Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chicken Soup with Jerry and Phoebe Remy...

I assume the picture is copyright protected because it disappeared after a few days.  If you want to see the happy couple emerging from court just click on the link above.

RemDawg and Phoebe Fuck 'n Suck are no doubt proud of their baby roid monkey.

In the eyes of American sports fans (innocent victims of terrorism), as long as someone else's son or daughter is being brutalized, terrorized, and murdered, it's perfectly ok to raise one of these things and do everything in your power to prevent the law enforcement community from protecting Baby Roid Monkey's victims.

And that's why terrorists can sleep at night.

Good job Rem Daawg!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chicken Soup with the Civilizing Process...

In my ISIS and Ebola post one of my readers expressed confusion about my simultaneous claims that people are just animals with a thin veneer of civility, and that environment was responsible for producing criminal behavior, including bullying.  The following is my attempt to explain my position:

Humans are just animals, but they have two behavioral characteristics that make them relatively easy to civilize.  Humans are very imitative, particularly when they're young and they are also creatures of habit.

A human animal that spends its adolescence in a civilized environment will tend to imitate the behavior of those around it.  Over time, the civilized behavior consistently role modeled and enforced by the adults in its life will become a life long habit.

Family and school, the two social institutions that are supposed to maintain this civilized environment are failing to do their job.  This is especially true for the American Family, but don't expect anyone in authority to be brave enough to admit it.  In the case of bullies, parents knowingly and intentionally fail to civilize their offspring.  They consider civilized behavior to be a sign of weakness.

Your children behave themselves because you raised them to be spineless pussies.  Your children are weak and unworthy.  My children get respect because I raised them to be strong, aggressive, and manly.

This criminal behavior on the part of the bully's parents is supported and reinforced by a culture that rewards violence and cruelty while punishing and shaming those who are not violent.  The "Karate Kid" series of movies sent a clear message to adolescents that adults either cannot or will not expend any effort to maintain a civilized environment.  Victims of violence can either put up with it or they can find someone to train them to be even more violent than the bully.  A more psychotic version of this scenario can be found in the movie "Never Back Down."  Outside of movie theatres we have the NFL, MMA, and the WWE, all aggressively promoting the idea that anyone who isn't violent simply isn't worthy.

America is a culture that makes it easy for terrorists to sleep at night by loudly and repeatedly broadcasting the message that victims of violence simply do not matter.

In America, in just about any venue you can observe, the least violent or otherwise least powerful male, the one that no one fears, is almost always the one with the lowest degree of social status.  These individuals are described as "scapegoats" in my Bully Enablers post.

People behave like animals unless purposely conditioned to do otherwise.  That's what I meant by my claim that environment was responsible for producing bullies and just about all other criminals.  The environments of family and school are failing to civilize adolescents and the results of their criminal incompetence can be observed every night at 6:00 and 11:00.

As one who is civilized enough to have earned the right to complain about terrorism would be caught dead enabling a bully.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014