Friday, August 16, 2013

Chicken Soup with Sucker Punch Athletics dot com...

I've given up on the idea of taking a serious break from blogging. Every time I make the attempt, I see something that tops the last colossally stupid example of why terrorism exists.

A few weeks ago I was in my local Home Depot when a man secretly hoping for another school massacre walked by. He was wearing a black t-shirt with the words, "I'm not a BULLY. Your just a Pussy!" in big, white letters. I would normally expect to see such a shirt on the back of one of those wedge shaped Mad Max extras one can find on the Ultimate Sociopath Channel. But the wearer was anything but muscular. From the way he artificially held his arms out as he walked, he clearly thought he was a body builder. He wasn't. When I got close to him in the checkout line, I was able to get a better look. He could have been in his late twenties, or his late forties, or anywhere in between. His physical condition suggested someone who'd possibly eaten out of a dumpster at some point in his life.

Enough about homeless Harry.

My real concern is with an industry that shamelessly promotes criminal behavior in the wake of media events like the Newtown Massacre. The individuals who designed, manufactured, and advertised the shirt in question obviously place no value on the lives of the next group of kids to be slaughtered. If you place a bit more value on human life than they do, here's something you can do.

Write to the knuckleheads at Sucker Punch Athletics and ask them why, 14 years after Columbine they've chosen to display such a heinous level of depraved indifference toward the next group of parents who have to bury their children...and there will be a next group, and probably many more groups after that. In a culture that glorifies brutality and lavishly rewards the most violent sociopaths the American Family can produce, a steady supply of mass murderers is almost inevitable.

After you've written to Knuckleheads, Inc. courtesy copy a few other interested parties like Columbine Principal Frank DeAngelis, some of the gun control advocates in Newtown, Conn., Sports Illustrated, Izzy Kalman, etc. Be imaginative.


  1. I think Rocky Hoffschneider would be right at home rocking one of those T's.

  2. Aside from his lawsuit, I haven't seen him in the news lately.

  3. How did that turn out anyway?

    What exactly happened? He ran over a Jewish MMA fighter by accident or something? This deserves a whole blog entry!

  4. There's a scarcity of information available online. It involved a snowmobile and the victim was a wrestler, but there's little else beyond that.

  5. Jesus Christ... for some reason that sounds scary as fuck, like something out of a horror movie! I don't know why but that just creeps me the fuck out. Well, thanks, let us know if you can dig up anything else on what went down...

    1. I occasionally do a basic internet search, but no one in the media seems interested in what happened. I'll keep looking.

  6. "I looked over your shirt, "I'm not a bully, you're just a pussy!"

    You should know I was bullied for many years- I nearly committed suicide several times. Then when Columbine happened I felt nothing but sympathy for those 2 boys... under different circumstances I could have wound up like them with myself demonized and my victims lionized as so often is the case in school shootings.

    Bullying is an f'd up thing that f's people up. The fact that you guys are glamorizing and trying to profit off it while actively encouraging it is disgusting and despicable.

    I doubt you care about what I have to say but I just wanted to let you know how disgusting your behavior is."


  7. Perhaps they will send you a free t-shirt or tickets to one of those Ultimate Sociopath cage fights.

    Civilization has a long way to go.

  8. Absolutely disgusting, but not surprising.

    Perhaps we should all chip in and buy Izzy Kalman one of those t-shirts. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

  9. I strongly suspect he's not just a silver tongued charlatan. He seems to actually believe his own words.

    But I would have no objection if you ordered a shirt for him. He could wear it to one of his seminars.

  10. So you, Fowl Ideas, decided not to take a break from blogging. Well, bueno para usted (good for you). At least, that will give me more opportunity to support you.

    Keep up el bueno trabajo (the good work).

    1. Support is good but a constant stream of bilingual insults directed toward Izzy and Company doesn't attract more readers. Send a letter to your local school board asking what they think of Chicken Soup or something.

    2. Just so you know, amigo, that I don't go to school anymore because I graduated from my last school long ago. And that school's a college. So now, I'm a man like you are.

      However, I did inform Ben Leichtling about you. The proof's in here:

      If you contact Ben and communicate with him, then le deseo suerte (I wish you luck).

  11. Am I the only Izzy fanboy here? I love his whole idea of tricking your bullies liking you! Don't get me wrong, that isn't the only solution (or the Golden Ticket) to bullying but, it is a nice option. While I don't fully agree with him I like the idea of manipulating your bullies into liking you... anything to survive man, anything to survive. Not everyone is a hulking giant that can beat them down.

    1. At some point in the past I relayed a story I heard from an alleged Columbine graduate.

      I met someone in a chat room who claimed to have moved into Littleton during the summer before his freshman year. He made a neighborhood friend who advised him to pretend to be a football fan...memorize the players' names, some of the stats, be seen at some of the games screaming for our side like an idiot, etc. He said it made life there a lot easier. I assume this is to what you are referring.

      Izzy Kalman may believe he's helping kids avoid being victimized, but in reality he's just reinforcing the stereotype so skillfully portrayed by Kim Lockwood, that of the depraved, utterly indifferent adult. Izzy Kalman makes his living increasing the probability of another Columbine or Sandy Hook.

    2. You are what Malcolm X called House Negro. I bet you would sell your parents into sex trafficking just to save your own skin.

    3. To whom are you referring and why?

    4. I see you did not allow my other posts to go through...I have no idea why. In regards to this particular question, I was replying to the Izzy Fanboy. The reason I made this analogy was to point out that despite you (Mr. Fowl Ideas) agreeing that it may be a good choice for Anonymous to appease a Bully to save his skin it is incorrect for a couple of reasons. Firstly, unlike Izzy Kalman’s teachings to appease bullies and it will result in the bullies leaving them alone, in reality if a victim instead of RIGHTFULLY retaliating against a bully's behavior or at least (although never enough to stop abuse) not show any reaction to the bully the bully will take advantage of the victim enabling the bully’s behavior and keep escalating the level of torture on the target. Se3condly, even if Mr. Izzy Fanboy does not mind being a doormat for a bully, he is still responsible for all of the other victims he witnesses the bully torture or/and murder; so if Mr. Izzy Fanbor is such a coward without a conscience who saves his own skin (for a while) by betraying his fellow man, it is not a stretch to imagine he only cowers in the face of terrible injustices and egotistically only cares about himself and by his character showing that if an intruder broke into his house and raped his parents in front of his eyes he would not budge (SHAMELESS COWARD!!!). If a bully is Jerry Sandusky (for example), the bystanders and enablers (Izzy Fanboy) is Joe Paterno.

    5. I'm still slowly filtering through all of the other comments. Most of them are multilingual insults that don't really add anything to the discussion. If I publish them, most readers will skim over them anyway and possibly miss something they should read in the process. I appreciate the attention, but what I really need are readers willing to independently draw attention to this weblog. If you really want to help, write to a few media outlets or put a bumper sticker on your car or something. Just insulting Kalman on a few posts is preaching to the choir.

      The story I was told shortly after Columbine involved a teenager who pretended to fit in and be a sports fan when in fact he was not. According to the individual telling me the story, it worked well enough to allow him to avoid become a target. This sort of strategy is very different from Kalman's advice to appease a particular bully once the victim has already become targeted.

    6. You're are so right, Anonymous Numero Uno (Number One). I couldn't agree with you more what you told that Izzy fanboy. He must have something wrong with his head.

      As for you, Fowl Ideas, I'd like you know that not all the Spanish words are insults. For example, I apologized to you in Spanish.

      Also, I'm sorry if the insults that I posted in your blogs don't really add anything to the discussion. It's just that I wanted to blow off steam, especially due to all the bully-supporting stuff that's been going on lately. And boy, does it sicken me?

      About insults, I've noticed that you have put some of your own in this blog. One example is your post about assholes reproducing.

      What I don't understand is why you get to put your own insults in your blogs and leave out some of my own. If you allow yourself to swear in your blogs, then couldn't you at least be fair enough to allow other people to do that?

      I'm trying to support you here. One example is me defending you from the people who badmouthed you. Don't you appreciate that?

      One other thing that I tried to tell you is the other website that has Ben Leichtling's criticism of Izzy. Didn't you go to it?

      Anyway, I'll try not to post a lot of multilingual insults in your blogs from now on. Instead, I'll use much more English words like what you do, especially since that language is my first and official one.

      One other thing I'll do when posting on your blogs from now on is go by a different username. And that one is Anon.


      Your supporter,

      Senor Anonymous

  12. Pretty funny stuff guys, all you are doing is shedding light and promoting the shirt lol.
    I don't see any correlation between mass murders COWARDS. and a tee shirt??

    1. Thank you for that insightful comment.

      Unfortunately, all you and the skanky looking man in the shirt are likely to do is reinforce the idea that the sort of terrorism witnessed at Columbine, Oklahoma City, Newtown, Conn., and so many other places is needed more than ever. If it is your intention to precipitate more incidents of mass murder, I have some advice.

      The transformation of an otherwise healthy child into an adult, or almost adult mass murderer is a two step process.

      The first step involves conditioning males who are smallest, weakest, least aggressive, or least trained in the fighting arts to live in a more or less constant state of fear. Bravely treat them as a Neo-Nazi, Skinhead, or Klansman would treat a Jew or a black man found alone late at night. Employ your amazing degree of bravery and manliness to make sure they are afraid to ride the school bus, visit the bathroom, enter the gym locker room, ask a girl for a date, etc. Make sure that they feel absolutely alone and that no one will utter a word of protest when you amaze the campus whores with another demonstration of masculinity. Make sure they look upon just about everyone around them as either sadistic bullies or bully enablers. This will ensure that they enter the highly competitive world of early adulthood with questionable social skills, no sense of self confidence, and a strong tendency to blame every failure ,disappointment, or incidence of bad luck on bullies and their enablers. Make sure they are seething with hatred in a world full of guns, gasoline, caltrops, computer viruses, highly flammable utility poles, and a thousand other opportunities for unfocused revenge on a cold, callous, bully loving, victim blaming society. Continue inspiring mass a man.

      The second step isn't really a step at all. You need take no action here. Just wait for the same laws of probability that cause a tiny percentage of drunk drivers to kill people, to also cause a tiny percentage of bullying victims to kill people. Then express the customary and totally phony expressions of outrage and bewilderment at each new media event.

      This particular form of mass murder leaves those most responsible for creating monsters, people like you, free from legal liability.

      You may find this helpful:

    2. The only coward here is you, Anonymous (appropriate username). I expect we won't hear from you again.

      The T-shirt is quite offensive in and of itself, regardless of any correlation that is made to anything.

      By the way, you need to improve your writing skills.)

    3. Coward is a word frequently used by sociopaths who like hurting people and want to make it look like the victim is a willing participant.

      And this is a weblog. No one here is striving for literary acclaim.

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