real bullies who are egging him on. As offensive as this often is to bystanders, it's relatively easy to tell the difference. Unlike bullies, harmless pests are not physically imposing. They do not engage in the Predator Stare while insulting others. And unlike a bully, when told loudly and in front of others to shut up and that no one thinks they're funny, they will become embarrassed, not violent. Bullies are establishing or reinforcing their social status. Telling one of them to shut up will almost always precipitate a violent reaction, a violent reaction that will be defended and justified by just about everyone.

With both strategies, Obstruction and Imposition, the bully wants the victim to defend itself either physically or verbally or both. In the bully's mind and in the minds of all bully enablers this justifies any action the bully chooses to take.

On rare occasions, the victim turns out to be far more violent than the bully expects. The victim surprises the bully by doing some real and morally justifiable damage. This is where bystanders and adults in authority really get to demonstrate their cowardice and duplicity. The victim will be punished to the fullest extent of the law and the bully will be encouraged to take revenge. From the viewpoint of a potential domestic terrorist or serial killer, the entire community becomes a hateworthy and deserving target.

Domestic terrorists like Timothy McVeigh and the Columbine killers obviously witnessed and experienced this process. The only variable here is how much terrorism it will take for Americans to stop coddling violent sociopaths like David Salmon and start confining them to prison cells until they're too old to harm anyone.

Tomorrow's domestic terrorists are watching. Will David Salmon get off in the tradition of South Hadley? Will American voters put a violent sociopath in the White House?

Stay tuned folks.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chicken Soup with Mitt Romney the bully...

When high school or college students remind everyone why Columbine is a metaphor instead of a school or a flower, it's a problem. When a sadistic bully stands a step away from our nation's highest office, it's a potential disaster.

A disturbing but not particularly surprising article in the Washington Post describes Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney as a bully. The accusation may be accurate or inaccurate, but Mitt Romney claims he doesn't remember the incident in question.


If someone accused me of doing something I didn't do, particularly if that something involved torturing a smaller, weaker classmate my reaction would be simple. I would ask for details. When did this happen? Who was the victim? Did I behave this way as a matter of routine? You get the idea. If the accusation was false I'd clearly state that it was false. I would not, especially as a presidential candidate, claim that I did not remember behaving as a sadist.

I have a good memory. I remember sleeping in a crib and eating in a highchair as a toddler. One of the wooden bars in my crib would loosen up in the winter so that I could twist it around and make a satisfying squeaking sound. During warm weather it tightened up to the point where I could not turn it. As a toddler, I did not understand the ability of relative humidity to expand or shrink wood, but I certainly remember. I also remember with disturbing clarity some of the less innocent incidents of my youth. I won't go into nauseating detail here, but I didn't conveniently forget that they occured. The difference between Mitt Romney and myself isn't just a matter of net income. I occupy an anonymous cubicle in corporate America while His Majesty is actively seeking an obscene amount of political power.

There's more...

What I do not remember about my youth are incidents that happened often enough to be described as routine. I could not, for example descride the bus ride to school on some random date in 1975. I rode to school every day and only rarely did something occur that I'd have reason to remember.

And therein lies the basic problem. If Mitt Romney really doesn't remember behaving as a cocky, sadistic sociopath, then it may have been routine behavior for him. One act of sadism blends into another over the years. Who could be expected to remember a particular one? His classmates remember the incident because it probably wasn't routine for them. Mitt Romney's reaction to the Washington Post article combined with his current screw-the-non-powerful political stance on just about everything strongly suggests that he enjoyed, and still enjoys hurting others, especially those who can't hurt him back. He is probably embarrassed by the public impression that he really does enjoy hurting others but may have forgotten any individual, routine incident of sadism during his youth, and that he hopes the issue will just go away much as our health insurance industry hopes that potentially expensive patients will go away by dying quickly.

From the viewpoint of the world's terrorists, this is just one more example of American character. Electing a cocky, sadistic sociopath to our nation's highest office would surely leave little doubt in anyone's mind that our moralistic posturing about the evils of terrorism is just that: moralistic postering.

Mitt Romney is always welcome to clearly state that he is not, and never was a bully, and that he strongly believes that bullies are a public menace who should be locked up until they're too old to harm anyone.

And pull that vibrator out of your ass before your face gets stuck that way.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Chicken Soup discusses how to manufacture an American Domestic Terrorist...

In a troop of chimpanzees the ability to bully others and escape any significant punishment is the standard method of acquiring status. The large, physically powerful alpha male does whatever it wants and no one dares complain.

In American society, particularly during that critical decade from the onset of puberty to about age 24 or 25 when almost everyone who attends college has graduated or otherwise moved on, the rules of behavior are about the same as those for chimpanzees. The large, physically powerful alpha males do whatever they want and anyone who dares to complain or criticize can expect to be brutalized for the high crime of "trash talking." No adults appear brave enough to mention the fact that if the least violent individuals in your community talk trash about you, it's probably time to clean up your act.

This "critical decade" is when potential domestic terrorists, serial killers, and other, similar personalities are transformed into real ones by conditioning them to hate and fear others. Robbed of the ability to form healthy relationships with others, particularly with females, the potential serial killer or domestic terrorist may spend decades in a fantasy world where he is powerful instead of powerless. It may be years or even decades before they actually start to behave as criminals, but the necessary conditioning takes place when they spend most of their time surrounded by individuals who are about the same age.

Americans in the information age can reinforce the conditioning process by ensuring that violent alpha males like David Salmon are widely seen to be escaping significant punishment. There may be someone in another state, or even another country for whom the coddling of David Salmon will be the last straw. No one will be able to prove that of course, and it doesn't make any difference in any case. For most Americans, the safety of other people's children just isn't a priority when compared to the ego of a young, ruggedly handsome sociopath.

Go Rebels!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chicken Soup visits the subject of depraved indifference...

If there's one skill a terrorist needs in order to get the job done and still sleep at night it's the ability to feel absolutely no empathy for those who suffer. Terrorists can learn this skill by watching the behavior of those who are going to fight hard to get David Salmon off with a stern warning that NEXT TIME YOUNG MAN!!!! YOU'LL BE ON REPORT!!! or some such empty threat.

The Columbine killers watched violent athletes get away with violent crimes. The next such individuals who stage a similar media event will no doubt watch David Salmon walk out of court with his peacock feathers spread wide having achieved his goal of making his peers fear him.

This is the mark of a successful domestic terrorist.

Keep whining about Muslim terrorists. I'm truly fascinated.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chicken Soup visits the Minotaur's Maze...

There are a number of articles about David Salmon's behavior available for your online viewing pleasure. Read the previous few posts if you don't know who David Salmon is. Many of the comments left on these articles by other readers refer to David Salmon as a coward for sucker punching his victim Cory Pingeton instead of facing him.

There's a small problem with this:

Cory Pingeton would still be the victim of a violent crime even if David Salmon had openly faced him. In the fantasy world where millions of Americans actually spend their lives, the bully challenges the victim to "step outside" so they can settle things like men. There's a fight in the schoolyard where the bully gets a bloody nose and learns not to harrass the victim again. Everyone gathers around the victim and complements his fighting skill and manliness while the bully stalks off angry with a few of his shocked and scummy looking toadies. The victim is seen looking into the sunset with the pretty girl on his arm. Movie credits flow across the scene to the accompaniment of appropriate music.

In the real world, things transpire a bit differently. The victim is facing a criminal (often the product of parents who are unrepentent assholes) who is much larger, much stronger, and far more violent than he is. If the victim refuses to accept His Majesty's challenge, the cowards (usually the bulk of any community) will look upon him not as a victim of bullying, but as a coward who won't stand up for himself. He is now considered to be a legitimate target for harrassment because he brings it upon himself. (Refer to the Bully Enablers post for more information here.) If the victim steps outside and has his face rearranged by the bully, he is still the victim of a violent crime but cowardly adults will ignore any complaint he makes and remind him that "fighting is not the answer to your problems." He will now be treated as a willing participant rather than a victim.

The victim is gored by the Minotaur no matter where he turns for one simple reason. In America the victim doesn't matter. Most Americans are sick fucks who enjoy watching other people's kids being brutalized while they whine endlessly about crime, violence, and terrorism. Pay close attention to the manner in which our judicial system treats this case. David Salmon will get off with a suspended sentence, perhaps a requirement to attend anger management classes (a sick joke obviously intended to further humiliate the victim), and a stern warning from the judge to "watch me wag my finger young man."

This will embolden other criminals in other high schools and possibly inspire more victims to find solace in very public acts of destruction. And those who could have addressed the problem will play the denial game.

Enjoy the soup folks. And don't forget to feign bewilderment at the next serial killer, mass murderer, or school shooter.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chicken Soup ponders how the Patriot Act might apply to David Salmon...

The Patriot Act of 2001, Section 802, (a), (5), (A), (B), (i) defines Domestic Terrorism as acts that "involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State and appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population."

The student body at Franklin, Massachusetts High School certainly qualifies as a "civilian population." David Salmon's criminal act was certainly dangerous to human life. His Majesty is more than physically powerful enough to kill someone. And the fact that he had Jeremiah Ramirez video the crime and post it online leaves little doubt that he intended every student in that school to feel intimidated.

Let's hear from the legal experts out there. Either the authorities are going to put their money where their mouths are and aggressively prosecute domestic terrorists or Chicken Soup cordially invites them to stop whining about terrorism.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chicken Soup with Jeremiah Ramirez: Franklin's photographer-at-large...

Terrorists can sleep soundly knowing that yet another American sociopath will get off easy after our judicial system goes through the motions of pretending to care about victims.

Jeremiah Ramirez is David Salmon's partner in crime and personal photographer. Ramirez positioned himself to capture David Salmon's assault and battery of his victim Cory Pingeton and then posted the crime on Twitter for all the world to enjoy.

Here's what really happened:

David Salmon is not a person. It's just another violent alpha male member of the human species. It's parents utterly failed to socialize it by teaching him to place value on the lives and well being of others. Like an alpha male dog or chimpanzee, David Salmon wanted to be feared and obeyed. The standard method of inspiring fear in others is to choose a scapegoat, publicly brutalize him, and then sit back and enjoy the lavish attention of the usual social climbing whores, victim blaming cowards, and toadying sycophants who fawn for the alpha male's favor.

Go Panthers!!

David Salmon chose Cory Pingeton to be His Majesty's scapegoat and then conjured up the old "trash talking" excuse for his criminal behavior. Given the history of violent athletes, I fully expect him to get away with it without serving a meaningful sentence.

And here's what's going to happen:

Both of these criminals will get a finger wagging from a judge after cutting a deal with the prosecutor. They'll walk free with their heads held high, secure in the knowledge that in America, victims simply don't matter.

And that's why we have events like the Columbine Massacre. A society that kisses enough sociopath ass eventually precipitates a homicidal rage in the victims.

Go Rebels!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chicken Soup "talks trash" about Americans...

Facial expressions can carry a lot of information.

This is David Salmon at his arraignment. Far from displaying a hint of guilt, shame, or fear of significant punishment, David Salmon's facial expression is a show of anger. All he's thinking about is what he's going to do to his victim when he gets out.

And he will get out.

Thanks to America's sociopath loving, victim blaming culture, David Salmon is going to proudly strut away from this with his shiny peacock feathers spread wide. David Salmon knows that he isn't going to serve any significant prison time for his criminal behavior. Far from it. His lawyer will tell him to hang his head a bit lower, utter a few phony words of apology, and wait for the judge to kiss his hero-of-the-gridiron ass with a suspended sentence. And David Salmon will have no shortage of defenders when he walks out of court. America is lousy with people who will shamelessly defend what he did as a matter of personal and family honor. This is why Timothy McVeigh, the Columbine killers, and a long list of serial criminals too long to post here were able to rationalize the moral acceptibility of what they did. They had too many American role models to count. In terms of character, these bully enablers are indistinguishable from those who once defended the lynching of "uppity" blacks. The demographics of bigots and their victims varies with time and place, but the character of the bigot and those who defend him remains the same.

Every time one of these stories hits the news I hope and pray that this time a learned person of the bench will finally pull his head out of his sociopath loving ass and impose a meaningful sentence. I've been watching and waiting for decades. My prediction that something's gotta break began to be fulfilled in the 1990's when school shootings became headline news. When the Columbine Massacre occured, I naively thought that Americans would finally lose their tolerance for bullying. I was wrong. The average American, particularly those who are enthralled by violent athletes couldn't give a damn about the lives and safety of victims as long as someone else's son or daughter is being brutalized. Apparently it's easy for Americans to rationalize that the alleged victim had it coming.

The next time some adult survivor of community sanctioned brutality sprays bullets into a crowd or parks a truck bomb under a daycare center, think about the Americans who raised David Salmon to believe that brutality is acceptible behavior, the Americans who shamelessly shower praise upon violent young men, and the Americans who allowed David Salmon to strut out of court with a suspended sentence.

He's going to get off easy, and the world's terrorists will have one more example of American morality to learn from.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chicken Soup is pulled out of retirement by David Salmon, hero of the Franklin, Massachusetts High School Panthers...

Just when I thought it was safe to go into retirement, another well formed stool emerges from the orifice of The American Family. Terrorists the world over must be sleeping soundly indeed knowing that so many American parents place so little value on the lives and safety of other people's children.

David Salmon, Franklin High School Panther #32 decided to memorialize the 13th anniversary of the Columbine Massacre by reminding the world that athletes still believe they can get away with anything. In this display of wholesome, manly, family values violence, David Salmon sucker punches his victim, Cory Pingeton and then stalks off down the hallway (in a manly fashion). The social climbing females are no doubt squealing with delight and hoping and praying to be chosen by Him. He is a football player after all.

Enough about His Majesty.

What really matters from the viewpoint of a terrorist is how the community reacts to David Salmon's criminal behavior. Terrorists, foreign or domestic tend to attack things that for them symbolize evil. And anyone who's ever been victimized knows from personal experience that most of the psychological damage is imposed by those who shamelessly defend the abuser and blame the victim. America's sociopath worshipping, victim blaming culture produces a glut of people whose adolescent experiences leave them with a seething desire to take revenge upon someone worthy of hatred. These potential killers, bombers, and arsonists understand that no one who is civilized enough to have earned the right to complain about terrorism would be caught dead enabling a knuckle dragging bully. How will American society react to the criminal behavior of David Salmon?

Will the media take a hard look at the parents who raised him? Will they look for evidence that mommy and daddy role modeled or telegraphed approval of violent behavior? Potential terrorists are probably watching for this. Will the media even bother to investigate the most common source of criminal behavior? Or will the media display the usual cowardice by avoiding any indictment of our precious Institution of Family?

Will our law enforcement community step on its own dick by cutting a deal that allows His Majesty to avoid a significant prison term, allows him to return to school (where his presence will intimidate victims and embolden other criminals), allows him to continue participating in violent contact sports, and basically reminds every Timothy McVeigh and Columbine killer wannabe that victims really don't matter? The South Hadley bullies walked. Will David Salmon also be allowed to strut away from significant punishment?

Will American football fans continue to cheer wildly when violent sociopaths prance onto the field? American football fans don't appear to have a problem with athletic criminals as long as someone else's son or daughter is being brutalized. And if the public places no value on the safety of victims, why should terrorists?

The next time you read about yet another school shooting, another serial killer/arsonist/bomber, or another act of terrorism, just think about how Americans reacted to the criminal behavior of The American Family's latest sociopath. Will Americans put their money where their mouths are by imposing a stiff prison term on His Majesty, or will the world's terrorists be reminded that Americans don't place any greater value on the safety of victims than terrorists do?

Go Panthers!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chicken Soup will be left on the stove to simmer...

I was considering deleting this blog because I work about 60 hours per week and it's become something of an unproductive distraction. I had several other blogs which I eventually deleted for the same reason. Very few people read them.

It finally occured to me to emphasize the fact that the public's deification of violent, athletic, and oh so manly sociopaths and indifference toward their victims only makes it easy for criminals, including terrorists to feel good about what they do. That's where the name of the blog comes in. Every time a victim or former victim of sigh athletic manliness reads about yet another knuckle dragging hero of the gridiron being lavishly rewarded for his manly demonstration of criminal behavior, another serial killer, misogynist, or terrorist becomes able to rationalize the necessity of what they're going to do. Bully enablers are obvious morons, so I'll allow this blog to stay on the stove and annoy them.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Chicken Soup bids you all Tally Ho!

I'll be getting rid of this blog in a few days. It's been fun but very few people visit and it's become a constant distraction. Believe it or not...I really do have better things to do.

Tally Ho!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chicken Soup composes a Haiku...




One of the strongest taboos in American culture is to criticize parents for the tragic results of their criminally incompetent role modeling. There has never been a shortage of jump-on-the-bandwagon cowards willing to attack (verbally or otherwise) the parents of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, but in the 13 years since the Columbine massacre washed across all of our television screens, how many prominent people (politicians, media deities, celebrities, etc.) have openly criticized the parents of bullies for role modeling, signaling approval of, or rewarding the sociopathic behavior of their precious wonderkinds? In your opinion, should parents react to their bully's sociopathic behavior with punishment, or should they reward his majesty with expensive, hypermasculine automobiles?

Try to use complete sentences when leaving a comment.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chicken Soup with Columbine survivor Evan Todd...

Evan Todd was a student at Columbine High School who narrowly avoided being killed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on April 20, 1999.

Evan Todd's rant:

"Evan Todd, the 255-lb. defensive lineman who was wounded in the library, describes the climate this way: "Columbine is a clean, good place except for those rejects," Todd says of Klebold, Harris and their friends. "Most kids didn't want them there. They were into witchcraft. They were into voodoo dolls. Sure, we teased them. But what do you expect with kids who come to school with weird hairdos and horns on their hats? It's not just jocks; the whole school's disgusted with them. They're a bunch of homos, grabbing each other's private parts. If you want to get rid of someone, usually you tease' em. So the whole school would call them homos, and when they did something sick, we'd tell them, 'You're sick and that's wrong.'""

Time Magazine
December 20, 1999
Pages 50 and 51

Evan Todd's rant from Time Magazine reinforces the impression that Harris and Klebold belonged to the group known as scapegoats. Pay close attention to his statement, "If you want to get rid of someone, usually you tease' em." Harris and Klebold were not party crashers. They were high school students. Where did Evan Todd expect them to go and why did he believe he had the right to send them away? I found it ironic that a community that demands absolute conformity would choose to name their football team the "Rebels." If your son or daughter is chosen to be the school scapegoat, it's because they were into voodoo dolls and unapproved hair styles. And they were of course...homosexual.

The Columbine Massacre was not a mystery. It was simply an embarrassment to a community whose character is defined by a most vicious bigotry.

Today Evan Todd is some sort of motivational speaker.

I'm so inspired. How about you?