Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chicken Soup with the Imperfect Plaintiff Defense...

People who are thinking about mass murder or terrorism as a solution to their problems love it when the public presents itself as worthy of hate.

During my e-mail exchange with Izzy Kalman, he asked why it was so hard to find out who I am. In truth, it isn't all that difficult to find me. The law enforcement community could easily find my real name from my i.p. address. Any hacker worthy of the title could do the same. And if one of the sociopaths I've blogged about were to hire a private detective, he or she could also find me quite easily. Thus far, I've been contacted by none of these people, probably because they have no interest in doing so.

Kalman may have simply been curious, but he was looking for information that no one needs if they only intend to criticize or present counter arguments to my ideas and beliefs. In fact, the only kind of person who wants my real name is someone who intends to attack my character, my person, or my property. And criminals aren't the only demographic group to practice this sort of behavior. Take notice of the following gems of the American Family.

Politicians on the campaign trail are famous for attacking the character of their opponents while avoiding any substantive discussion of how they intend to address America's problems. I'm old enough to have witnessed numerous election cycles and most of the candidates haven't a clue about solving America's they smile a lot, toss out power words like "children", "family", and "JOBS!, JOBS!, JOBS!," and accuse their opponents of one damned thing or another. Rape victims are routinely accused of being promiscuous or described as sluts or whores, or even threatened with homicide, particularly in human cesspools like Steubenville. And victims of bullying are referred to as faggots, cowards, freaks, wimps, and pussies in an effort to justify the criminal behavior of the bully. In reality, bullies are no different from people who refer to black people as niggers and the public appears to be too stupid to notice.

This behavior is called the Imperfect Plaintiff Defense and it's employed by those who want to justify victimizing someone, or when they disagree with, or feel threatened by someone's arguments, words, and opinions but are unable to present an effective counter argument. The purpose of employing it is to diminish the subject's value as a person in the minds of anyone dumb or bigoted enough to want to believe it, thus undermining any chance of being punished.

Remember the following two rules whenever someone who's unable or unwilling to debate you chooses instead to attack you:

When your critics and opponents debate with you, there's a chance you may be wrong.

When they attack you as a person, physically or otherwise, it's a near certainty that you're right.

I'm Chicken Soup, and I approved this message.


  1. "In reality, bullies are no different from people who refer to black people as niggers and the public appears to be too stupid to notice."

    When I got called a fucking faggot in Jr. High, it was by both black kids and white kids. People hated those who were different, it's just that by then it wasn't socially acceptable in that part of the country to hate people based on race quite like it used to be in the "glory days" years ago.

    I love your blog man, you do speak some serious wisdom.

    I can tell you've been knee-deep in the shit yourself, too. You have a perspective that some Harvard yuppy like Emily Bazelon, from her ivory-tower, could never understand.

  2. If you like what you read, spread the word. There's hot, delicious Chicken Soup aplenty. And if you like Emily Babble On, send her a post card or something.