Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chicken Soup with the stereotypes...

Every demographic group has at least one negative stereotype and occasionally several, and includes an unknowable number of individuals who behave in a manner that reinforces one or more of those stereotypes. I don't hate black people, but if you behave like the knuckleheads I see on reruns of COPS or The Judge Hatchett Show, I'm probably going to develop a negative opinion of you. COPS is a cornucopia of young black men being chased down allies and over fences after robbing someone. And Judge Hatchett leaves me rolling with laughter. My favorite episode involved a black woman who was grossly overweight, ugly, and hostile. She must have done something awful in a previous life because God or nature or whoever's in charge of such things really slammed it to her. She had several children by several different absent fathers and was currently seeking paternity for her youngest. The defendants were three young men and I don't remember a thing about them but there were three of them. The woman was moving her head back and forth as if it were on roller bearings and bulging her eyes out and demanding a "dee-em-nay" test...because "one-a-dem be my baby's daddy." Judge Hatchett's bailiff, Lex Luther handed an envelope to the judge and after a few moments she announced that none of them were the father.

Imagine my surprise...

Women have a few negative stereotypes as well. Up until a few decades ago women were systematically prevented from entering most career fields. This created an environment where a woman who wanted to be successful had to marry a successful man. Thus, the stereotype of the payday seeking whore was born. The fact that men created and maintained this situation never seems to be mentioned.

Enter the women's rights movement...

During my lifetime women went from being Nurse Chapel and Yeoman Rand to being Captains and Admirals. That's obviously fiction, but it reflects a sea change in what the American public will accept as perfectly normal. Today we have female senators, senior military officers, fighter pilots, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and just about everything but President and Vice President. And I expect to see one or both of those before much longer. The point here is that woman clearly no longer have to marry success. They are free to make it themselves.

So when I see woman throwing themselves at high status males from their early teens into their mid-twenties, I tend to use uncomplimentary terms to describe them. They're behaving like the worst female stereotypes and usually rewarding a violent sociopath at the same time.

Individuals who behave this way only reinforce the hatred of tomorrow's serial killers, bombers, arsonists, and domestic terrorists. They truly are Chicken Soup for the Terrorist Soul.


  1. I believe that I understand what you pointed out in this blog. If you ask me, I don't condone stereotypes because they don't anyone any good due to making people narrow-minded. But luckily, I outgrew them. An example is this: I gave up on being sexist to gals, which is something my dad shamefully refused to.

  2. Stereotyping others isn't a sign of bigotry. It's an instinctive behavior designed to help you survive.

    You judge an individual you know as an individual. You judge individuals you don't know by a more general and easily identifiable criteria; the demographic group to which they belong. Your ancestors and mine survived by estimating what other individuals are likely to do. You have the most accurate estimates of individuals you know. Your least accurate estimates are assigned to strangers so instinctively you tend to assume the worst in order to avoid danger.