Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chicken Soup with Tagg Romney, son of Mitt, grandson of George...

The world's terrorists have another example of America's love affair with violent sociopaths to learn from.

I wrote in a previous post of my belief that Mitt Romney is a textbook sociopath. Given the fact that the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, Mitt's son Taggert, commonly known as "Tagg" doesn't appear to be any more stable, mature, or willing to place value on the well being of others than his father.

During an interview with North Carolina radio host Bill LuMaye, Tagg Romney stated that in response to Obama's claim that Mitt Romney lied, he "wanted to jump out of his seat and rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at the President." One politician accusing another politician of being a liar is best referred to as light comedy. It's certainly doesn't justify the commission of a violent crime. But that's not the way Tagg Romney was raised to behave. He was obviously raised to be a violent bully...just like dear old Dad the scissor wielding prep school sociopath. And there's a bigger problem. By expressing the desire to physically attack the President of the United States, Tagg Romney not only revealed himself to be a bully like his father, he also put the Secret Service and the President in an awkward position. When an ordinary citizen makes a verbal threat against the President, he is at least questioned by the Secret Service. When the son of the President's opponent makes a threat, any action by the Secret Service takes on the appearance of using Presidential authority to intimidate one's opponent. If I were in charge of the Secret Service detail charged with the responsibility of protecting the President, I would have at least called Tagg aka Biff Romney in for an interview and not worried about appearances. But that's just me. I actually take violent crime seriously.

Domestic terrorists are generally working from a position of relative weakness. For this reason they cannot attack their enemies directly. Instead, they attack their enemy's enablers. And they're always looking for enablers. With this in mind, why would any American with an iota of common sense want to dehumanize himself by voting such a phony, self serving, and oh so charming sociopath into our nation's highest office?

Remember...Ted Bundy was charming too, and for much the same reason.


  1. Okay, he's kind of a dick, but most kids (especially spoiled ones) are loving/blind to their asshole parents.

    You hear that a lot about the children of dictators, the "soft side" people didn't know. "Hitler really was charming and kind- you just didn't know him that well like I did!"

    I don't think it shows he's a raving psychopath so much as just kind of an asshole who is blind to his dad's lies.

  2. He's not a "raving psychopath." He and his father display an absence of concern for anyone who isn't useful to them or powerful enough to fear. This suggests that they are both sociopaths.