Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chicken Soup with the Sodomizing Gridiron Heroes of Robertson High School...

Terrorists can sleep soundly knowing that their behavior presents few moral dilemmas for the average American football fan.

Let's set the Wayback Machine to the summer of 2008 when several heroes of the Robertson High School football team decided to remind the world why the Columbine killers did what they did. The parents of these gems did such a good job of teaching their snowflakes right from wrong that they just didn't know why they shouldn't sodomize a few of the younger teammates with a broomstick.

About average for football players.

Here are the offenders:

Robertson football coach Ray Woods resigns.

Perverted, Sodomizing Rapist Leader Michael Gallegos,
Perverted, Sodomizing Rapist Jarek Padilla,
Perverted, Sodomizing Rapist Santiago Armijo,
Perverted, Sodomizing Rapist Marcus Gutierrez,
And several other heroes who's names I'm having difficulty finding.

None of these heroes will serve any serious time.
None of the parents who acted as their role models will serve any time.
None of the adults charged with the responsibility of supervising them will serve any time.
And America's rabid pack of football fans wouldn't even think of boycotting any football games in order to send a message to players, coaches, team owners, and sponsors to clean up their act.

Terrorists need not feel guilty knowing that Americans and their legal institutions place very little value on victims of violent crime.

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