Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chicken Soup with the sudden interest in Jason the Columbine Jock...

What did Jason do to precipitate such interest?

I watched the Intervention video and came to the following conclusions:

Jason's father was a never satisfied jerk right out of Hollywood central casting.  He was "devastated" when Jason did not make the freshman high school baseball team and several times throughout the video Jason stated that he never measured up to his father's expectations.

Devastated is when your family is horribly maimed by a drunk driver who subsequently crashes into your home and burns it to the ground.  Failing to make the freshman high school baseball team is best described by mentally stable parents as mildly disappointing.

Jason's mother is also a drug addict.  She likes prescription drugs and a "box of wine."  Nothing but the finest vintage no doubt.

Jason's sister is a classic enabler who buys cigarettes, food, drinks, etc. and gives him money to buy drugs.

I laughed my way through the entire episode.

If only all the Columbine bullies could end up this way...


  1. In the tv episode he mentions doing a lot of drugs in high school and "injecting" stuff.

    That, combined with his swaggering jock experience and his placement on Eric's "hit list", and him graduating a year before all suggests that he was a member of the notorious "Steroid Poster Boys," the group whose leader was the infamous Rocky Hoffschneider.

    You ever considered doing an entry about the SPBs?

    1. I check every day or two for comments but I post very infrequently. I've been very busy lately.


    Geeze, there's a crapton on this guy- and almost none of it's flattering. Well, I understand. I'm quite patient with the excellent chicken soup you serve. When next you have the opportunity to make some more keep the recipes above in mind. ;)

    1. Think of bullies as you would think of human feces.

      They emerge from the orifice of family character.

      They are welcomed with open arms in the cesspool of community character.

      Go Rebels!!