Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chicken Soup with Mike McQueary, former Penn. State hero...

Terrorists are familiar with corruption and injustice. That's why they become terrorists. This story should sound very familiar to them.

In a follow up to the embarrassing revelations about the sort of characters who infest the institution of football, Mike McQueary took the stand Friday and testified about what he saw. You can read the article yourself but one point stands out for me.

Defense attorneys pointed out that McQueary didn't act like a man who saw a young boy being molested. In other words, McQueary didn't immediately rescue the victim or report the crime to the police. I suppose they'll try to use this as a defense, hoping that jurors will be fooled into believing that cowardice and depraved indifference is equivalent to innocence.

It isn't.

McQueary is a member of an institution (football) with a long history of covering up even the most heinous crimes of its participants. His first impulse upon seeing Sandusky plowing his manliness into a small boy may have been to intervene, but upon realizing that the offender was a high ranking member of the institution he served (football), he became immediately intimidated. He was so intimidated he called his father for advice. His father was also intimidated. He told his son to report what he saw to another, higher ranking member of the holy fraternity of football.

Keeping it in the family and all that.

From the viewpoint of terrorists and those considering entering the field, most of the people they'll be killing, injuring, or otherwise imposing harm upon are the sort of people who wouldn't dream of demonstrating a significant degree of civility by boycotting the institution (football) most responsible for enabling criminals (alleged) like Sandusky.

From the viewpoint of the average American, victims don't matter.

If anyone wants to explain why terrorists should value the lives of Americans, feel free. Try to pick a more imaginative name than "Anonymous."

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