Monday, July 30, 2012

Chicken Soup discusses the obvious...

In nature, bullying is the usual method of establishing rank, social status, and privilege within a pack, herd, or other social group. Dogs do this. Chimpanzees do it. Humans do it too. In nature it makes sense because it ensures that the biggest, healthiest, and presumably the most survivable members of the group do most of the breeding. Those who end up being bullied simply survive as best they can and live miserable lives. In a human civilization bullying has lost its beneficial characteristics and become an obvious hazard. Victims of bullying don't just wander off into the woods and die. They start fires, build bombs, bring guns to school, create computer viruses, become various kinds of criminals later in life, etc. And most of them end up reproducing anyway. At our current level of technology, victims who turn into criminals are an expensive irritant. A few decades from now our level of technology may reach the point where a single individual, acting alone may have the ability to seriously undermine our economy's ability to function or our government's ability to govern. James Holmes used a few firearms to commit an act of domestic terrorism. The next "Joker" might be a microbiologist instead of a failed Ph.D. candidate. If you make enough people too sick to show up for work and you have the ability to repeat the process every couple of months, the economic consequences would be significant.

The danger in treating young, violent sociopaths like naughty children instead of like dangerous criminals could hardly be more obvious, but most people just laugh this off.

America's growing stock of domestic terrorists aren't laughing.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chicken Soup with James Holmes of Aurora, Colorado...

Last time I tried to avoid spending too much time blogging it was David Salmon who pulled me out of retirement. Now it's James Holmes.

I've never met Mr. Holmes, but I suspect he's one of those terrorists I've been warning you about who's learned to hate Americans simply by observing how the public places the ego of violent sociopaths ahead of their victims' safety. Speaking of the public...their behavior is very predictable.

Over the next few days and weeks you can expect to see the following:

1) There will be a candlelight vigil or some similar event intended to perpetuate the myth that human life is valuable.

2) Someone will declare that this time, the name of the killer will not be remembered while the names of the victims are forgotten. We will not forget the names of the victims!! I think we all know better. James Holmes will be remembered because human instinct requires us to remember things that are dangerous so that we can avoid them in the future. We'll forget the names of the victims because we don't need to remember them in order to survive.

3) The media will ask increasingly stupid questions of police officials during press conferences. What brand of underwear was he wearing, and was it clean?

4) You'll hear everyone who ends up in front of a camera repeatedly denounce "gun violence" while staunchly avoiding any criticism of America's love affair with young men who are big enough to brutalize their victims without a weapon. Terms like "common sense gun laws" will be repeated ad nauseum while any suggestion that Holmes was simply the product of a violence loving culture will be shouted down and ridiculed.

5) Repeated references to Columbine will be made, not because anyone is willing to explain any substantive connection, but because it's only 15 miles away. Perhaps James Holmes was affected by the same Satanic mind control rays that affected the Columbine killers.

6) When all the dust settles, a consensus will be reached. The behavior of James Holmes, like the behavior of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold will be blamed on something that doesn't threaten the beliefs or interests of anyone who matters. Anyone who offers an alternate explanation, particularly if it's accurate will be ridiculed or ignored.

Anyone who's done more than skim through a couple of posts here understands that I've never been baffled by mass murderers, serial killers, and terrorists. Americans love violent young men and have no problem discounting the safety and well being of their victims. James Holmes is not a mystery. He's just an embarrassing episode of negative feedback; something America's generous stock of social climbing whores and cocky, sadistic bullies can be proud of producing.

Go Rebels!!

This sort of tragedy is going to continue happening until Americans stop rewarding our nation's most violent males and stop ostracizing our nation's least violent males. (Pay close attention to the subtitle of this blog.)

Remember, the next time you cheer wildly when a violent sociopath prances onto the football field, one or more of his victims may be looking for an enabler to kill.

Back to semi-retirement...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Chicken Soup will be taking a break from blogging...

A few weeks ago I declared my intention to shut down this blog because of time constraints. I won't be shutting it down, but I won't be blogging very often either. It's a constant distraction from my many other duties. For all those who manage to stumble onto this blog I suggest you read about bully enablers and pedophile enablers first before continuing. Those two posts should clear up any mystery about why terrorists are able to place such a low value on human life and human suffering. (They have good role models.)

Enjoy the soup.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chicken Soup asks an embarrassing question...

Which kind of person is traditionally hated more by the average American, the abuser, the victim, or the third party who refers to the abuser as what it is?

Domestic terrorists, serial killers, and other similar characters know the answer already, but I'd like to hear from you.