Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chicken Soup celebrates the conviction of Jerry Sandusky, All American Pedophile of Penn. State...

Domestic terrorists who haven't made up their minds yet will no doubt be watching the Pedophile State saga closely. Will they be enraged by further displays of depraved indifference, or will football fans defuse the vitriolic rage of unknown victims by staying home on game day and possibly save lives?

The conviction of Jerry Sandusky is a victory of sorts, but only a small one. He's currently 69 years old and probably won't live long enough to really pay for his life of crime. What's really important about his conviction is that it opens the door to the criminal prosecution of as many of Sandusky's enablers as possible, countless civil suits which will, if there's any justice in the world destroy the finances and the reputation of the Pedophile State football program, and send a chill up the spines of every high school and college administrator in that bully loving, victim blaming paradise known as America.

Potential domestic terrorists will be watching the behavior of the public to determine whether or not it is ready to punish Pedophile State by staying home on game day. Football fans are not innocent, uninvolved spectators. They enable some of the worst criminals the American Family can produce. Providing money and blind, unearned worship to an institution that knowingly enabled a pedophile makes you just as guilty as Jerry Sandusky.

Stay home assholes!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chicken Soup asks, "When is it acceptable to complain about being bullied?"

Read this oddball story, then continue...

If you complain about bullying when you are a child you'll be branded a momma's boy, a sissy, or a wimp, and your parents will be ridiculed for wanting a nerf world for their precious baby.

If you wait until you've reached puberty before complaining about bullying the insults will take on a distinctive sexual tone. You'll be called a pussy, a faggot, or a bitch. This is the beginning of a phase in life when social climbing whores know who to service and who to shun and cowards know who to suck up to and who to look down on.

If you wait until you've graduated high school and entered early adulthood before complaining about bullying the insults will be about half sexual in nature and half about your level of maturity. You'll still be called a faggot or a bitch, but there will be an increasing number of bully enablers who claim that you've failed to mature and failed to get over being picked last for baseball. You'll continue to notice that women who could choose just about anyone they want still shamelessly whore themselves to the biggest assholes and cowards continue to identify themselves by sucking up to bullies and blaming their victims.

The older you get before you complain about being bullied, the more bully enablers will accuse you of being obsessed and having issues. You'll be told to get professional your own expense of course. You might even be looked upon as potentially dangerous to all those peace loving, mature people who stood by and did nothing while your head was being stuffed into a shit filled toilet. Bless their hearts.

The subject of the above linked story, 73-year-old Carl Ericsson obviously wasn't raised in an environment where complaining about being bullied was acceptable behavior.

Once again...Americans make it very easy for terrorists to do what they do and still sleep at night.

Go Rebels! Three cheers for Sandusky! And don't miss a game no matter how many violent sociopaths show up on the field.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Chicken Soup visits the toilet...

Latrine poetry usually lacks creativity, but I like this one.

Here I sit upon the crock,
Giving birth to a Columbine jock.

And always remember to display your community's character by shouting "another Jew in the oven!!" when sinking a basket in gym class. If I had done that when I was in high school, I would have been hung out to dry and my parents would have been ashamed to show their faces in public. Apparently the good Christian folks in Littleton, Colorado live by different standards.

As always...continue making it easy for the world's terrorists to hate Americans.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Chicken Soup begins to understand the interest in Dustin Camp...


Scroll down to the 12th paragraph of this article and read how Dustin Camp's mother, Debbie Camp describes her son's decision to run a pedestrian over with his Cadillac.

The words sick bitch come to mind, but then I have to remember that Debbie Camp is the mother of a Texas football player (Are they all violent assholes down there?) and it sounds about normal.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chicken Soup wonders about the recent fascination with Dustin Camp...

For a long time I got a couple dozen hits on a good day. Then I started noticing that my Dustin Camp post started getting an increasing number of hits from all over the world. There was even a visitor from Iceland today. I barely wrote three sentences about the guy back in June, 2011 but his story seems to be attracting the most attention.

Chicken Soup wonders why...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chicken Soup with the Columbine has beens...

Middle aged has been number one calmly lit a king size, all white, filter tipped cigarette and prepared to impress the others. "You know" she began proudly, "I really hate to sound like I'm bragging but my daughter fellated ten members of the football team after last Friday's game." Middle aged has been number one was obviously proud of her daughter's endurance. She understood how a girl gets ahead in life and thoughtfully passed her knowledge onto her offspring.

Middle aged has been number two wasn't impressed. She understood that getting ahead required a girl to be a bit more selective. Her cigarette was longer than middle aged has been number one's, 100 millimeters, all white, and also filter tipped. "My daughter satisfied the quarterback and two running backs in the back of a Humvee." Simply being a football player wasn't enough for her daughter. A smart girl got ahead by taming a young man who's family could afford to give their son an expensive automobile.

Middle aged has been number three stood quietly while the other two finished their unimpressive banter. She smoked the longest cigarettes of all. Middle aged has been number three took an extra long drag on her 120 millimeter, all white, filter tipped cigarette and reminded the others who the alpha female was. "My daughter proved her worthiness by fellating the captain and the co-captain until they were simply exhausted."

The other two middle aged has beens were speechless. After satisfying both the captain and the co-captain there wasn't anywhere else to go, nothing to which a girl could aspire. She'd made it to the top. They struggled to maintain their composure and searched for the proper compliment. After all, it wasn't every day that one enjoyed the honor of such high class company.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chicken Soup with bully apologist Rick Holmes...

Rick Holmes of the MetroWest Daily News reminds us that we shouldn't put violent criminals in prison because that only makes them more angry. He refers specifically to David Salmon, the ruggedly handsome sociopath who demonstrated both his personal bravery and his family character by brutalizing a smaller, weaker Cory Pingeton in front of a video camera.

On the second page of his article Holmes reminds us that the frontal lobe of the human brain isn't fully developed until the mid 20's, obviously implying that David Salmon didn't understand right from wrong. He makes no mention of the fact that bullies seem to know enough to avoid attacking victims who are bigger, stronger, or more skilled in the fighting arts. Violent sociopaths don't have immature frontal lobes. They're just assholes, usually being raised by parents who want their children to be feared by other people's children. In reality, anyone old enough to attend kindergarten understands right from wrong. David Salmon and others like him behave in a criminal manner because they've been taught, usually at home that you're not a man unless others fear you. They've also learned that no one in authority will pull their bully loving, victim blaming heads out of their asses long enough to impose a meaningful punishment. Holmes continues with the statement, "If you want a kid to stop acting childish, wait long enough and he'll grow up." David Salmon didn't "act childish." He brutally attacked his victim in a manner intended to cause physical injury and excrutiating pain. More important from a legal point of view; David Salmon committed his crime in front of a camera in order to impose a state of fear in every other student in school. David Salmon is a small time terrorist, not a naughty child.

The last paragraph on the second page of Rick Holmes' article states, "What crime victims really need is to understand why it happened to them. They want a sincere apology and some reason to believe the criminal has been changed by the experience, and won’t do it again." Holmes somehow believes that victims of violent crime want to be further humiliated by a phony apology and an empty handshake from the criminal and another display of depraved indifference from adults in authority. I could continue, but it's better if you read the article yourself.

Rick Holmes reminds me of the ultimate victim blamer, Izzy Kalman. You can find a few more posts about Dizzy Izzy by googling his name and Chicken Soup. These two guys should get together and swap stories about the best way to turn victims of adolescent brutality into adult serial killers.

The world's terrorists may be criminals, but they shouldn't lose much sleep killing Americans who value a violent sociopath's desire to be feared over the safety of the victim.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Chicken Soup advises against voting for Mitt Romney...

Millions of Americans have no problem with voting a sadistic sociopath into our nation's highest office. If that isn't Chicken Soup for the Terrorist Soul I don't know what is.