Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chicken Soup with another Ryan Tucker fan...

Someone using the clever name "anonymous" left the following comment on my Chicken Soup with Ryan Tucker post a few days ago:

"Nothing like dragging out a 15 year old story for your blog, eh? You fail to mention that the 'victim' started the fight. Many witnesses testified to as much. Tuckers only offense is that he didn't stop after successfully defending himself. Get your facts right if you're going to rake someone through the mud with your biased agenda Fowl Ideas. And try being a 'real' reporter and start writing these blogs under your real name. Easy to slander someone and be an internet tough guy behind a fake persona, eh?"

There's an important rule to remember when you engage in any sort of debate:

When they criticize your ideas, you might be wrong.

When they criticize or threaten you, they're stating clearly that they are unable to effectively criticize your ideas.

Only a criminal needs to know my real name. Try explaining why Ryan Tucker was allowed to maim a college student for kicks without serving serious prison time instead of posting thinly veiled threats.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chicken Soup really needs a break...

It's been fun, but I have a ToDo list a mile long and a novel to write and this weblog has proven to be an enormous distraction. I know...I tried to retire before and was pulled out of retirement by David Salmon, but this is different. I really have too much to do. I had the privilege of sparring with Izzy Kalman for a while and I left little doubt that his Bullies2Buddies technique doesn't even work when dealing with a pest who lives hundreds of miles away and unlike a real bully, has no physical access to him. He eventually stopped e-mailing me and actually banned me from commenting on his Psychology Today articles.

If you are a new visitor to this site, it might be best to start by reading about bully enablers and then learn how children are systematically transformed into violent, NFL sociopaths. After that, you may want to simply start at the beginning and moved chronologically forward. There are 116 posts dating back to November 7, 2010. Admittedly, some of them are either written poorly or just plain silly, but most of them are intended to draw attention to one of America's most serious social problems.

So long folks. I'll occasionally drop in to publish comments, but it won't be often, and even His Majesty Aaron Hernandez won't be pulling me out of retirement. I love watching Bob Kraft scurrying for cover...don't you?