Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chicken Soup with The Terminator...

After the Jared Remy case hit the news I found a comment in a newspaper article, a comment I've heard or read many times before expressing the frustration that law enforcement personnel feel when they attempt to prosecute violent abusers.  They work their tails off to build a case that will put King Roid Monkey in prison for many years, only to have the victim show up, drop the charges with some variation of the excuse that he's really not that bad, and then wind up either being killed or having to call the police again.

Consider the following quote from the movie, "The Terminator."  Soldier from the future Kyle Reese is being interviewed at the police station:

"You still don't get it, do you?  He'll find her.  That's what he does! That's all he does!  You can't stop him!"

Earlier in the movie Kyle Reese explains to Sarah Connor what she's up against:

"Listen and understand.  That terminator is out there.  It can't be bargained with.  It can't be reasoned with.  It doesn't feel pity, remorse or fear.  And it absolutely will not stop, ever,  until you are dead."

The Terminator was fiction of course, but it reflects the reality of how abusers like Jared Remy think and behave.  And Aaarnold was the perfect individual to play the role.  He was huge, physically powerful, and utterly focused, to the exclusion of all else on his task.  It is not unusual for America's ample stock of Jared Remy's, much like The Terminator to literally be willing to sacrifice their own existence, and that of anyone who gets in the way in order to prevent someone like Jennifer Martel from escaping their control.

These men are not mentally ill.  There's no excuse for what they and their enablers (Helloooo RemDaaaaawg!!) do.  They're just assholes, and asshole is not a mental illness.


  1. " They're just assholes, and asshole is not a mental illness."

    Nor is anything else, according to Thomas Szasz. He's worth some reading. Don't rely on the caricatures you might find on blogs, go to the source.

  2. I hate to change the topic, but the Steubenville folks are at it again! They clearly have no shame.


  3. I think a lot of these girls have Stockholm Syndrome and PTSD. Those combined traits make them "love" the people abusing them, while believing that it's all being done for their own good.

    I like in the movie Goodfellas (or Godfather?) where some guy smacks up a girl and some pazzonis pay him a visit, beat the shit out of him, then warn him he's a dead man if he does it again. :)

    1. No doubt the mental health community has a label for it. I just think it's human instinct at work.

      For most of human history everyone was a hunter/gatherer. If you were female and you wanted to survive you found a way to please whichever male was most likely to keep you fed and protected. Needless to say that was rarely the nicest male. Females today do all of their hunting and gathering in supermarkets and they don't worry much about being eaten by lions. In a modern industrial state males who are patient, intelligent, and lack any personal desire to be feared make much better partners, but instinct still drives females into the arms of obvious sociopaths like Jared Remy.

      To be perfectly fair, males do the same thing. They focus primarily on females who have perfect, heart shaped faces and hour glass figures even when everyone knows that the female in question is a violent tempered, narcissistic bitch. Men who have money get taken all the time by even the most obvious payday seekers and I have no more sympathy or concern for them than I do for women who could choose anyone, but choose to reward "bad boys" instead.

  4. Damn, you are perceptive.

    Well in the old days, war and fighting crazy-ass animals was a way of surviving for most of human (and pre-human) evolution. Of course, "war" was just feuding between rival tribes- probably no more than a few hundred people at most- and not like it is today.

    BTW, you really should read the Glen Ridge book "Our Guys" sometime. It's a story about a couple of small-town jocks "heroes" who gang-raped a mentally retarded girl. At the end of it, most of them wind up convicted and have to spend a few years in prison. They didn't get much quantity of prison time but given their status as rapists of a retarded girl they certainly must have gotten some "quality" prison time. :)

    1. I haven't read the book but I know the story. I look them up every so often to see what they're doing today...which isn't much.

  5. So... what ARE they doing today? I'd love to see a profile on each of the convicted rapists! I'm more than certain it would annoy them whenever they plug their names into Google! :P

    1. I haven't found much about them on the internet that wasn't printed many years ago. They're probably laying low somewhere, using their sociopathic charm and family money to fool everyone around them into believing that they're really nice guys.

  6. Btw, "Christopher Archer" (I think?) or some other guy apparently raped a girl in college but got off scot-free. I think it'd be worth looking into him at least, especially since he did it while his trial for raping the retarded girl was still underway. (note- I'll look up later which of the rapists raped again while in college, not sure if I have the right name or now)

    1. I found an interview with the author on the Salon website. You can find it by Googling 'Christopher Archer Glen Ridge Rape College'.

      "What have the defendants been up to since the rape?

      Eight years after the rape, two of them were sentenced to maximum
      terms of 15 years and one to a maximum term of seven years. In
      actuality, that means that if they behave themselves, two will be out
      in two years and one will be out in 10 months.

      Before that, Chris Archer went on to college, where he was accused of raping someone before this case went to trial. But the charges were never pressed by the woman who accused him. I think she feared the pain of having her life exposed. Because the primary defense with Leslie, of course, was to savage her reputation, and anybody else who brought charges against these guys would undoubtedly have met with the same defense strategy.

      The two twins, Kevin and Kyle Scherzer, worked for a floor finishing
      firm in New Jersey and lived in the same community with their
      parents, which was not Glen Ridge but another community.

      We should also remember that there was a fourth defendant,
      Bryant Grober. He was convicted of conspiracy and the judge, in his
      infinite wisdom, sentenced him to three years of probation and
      community service, and he was not sent to jail. Grober had fellatio
      with the victim in the basement. His was the first act and set the
      stage for what was to come. But his lawyer was particularly skillful
      in separating him from the other boys in the basement and was able to persuade the jury to convict him on a lesser charge."

    2. There's actually a 5th one who got off scot-free.

      That guy's dad was a cop and when he investigated what happened to the black nice athlete that told on the people that did it (he didn't see it but was upstairs and got all the gossip) he felt too terrified to tell the cop investigating that his own son was involved.

      It's honestly probably for the best that he didn't tell on him- knowing Glen Ridge, if he had done that then that cop would have fought tough and nail to bury the case, sad to say.

    3. More Chicken Soup for the Terrorist Soul.

      And Americans wonder how terrorists sleep at night.

  7. Oh, I got one- Rocky Hoffschneider! Man, I'd sure love to see what that guy is up to these days! What was up with him and that Jewish wrestler dying from a tractor in Wyoming or something anyway?

    1. It involved a snowmobile and I haven't found much of anything about his current behavior. Fortunately his past behavior has been archived and will be freely available until the end of time much as Ryan Tucker's criminal behavior is. Someone who didn't identify herself complained several times about my post. I'm assuming His Majesty's children, classmates, teachers, etc. are still reading it and asking questions. There are periodic visits to this blog from his neighborhood in Texas. I can only assume it's an occasional embarrassment and a constant worry for Tucker and his wife. Small punishment compared to what he did to Bryan Boyd, but like a tiny paper cut on one's finger, I'm hoping it's just enough to remind them both that things are different in the information age.

  8. Btw, going to do a post on Ray Rice's wife? Seems rather timely since you've been discussing the topic in general.

    1. I've heard a few things on the news but I've been too busy to really look into it and write a post. I heard something about her defending him after being beaten into submission but I have to do a little research before I write anything.