Monday, March 12, 2012

Chicken Soup with Alexander Song and the University of Maryland...

Terrorists, particularly domestic terrorists rationalize what they do by watching the behavior of their target (the public) and making a value judgement about their lives. Here's another story about an allegedly homicidal college student at the University of Maryland. The question in the minds of potential terrorists is simple. Will the community make a thorough, good faith effort to research the source of Alexander Song's hatred or will the usual level of indifference and denial prevail.

A while back I wrote about a 19 year old student named Daniel Murray who also attended the University of Maryland.

University of Maryland student Alexander Song, age 19 posted threats of a massacre on the internet. If he had just gone out and killed some people I would tend to believe that he just wanted to kill some people. The fact that he posted a threat suggests that he wanted to broadcast his anger about the way he's been treated in the hope of being treated with ordinary civility and respect, a mode of behavior that many of America's gridiron heroes are pathologically incapable of granting to smaller, weaker, or lower status males. I suspect information will trickle in as time goes by.

In the can prevent this sort of thing by treating bullies as the dangerous sociopaths that they are. Cheering wildly as they run onto the playing field or offering yourself up as a soulless sperm dumpster only makes it easier for people like Daniel Murray and Alexander Song to hate you. And of complements to the law enforcement community for responding so quickly. If only the same could have been true for the pedophile enablers of Penn. State.

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