Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chicken Soup with NFL hero Ryan Tucker and his victim Bryan Boyd

Here's Ryan Tucker...

Terrorists can avoid any feelings of guilt about their chosen profession by adopting the morals of our nation's heroes of the gridiron.
On May 11, 1996 four football players, Ryan Tucker, J.P. McFarland, Jay Davern, and Billy Thompson beat TCU student Bryan Boyd so badly that he was read his last rites and the hospital asked his mother about donating his organs. He still suffers from paralysis, memory loss, and permanent brain damage.

As far as I can learn from the media Tucker served no prison time for his crime. It's likely that Judge Don Leonard places no value on the lives and safety of violent crime victims like Bryan Boyd; a good example to follow if you like to build bombs or spray bullets into crowded public venues.And speaking of depraved indifference... When Tucker was drafted into the Rams shortly thereafter, coach Dick Vermeil described his majesty's criminal behavior to a reporter with the comment, "He can finish a fight. That's a positive."

You can read more about Dick Vermeil's character here.

Scroll down to the chapter titled, "Crime Pays" and you can read about the kind of human shit the American public worships here. No wonder terrorists can sleep at night.

Tucker recently retired from the NFL stating that he had to concentrate on "being a daddy." I don't even want to think about how his kids are going to behave with him as a role model.

You can read more posts about Ryan tucker here, and here, and here, and here.

Here's a glowing article about J.P. McFarland and Jay Davern. I'm very impressed by the author, Jordan Blum's ability to brush off the brutality of their criminal behavior as an "incident". Domestic terrorists who haven't made up their minds yet are probably impressed as well.

Ryan Tucker and his fellow sociopaths of the gridiron place no value on human life and have no empathy for victims.

Any woman willing to reward such a violent sociopath obviously places no value on human life and has no empathy for victims.

Dick Vermeil certainly places no value on human life and has no empathy for victims.

Team owners who allow men like Tucker into their organizations place no value on human life and have no empathy for victims.

And last but certainly not least...Millions of American football fans who pay ludicrous ticket prices to be entertained by men who commit violent crimes with impunity place no value on human life and have no empathy for victims. As long as men like Ryan Tucker are brutalizing other peoples kids, most Americans are ok with it.

Terrorists need not feel guilty about committing acts of terrorism against such people.


  1. Vermeil is stamping his name on wine bottles now.

  2. What's it called?

    Fermented Dick perhaps?

  3. Thank you for reminding me why Columbine is a household word.

    1. Hey, don't accept that otro Anonymous for calling you a fag. Instead, you should delete his or her comment. Besides, you don't deserve to be insulted 'cause you're stupendo (stupendous).

    2. His comment serves an important purpose.

      It reminds anyone who reads it why men like Eric Harris, Timothy McVeigh, and Adam Lanza were able to rationalize that human life is cheap. Mr. Anonymous could not have more accurately revealed his character if he referred to black men as niggers.

  4. Nothing like dragging out a 15 year old story for your blog, eh? You fail to mention that the 'victim' started the fight. Many witnesses testified to as much. Tuckers only offense is that he didn't stop after successfully defending himself. Get your facts right if you're going to rake someone through the mud with your biased agenda Fowl Ideas. And try being a 'real' reporter and start writing these blogs under your real name. Easy to slander someone and be an internet tough guy behind a fake persona, eh?

  5. Why would anyone who isn't a violent criminal need my real name? And if Ryan Tucker is not a criminal, why does he not come here himself and simply state that he and his three friends were in imminent danger of serious bodily harm from the mighty Bryan Boyd and had no choice but to permanently maim him...purely in self defense of course.

  6. WOW! What is this all about? Do you know Tucker, as a person? Did you know Boyd, as a person? This was an incident that happened while all individuals involved were in their teens. Where are they now? Ever crossed your mind that this incident changed their lives forever? And yet they have to continue to read about it. I just don't understand why you would have to bring this back. Why not make a blog about positive events? A bar fight is the best you got? And that is simply what it was.... a frigging BAR Fight that was not started by any of the players. Check your facts, this is absolutely a ridicule of men who battle bad guys on a daily basis. These were boys behaving like immature boys!!!! Why glorify and condemn. That is not for you or anyone else on this earth to do. Do a current, where are they now story. See what good things all of them have done for their communities. My guess is that would be way too one sided and no fun for you to print due to your biased opinions. Totally immature!

    1. You obviously missed the purpose of this weblog. It's explained in the red subtitle just below the big blue title at the top of the page.

      Domestic terrorists, mass murderers, and serial killers need to be able to dehumanize their victims in order to sleep at night. I write about people like you...people who make it easy for domestic terrorists to rationalize that victims of violence are less than human and therefore do not matter. After all, if four football players can permanently maim a young man outside a bar for jollies and not only avoid being imprisoned or ostracized but actually be rewarded with a multi-million dollar NFL career, then why should a domestic terrorist feel guilty about what he does?

      As one who is civilized enough to have earned the right to complain about terrorism would be caught dead defending what Ryan Tucker and his friends did to Bryan Boyd.

  7. As for questioning Tucker's children, do your homework and see how well they are. How dare you ever question one's kids. Why would you question his role model as Father? Did you not have one of your own? Or maybe you are envious of the person he is and yours wasn't. I am downright sickened by this blog!

    1. Your tortured rhetoric reminds me of a dizzy female who once described His Majesty as "kind, amazing, gentle, and strong."

      I'm very happy that you find this blog sickening. The behavior of those I write about would sicken anyone who is civilized enough to have earned the right to complain about terrorism.

      In order to "do my homework and see how well they are" I would have to rejuvenate myself to their age so that I could witness and experience how they treat other people's children, especially children who don't fit in.

      Uh...yeah. I'm so envious. I wish I could spend my life as a 300 pound sociopath, wondering when someone I'd abused as a young man is going to retaliate in a manner that I cannot possibly defend against.

  8. Either a woman or an effeminate man was the author of this blog. That's the only way to explain this.

    Boyd walked into that bar talking shit to an entire college football team. Not real bright for anyone to do, much less a 150 lb. weakling. His own idiocy and lack of common sense put him in the hospital that night.

    Civility is nothing more than a loose agreement between men to act nice. That's it. Any man that has ever been punched in the face knows that agreement can be broken at any time, by any party. You'd better be ready to get after it and pay for your actions when that time comes. Boyd was counting on "civility" or "the rules" to protect him against himself. They didn't. He was not prepared to back up his big mouth.

    I'm not saying that Tucker did the right thing, nor that his punishment shouldn't have been more severe. However, please realize that the victim is not always completely innocent and deserving of the utmost sympathy.

    1. Your first sentence explained your position and why this weblog exists. You believe that neither women nor men who are small, weak, unaggressive, or lacking any skill in the fighting arts have any right to complain about violence, either in person or in a weblog.

      You are not alone in your opinion. Millions of Americans equate an individual's worthiness and respectability with his or her ability to brutalize others with their bare hands. In a technologically primitive society this philosophy would be relatively harmless to society's ability to function and exist. Today it is dangerous. Tomorrow it will be catastrophic.

      By the time your grandchildren are old enough to attend college, the sort of physically unimpressive, perhaps even "effeminate" males your kind enjoys brutalizing will have moved on from computer viruses to real ones.

      I understand terrorists. You don't. Stop manufacturing them in industrial quantities. Your grandchildren will thank you later.

    2. You write as if you were a witness to the crime. Were you there?

      Perhaps Ryan Tucker and Bryan Boyd could both leave comments here explaining each of their opinions of what happened that night. That would provide me with first hand information and allow both of them to tell my readers what really happened and why.

    3. No further comments from Midland?

      How's Bryan Boyd doing these days?

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