Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chicken Soup with the Trench Reynolds defense...

A few posts back in my "banned from Psychology Today" post I mentioned being banned several years ago from Trench Reynolds' site as well, largely for the same reasons. Apparently I just wouldn't come around to their way of thinking.

One of the points that Trench Reynolds and many of his toadying sycophants repeatedly emphasized is that he was bullied and never even considered killing anyone.


In fact, you can find this same basic claim repeated ad nauseum in the comments section of articles about school shooters.

These claims are nonsense of course. What they really mean is that they would never give up their lives or their freedom for the opportunity to kill people they hate. Given the subject of Trench Reynolds' website, I'm betting that if he had the power of invisibility and the power of teleportation, he'd grow very comfortable with killing very quickly.

At about a minute and 20 seconds into the video you can witness Trench Reynolds complaining about Craigslist as if criminals responding to personal advertisements hadn't been going on for decades. I'm thinking Santa Cruz, California around 1968 or so.


  1. Bullies should not be killed; they should be arrested and not necessarily from establishing some new bullying laws but from those already in place; many bullies get away with but nonetheless commit slander, harassment, assault and battery, murder, rape, etc.

  2. Ah, good old Trench....

    He ran a site called "The Trench Coat Chronicles." He came to fame after Columbine when several people/newspapers/online things misidentified his site as belonging to the killers or "The Trench Coat Mafia."

    After getting a whiff of fame, he wanted to gorge himself on it- so he "expanded" into obsessing about school shootings and violent crimes. His old site used to deal with stuff like poetry and other various art- he scrubbed it all because it didn't have compatibility with his new image.

    Over the years he'd claim he was "forced into the public spotlight" by Columbine. What a joke! Most people never heard of him, that's just his excuse for harvesting "fame" and "publicity."

    Don't get me wrong, I kind of agree with him on Craigslist (it can be very dangerous and unregulated) but on most everything else he's kind of just a creep.

    He has a lot of anger/hate issues too, probably from being bullied. For some reason, he takes his anger out on school shooters and their sympathizers rather than the bullies who create them. He never killed anyone so he's convinced NO SCHOOL SHOOTER IS EVER motivated by "bullying" or has ever been bullied, and it just an evil psycho completely full of shit and devoid of any true motive.

  3. Give him glasses and a guitar, have him sing a few lines from the song, "Lesbian Seagull" and he'd be the spitting image of the school teacher in the Beavis and Butthead movie.

  4. I can understand being annoyed by Trench if he banned you for reasons that you disagree with, but I don't understand the outrage (from both you and Anonymous) over his opinion that bullying doesn't cause massacres. What's wrong with a simple, "I disagree because..."?


    Bill Dobsy

    1. There is a lot in Trench's writings that is disgusting. I am not here at this blog because of rationalizing school shooters but I did come here to read about bullying in general, especially after reading article by bullying enablers, such as Trench Reynolds. Bill, maybe you will understand the outrage towards Trench if you are ever held captive, beaten daily, raped for years, while others told you to get over the childhood rite of passage known as bullying.

    2. Getting tired of that argument. I don't know what I would think if I was tortured by bullying and neither do you.

      Same with Fowl Idea's assertion that Trench would have murdered his bullies if he was immune to punishment. How is a person supposed to respond to that?


      Bill Dobsy

    3. Trench could respond by explaining why he places such a high value on human life while the value most other people place on human life tends to be considerably more flexible.

    4. A victim’s reaction does not change the magnitude of the crime. Actually, most bullying targets do not respond aggressively to bullying (the bullies/cowards usually seek out the most vulnerable and passive people to target). Plenty of victims even develop Stockholm syndrome and feel it is their rightful place to serve under their new master and worship the bully…but self-hatred and masochism is not healthy. If you are an American, you do not need to look further than slavery in the U.S.A, where a major part of control was destroying the African-Americans’ self-esteem. Nowadays, any self-respecting black person would rebel, even die, rather than submit to slavery…and we as a society (the majority of people) certainly would not hold it against a slave who kills their captors to escape. Regardless of victim’s passiveness, society understands brutality is inexcusable in some cases (e.g. Ariel Castro, Phillip Craig Garrido, Matthew Hoffman, etc.) unless it is disguised as bullying.

    5. I couldn't agree with you more, otro (other) Anonymous. Same goes for you, Fowl Ideas, whom I've decided to call amigo.

  5. Congratulaciones (Congratulations) for finally seeing que un cabron (what a bastard) Trent is.

  6. Trench banned me for the same reason Izzy Kalman banned me from commenting on his Head Shrinkers Today site. They're afraid that someone might listen to me. If I were just another angry, inarticulate teenager Trench would have allowed me to continue posting so he could entertain his toadying sycophants by insulting me.

    Neither of these two characters has any real interest in undermining the sense of legitimacy that young, sadistic sociopaths have always enjoyed. In their minds, bullying is the victim's fault, precisely the opinion most likely to trigger the next Eric Harris, Timothy McVeigh, or Adam Lanza.

    1. Lo siento muchisimo (I'm very sorry) that those jerks banned you. You don't deserve that kind of treatment. I'm ashamed of they exist.

      What's also shameful is how many sociopaths and sycophants are in this world. No way would I want to be uno de ellos (one of them).

      Thankfully, you have (gente) people who support you. And I chose to be uno de esos gente (one of those people) as I can relate to you.

      Quiza uno deestos dias (Maybe one of these days), I can give you one of my e-mail addresses.

      Buenas suerte, amigo (Good luck, friend).


    I've been around a lot of heavily bullied people and I'll be honest.... there are some (many) people who when they get bullied an insane amount go kind of crazy from it. I'm guilty as charged.

    I bet Trench is one of those people...

    You know all those anti-gay preachers and politicians you hear about in some kind of gay sex bathroom meth-dealing scandal or whatever? "Those who bark the loudest often have something to hide."

    I wouldn't be surprised if Trench has fantasized heavily about murdering those who bullied him.... the fact that he never killed anyone is something he brags about certainly seems like an odd thing to boast about.

    I mean, I've never raped anyone or choked someone to death, but I'm not going to brag about it like it's a great accomplishment that ennobles me. If a man feels the need to randomly say and brag about something like that... maybe there's something wrong with him.

    His site's not just about fame (which he desperately craves, esp. as someone who's been ignored and overlooked his whole life) but also about shame. He can't stand people like Kimveer and other "mutants" who are honest about idolizing these shooters and admit he's had these fantasies too.... so he hates them and shames them. He's so ashamed of himself for idolizing E/D that he's turned himself into a twisted parody be becoming Mr. "I totally hate school shootings and school shooters more than anyone else alive! No really, I do, honest!"

    Holy fuck! I think I just stumbled on Trench's true psyche! I ain't even joking or anything, that's the sad part.

    It's okay, Trench.... you can come out of the "mutant closet". We won't judge you man. :) Here, have some mutant pride, you know you want it!

  8. Trench- "Glad to see you're still obsessed with me. You and the other emotional cripples have fun with that."


    Typical of him... he has a very strong Type-A personality. No matter how flummoxed he feels, he never blinks or shows any weakness and always tries to express dominance and control- very similar to Sean Hannity. Sure, on the inside he thinks differently, but on the outside Trench will always mask his feelings and act self-righteous, in control and dominant over others.

    Btw, he deleted the link to this blog.... you got something to hide, Trench? Afraid of your followers reading the truth? You can post here- good ol FI doesn't edit posts to say something different then crow about what idiots the people are.

    And that's how Trench always acts- he edits and deletes posts to make it look like he's winning. Trench is a dirty, dirty debater who can't hold his own in a real debate!

    HEY TRENCH! You're a loser, a fucking coward, a closeted "mutant" too ashamed to admit he secretly worships E/D and who envies/despises people like Kimveer who are able to be honest about their feelings, a fame-monger, a moron, a jerk, an asshole, incredibly dishonest and virtually always incorrect and inaccurate in your mindless quest to blast victims of bullying and defend any bullies who picked on school shooters, no matter how vile their behavior. (like the people who beat up on Andy Williams.)

    Whew, nice to get that out of my system! Even if Trenchy won't admit it and "show weakness", it feels good to make that basturd squirm.

    Here's one more present for you Trenchy, your very own official theme song!

    P.S.- I know you're reading this.... so what happened to all your poetry you used to have on your site? Why'd you delete it after becoming the self-appointed "God" of reporting on all school shootings (actual and prevented) and other miscellaneous violent crimes?

    P.P.S.- I know your fixation with trenchcoats is a fantasy to be a hero like Batman.... Well, the real Batman always goes for the criminal behind the curtain. Mindlessly attacking Eric and Dylan while giving Frank DeAngelis and Rocky Hoffschneider freepasses is like Batman running across town fighting puppet punks while Twoface and Killer Croc are robbing banks on the other side of town.

    P.P.P.S.- In the word of Batman Beyond.... FRAG OFF!

  9. Dobsy, Kalman, and Reynolds are THE THREE ENABLING STOOGES.

  10. You know what? I've fucking had it with Trench. He's been selectively editing and deleting posts for years while crowing over it like he's a champion. It's one thing to delete and ignore posts you dislike on your site, but completely another to do that to make yourself look bigger than you are.

    Okay, if you're as fed up with this behavior as I am then do this.... Take whatever day you were born on- say, the 1st of January or 12th of May.... take the number and, on that day of the month... no, ANY and EVERY month, post to Trench's site at some random-ass time. Just post the above link to here, with whatever you think of him. If he bans you, do this with alternative IPs/computers or via a friend who can post.

    Don't do this forever just to harass him. Please only do this until he either leaves up a link to here on his site or comes here and apologizes for what he did and acknowledges his behavior. (or does so on his site) If he does that then leave him in peace. If you do that Trench, we'll leave you be and you'll be Safe and Sound!

    Again, not doing this to harass him, I'm just fed up with his behavior.... either delete posts you hate or respond to them properly, don't fucking edit them to oblivion and then "pwn" the guy in a debate and act like you're a genius god. If given the ability to edit Bill Gates' posts, I too could make him into a blittering moron in a debate.... because that's how powerful cheating is to manipulate public perception.

    That's punk-behavior Trench, and I'm a-callin you out on that pilgrim after all these damn years of it.... Just be a man cause we're tired of acting like a punk.

  11. Since i know my buddy Sarge seems to have gotten bullied at the old Columbine forum we posted at, please leave this post up for him to find.

    I'd like to continue that debate we were having about Marjorie Lindholm if he does happen to see this post. :)

  12. Hey, where are you, Fowl Ideas? Why didn't you put my comments on here? I support you more than before, amigo.


    Hey Fowl Ideas, love the blog, really hilarious sense of humor sometimes! I gotta ask, is there any way you could comment on this commercial above and what it means to society? I'd love to read your thoughts on it even if it's just a post and not seperate blog entry, thanks!

  14. I was on vacation. Sorry for the absence.

  15. Ah two corrections....

    1. I meant bullied, not banned.

    2. Sarge is still there.

    Well, Sarge is welcome to the new board in any case. It's a pretty open place that welcomes newcomers and lurkers who don't need to sign up and get approved to read all the research there. :)