Monday, November 11, 2013

Chicken Soup with James Walker of ESPN dot com...

Years ago I saw a news item that I found to be simultaneously disturbing and revealing. After a hate crimes bill was put into effect in the state in question (I've forgotten what state it was.) there was a news clip of a couple of police officers arresting a man for assaulting and battering a gay man. Apparently this hero of Christian America enjoyed what used to be referred to as "fag bashing." While the officers were literally wrestling him into their cruiser, the suspect protested loudly, "But he's a fag!!" He was so accustomed to believing that gay men were created by God for his sadistic amusement that he must have felt shocked and betrayed when they arrested him.

Sound familiar?

A recent article by James Walker claims that Richie Incognito also feels "shocked" and "betrayed," probably for the same reasons. Incognito was so accustomed to believing that everything a sadistic sociopath does to its victim is charming, clever, and riotously funny that he in all probability felt as shocked and betrayed as the homophobic bigot described above.

In this interview Richie Incognito claims that he is not a racist. That may be true, but he's certainly a bigot.

Bigots belong to a particular set of individuals who've chosen to target certain groups of people for mistreatment. The following individuals belong to a subset of bigots: racists, anti-Semites, homophobes, misogynists, and bullies. There are others but I'll stick with five subsets for simplicity. The first four subsets target victims who belong to legally well defined groups while bullies tend to bravely choose targets of opportunity, usually victims who are far less powerful than the bully. While watching the interview linked in the preceding paragraph you may have noticed Richie Incognito's claim that if Jonathan Martin simply told him he was going too far he would have stopped.


When was the last time a bully stopped because the victim asked him to? Usually the bullying gets worse.

As always folks...terrorists who want to sleep at night need only study the barbaric behavior of America's heroes of the gridiron and take note of the depraved indifference of their enablers.

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