Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chicken Soup with All Good Things...

All good things come to an end.

This weblog has been something of an education for me.  It's given me a forum where I could systematize concepts and observations of human behavior that are normally ill defined.  I'll be taking what I've learned and moving on to other projects.

I'll respond to comments from time to time but this is definitely going to be my final post and if there's any one idea I'd like my readers to hold onto it's this:

If you're going to reward violent sociopaths  with sexual favors and athletic scholarships, don't compound your stupidity by feigning bewilderment and bitterly complaining when their victims show up somewhere with a gun or a bomb.  Reward the behavior you want, not the behavior you find most instinctively appealing.

A message for those who visit repeatedly:

The problem of bullying will not be addressed by people quietly visiting a weblog.  If you agree with what you read here, print a hard copy of your favorite post and snail mail it to your favorite journalist, school administrator (I'm sure you can think of one who should catch up on his or her reading.) , or member of the legislature.  You could email the title of this weblog to whoever comes to mind.  Send a copy to every business that annoys you with a dinner hour sales call.  Bulletin boards, bumpers, and post-it notes are also good.  Make some noise.  Remember...failing to do this is like failing to vote.  You simply don't matter.  Bullies and their enablers inspire mass murderers.  Interfering with that process might save the life of someone you care about.  Assuming you have any concern for anyone.

So long folks.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chicken Soup with the sudden interest in Jason the Columbine Jock...

What did Jason do to precipitate such interest?

I watched the Intervention video and came to the following conclusions:

Jason's father was a never satisfied jerk right out of Hollywood central casting.  He was "devastated" when Jason did not make the freshman high school baseball team and several times throughout the video Jason stated that he never measured up to his father's expectations.

Devastated is when your family is horribly maimed by a drunk driver who subsequently crashes into your home and burns it to the ground.  Failing to make the freshman high school baseball team is best described by mentally stable parents as mildly disappointing.

Jason's mother is also a drug addict.  She likes prescription drugs and a "box of wine."  Nothing but the finest vintage no doubt.

Jason's sister is a classic enabler who buys cigarettes, food, drinks, etc. and gives him money to buy drugs.

I laughed my way through the entire episode.

If only all the Columbine bullies could end up this way...