Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chicken Soup with American wealth inequality...

Take a look at this and then attempt to explain why so many American's voted for Mitt Romney.

A large, diverse national economy is healthiest and strongest when the vast majority of its population are paid well enough to purchase an enormous variety and quantity of goods and services it does not absolutely need in order to survive. This requires either the presence of strong labor unions or federal regulations that limit the ratio of executive to employee compensation.

One need not have earned a PhD. in economics to understand this concept. To the contrary, it's well within the educational and cerebral capacity of most Americans to grasp. Yet tens of millions of American voters attempted to elect a man who is not only an obvious sociopath, but who's ideas about employee compensation are indistinguishable from 19th century robber barons.

Are Americans really that stupid, or is there in our culture a blind worship of the rich and powerful that overwhelms both self interest and common sense?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Chicken Soup with Dr. Susan Eva Porter...

Dr. Susan Eva Porter is another victim blaming, bully coddling, and of course...highly educated and widely experienced critic of the anti-bullying movement. Many thanks to Izzy Kalman for bringing her to the Chicken Soup kitchen.

Read this article, listen to the interview, and take notice of the fact that she refers to cocky, sadistic adolescents as "kids who make mistakes" and reminds readers that bullies "are also victims." And if those enlightened words from the article don't make you want to puke or indulge in homicidal fantasies, just wait until you listen to the interview.

At about 55 seconds into the interview, Dr. Porter reminds us that children are no meaner than they ever were and that it's not the children who've change. We've changed.

I can agree with that.

After an embarrassing series of victim suicides and schoolyard massacres, we, the enlightened, child loving adults of America are finally showing an iota of willingness to address the problem. I graduated from high school 35 years ago and many adolescents were raised to be sadistic assholes back then just as they are now. Neither sadistic adolescents nor the criminally incompetent parents who raise them have changed much since then. They've had no reason to change because until recently, no one seriously criticized their behavior. Fortunately, not all of America's sociopaths have been so coddled.

Racists, homophobes, anti-Semites, batterers, date rapists, child abusers, and child molesters were also no worse 35 years ago than they are now. Those criminals haven't changed. We have. We now openly recognize the previous list of hate worthy characters as the public menace that they've always been and take steps to punish them. What we don't do is refer to their criminal behavior as a "mistake" and even Dr. Susan Eva Porter hasn't been foolish enough to blame their victims.

At about 2 minutes and 25 seconds Dr. Porter states that referring to a bully as a bully is "character assassination." We all know how sensitive and fragile violent sociopaths can be and we wouldn't want to assassinate their character.

At about 2 minutes and 47 seconds she serves up the piece de resistance. She shamelessly blames bullying on the victim with the statement, "Bullying is never a one way street." Sure lady...tell that one to Alex Libby. I'm sure he invites cruelty by choosing to look different or talk funny.

And finally, at 3 minutes and 55 seconds into the interview, Dr. Porter reminds us that the brain of a child is not fully developed and therefore isn't capable of completely comprehending how much harm its imposing on the victim. What a load of psychobabblesque bullshit. None of the bully enablers who make this claim can ever explain why the smallest and weakest kids in school seem to have no problem comprehending what will happen to them if they talk back to the bully or otherwise display any form of disrespect. Perhaps the brains of victims develop more quickly.

As always...terrorists who want to feel good about what they do need only observe the behavior of Americans like Dr. Susan Eva Porter, bully enabler extraordinaire.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chicken Soup with East Middle School Assistant Principal Kim Lockwood...

Kim Lockwood has been voted: School Administrator Most Likely to Inspire a School Massacre by Chicken Soup, the Society for the Advancement of Chicken Soup, and the World Chicken Soup Council.

For those of you who haven't seen the documentary, "Bully" here's an example of Kim Lockwood's professional incompetence and all around failure as a human being:

"An early sequence shows Kim Lockwood’s attempts to settle one dispute between two students by forcing the two boys to shake hands. As I am a teacher who refuses to force children to apologize as I feel it is nothing more than a social “Get Out Of Jail Free Card,” this particular scene actually set my blood boiling. This is because we see Lockwood letting the bully off the hook because he simply offered a conciliatory, yet obviously dishonest handshake. This moment was followed by Lockwood beginning to accuse the victim for the bad behavior, even going so far as to suggest that his unwillingness and reluctance to accept the bully’s handshake made his behavior as negative as the bully’s persistent abuse, which has continued even after talks from teachers and the local authorities."

When a bully hold its "hand of friendship" out to its victim and pretends to apologize, it isn't a display of empathy, sympathy, or regret.   It's not an apology.  Are you paying attention Ms. Lockwood?

It's a test stupid.

The victim of bullying was being tested.   The adult in authority, Kim Lockwood was also being tested.   Has the victim learned to accept the fact that he is inferior to the bully?   Has he learned his place?   Does the adult in authority also accept the natural order of things, or will she need to be punished by the bully's belligerent, lawsuit happy parents?   As a trained and educated professional entrusted with the care and education of other people's children, Kim Lockwood certainly understands this process.

Here's your homework for today:

Find Kim Lockwood and explain how her behavior could be the catalyst for a future massacre.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chicken Soup with the Imperfect Plaintiff Defense...

People who are thinking about mass murder or terrorism as a solution to their problems love it when the public presents itself as worthy of hate.

During my e-mail exchange with Izzy Kalman, he asked why it was so hard to find out who I am. In truth, it isn't all that difficult to find me. The law enforcement community could easily find my real name from my i.p. address. Any hacker worthy of the title could do the same. And if one of the sociopaths I've blogged about were to hire a private detective, he or she could also find me quite easily. Thus far, I've been contacted by none of these people, probably because they have no interest in doing so.

Kalman may have simply been curious, but he was looking for information that no one needs if they only intend to criticize or present counter arguments to my ideas and beliefs. In fact, the only kind of person who wants my real name is someone who intends to attack my character, my person, or my property. And criminals aren't the only demographic group to practice this sort of behavior. Take notice of the following gems of the American Family.

Politicians on the campaign trail are famous for attacking the character of their opponents while avoiding any substantive discussion of how they intend to address America's problems. I'm old enough to have witnessed numerous election cycles and most of the candidates haven't a clue about solving America's problems...so they smile a lot, toss out power words like "children", "family", and "JOBS!, JOBS!, JOBS!," and accuse their opponents of one damned thing or another. Rape victims are routinely accused of being promiscuous or described as sluts or whores, or even threatened with homicide, particularly in human cesspools like Steubenville. And victims of bullying are referred to as faggots, cowards, freaks, wimps, and pussies in an effort to justify the criminal behavior of the bully. In reality, bullies are no different from people who refer to black people as niggers and the public appears to be too stupid to notice.

This behavior is called the Imperfect Plaintiff Defense and it's employed by those who want to justify victimizing someone, or when they disagree with, or feel threatened by someone's arguments, words, and opinions but are unable to present an effective counter argument. The purpose of employing it is to diminish the subject's value as a person in the minds of anyone dumb or bigoted enough to want to believe it, thus undermining any chance of being punished.

Remember the following two rules whenever someone who's unable or unwilling to debate you chooses instead to attack you:

When your critics and opponents debate with you, there's a chance you may be wrong.

When they attack you as a person, physically or otherwise, it's a near certainty that you're right.

I'm Chicken Soup, and I approved this message.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chicken Soup with Bill Dobsy...

Yesterday, someone using the pseudonym "Bill Dobsy" asked the following question in the comment section of my "Chicken Soup with the Bullies of Newtown, CT." post.:

"Where is the evidence that he carried out this massacre because he was bullied?"

On the surface it's a valid question. But just beneath the surface, from the viewpoint of anyone who attended America's public school system, it could hardly be a more ludicrous question.

Imagine meeting a black man who grew up in Georgia during the 1950's and asking for the evidence that he was mistreated. He would have difficulty producing any. But no one would believe you if you claimed that the absence of documented evidence meant that he wasn't treated badly. That's because it is common knowledge that the prevalent culture in Georgia during the 1950's dictated that black people needed to be routinely mistreated so that they would not forget their proper place in society.

And so it goes today with society's least masculine young males.

I don't need documented evidence that Adam Lanza was subjected to a considerable degree of cruelty during his short life because the prevalent culture in America today is that young males who are not physically powerful, aggressive, and socially confident are considered to be legitimate targets for cruelty. Boys will be boys and all that...

I don't need to know in specific terms what happened to Adam Lanza. All I need to do is look at his photograph to realize that he lived in fear throughout his adolescence, and that he had few, if any real friends.

The process of turning a child into a mass murderer is well understood, and widely practiced. Millions of Americans blithely condition other people's children to hate everyone around them and then feign bewilderment when things turn out badly. December 14th was not the last time we're going to witness such a massacre. It's going to happen again...and again...and again until Americans stop putting violent males on a pedestal and stop referring to non-violent males as faggots, pussies, and wimps. If you wouldn't refer to a black man as a nigger, you should think twice before using similarly demeaning terms simply because the target isn't violent enough to punish you

Have a nice day.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Chicken Soup with the victim hating whores of Steubenville...

When I was a child, women had a very narrow field of careers from which to choose. They were even depicted as second class in even the most progressive television shows. Witness what happened to Majel Barrett. When Gene Roddenberry produced his Star Trek pilot "The Cage" in 1964 he cast Majel Barrett as the first officer on a starship. Men treated her with respect and followed her orders. The catty women in the test audience hated her so much she was demoted to Nurse Chapel in the television series.

Enough nostalgia.

Things have changed a lot since then. Today we have female senators, astronauts, CEO's, military officers, airline pilots, and just about everything else. Few, if any career fields are closed to women.

Here's your homework question for today.

Why does the American Family continue to produce such large numbers of young women who behave as if they believe that the road to success requires them to whore themselves to high status males?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chicken Soup with the bullies of Newtown, CT.

Consider the following scenario:

I pay a visit to the middle school that I graduated from way back in 1974 and stage a media worthy act of terrorism that results in the death of several students, teachers, bystanders, etc., and the only evidence of my involvement is a note left at the scene that says, "Hockey hip checks and wood lathes mix poorly." In other words, I don't hang around waiting for the police to arrest me and I don't shoot myself at the scene.

Your homework question for today is:

How much time would pass before the law enforcement community had my name as a suspect or person of interest?

I was a runt in middle school and therefore an attractive target for bullies. One of them bravely hip checked me into a running wood lathe while I was busy carving a large salad bowl. Needless to say I could have been badly injured or killed if the cutting tool I was holding had hit me in the eye or the throat instead of being knocked to the side. When I shut the machine off and turned around, the bully was slowly walking away and looking over his shoulder with a smug expression on his face. There were several other students watching and most of them were also smiling.

This attack occurred almost 40 years ago. In all that time I've told no one about it and I've never heard a word about the attack from anyone else. In spite of this, I'm fairly certain that everyone in the room would quickly recall what they saw and unhesitatingly drop a dime on me if I actually carried out the above described act of terrorism and avoided becoming a suspect. I'm equally certain that none of them would utter a word if I were arrested or killed at the scene.

You're wondering what this has to do with Adam Lanza.

Here's your second homework question for today:

How many of Adam Lanza's classmates, upon learning of his attack on an elementary school immediately recalled witnessing Lanza being bullied and are living with a fair amount of apprehension that some other witness will actually become willing to publicly admit to what they saw and possibly naming other witnesses?

The point here is simple and quite familiar to most of us. Adam Lanza was smart enough to deprive the public of an easy scapegoat. He killed himself, killed the owner of the weapons he used, and damaged his hard drive to the point where it would become difficult, if not impossible for the public to blame a convenient blogger or chat room participant. No one who witnessed Adam Lanza being bullied wants to admit that they might have possibly short circuited the development of his homicidal rage by interfering with the bully's sadistic amusement. On the other hand...if Adam Lanza had avoided becoming a suspect, all those who witnessed the bullying would be tripping over each other to be the first person to drop a dime on the little twerp and bring the evil, cowardly terrorist to justice.

The witnesses in question know who they are, who the bullies are, and they probably know each other.

So here's a suggestion for all of you.

Hang the pictures of all those 6 and 7 year olds in the middle of your bathroom mirror and try not to feel too guilty. Adam Lanza probably didn't feel guilty about what he did. Why should you feel guilty about filling him with such a terrible resolve?

Sleep soundly assholes.