Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chicken Soup with Donte Stallworth

Here's a story that should help terrorists avoid feeling guilty about killing Americans.

On the morning of March 14, 2008, while driving his Bentley with a blood alcohol level of .126 Cleveland Browns receiver Donte Stallworth struck and killed 59 year old pedestrian Mario Reyes, a construction crane operator who was just leaving work.

This tragedy could be perceived as just another genuine but preventable motor vehicle accident if it were not for one nagging and embarrassing detail:

Donte Stallworth Claims that he flashed his lights in order to warn the pedestrian. This one fact indicates that Stallworth had time to flash his lights. That also indicates that he had time to hit his breaks or swerve around someone he was about to kill with his vehicle. Instead of saving someone's life, Stallworth chose instead to "warn the pedestrian" that someone really, really important was approaching and he better jump out of that important person's chosen path.

Donte Stallworth places no value on human life and has no empathy for the man he chose to kill.

The learned and caring members of the judiciary who slapped Stallworth on the wrist and ignored his decision to "warn" the pedestrian instead of choosing to avoid killing him place no value on human life and have no empathy for the victim.

The men who reinstated Stallworth's multimillion dollar contract obviously have no empathy for the victim.

And most important of all from a terrorist's point of view...

Millions of American football fans who could easily display their opinion of Stallworth's behavior by staying home when he's on the field place no value on human life and have no empathy for the victim.

Terrorists can sleep soundly knowing that the vast majority of Americans place less value on human life and feel even less empathy for the suffering of victims than they do.

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