Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chicken Soup isn't surprised by domestic terrorism...

Here's some light reading for those who are still confused about our nation's crime problem. Ask yourself how many closet sociopaths are created by tough love.


  1. I read the story about a 16-year old boy being raped into committing suicide at a prison with 50% AIDs rates from links there. Real sad fucking stuff man.

  2. Part of military basic training involves dehumanizing America's enemy of the week so that young recruits will be able to kill them without hesitation or guilt. A society that allows adolescents to be abused by their own parents, bullied by their peers, or brutalized by sadistic prison staff enables domestic terrorists by dehumanizing itself. The dehumanization process is reinforced by allowing corporations to treat their employees as "human resources" instead of as people and by allowing health insurance companies to profit by dragging their feet when policy holders need expensive healthcare.

    Once again...James Holmes, Timothy McVeigh, and the Columbine killers are not a mystery. They're just embarrassing reminders that in America, human life is cheap and human suffering is someone else's problem.