Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chicken Soup with Jason Stinson

Jason Stinson was a football coach at Pleasure Ridge Park High School in Louisville, Kentucky until August, 2008.

Max Gilpin, a 15 year old sophomore playing on Stinson's team collapsed during a practice and died on August 20, 2008.

The entire story in all its variations can be found by searching for Jason Stinson. You can make up your own mind about his degree of guilt. Take a look at this website created by Stinson supporters and read the letter that describes the prosecutor as "the devil." This will help you acquire a more accurate opinion of the American public and why suicide bombers don't seem half as looney as they should. American football fans aren't a whole lot higher on the sanity scale.

When you're finished reading about Stinson, start reading at the fourth paragraph of the following link and familiarize yourself with the basic structure and behavior of the American Football Entertainment Industry. Emphasize the concept of "Industry" in your mind.

Given the average American's fanatical infatuation with violent young men and the low value placed upon the lives and safety of other people's children, why should terrorists feel guilty about what they do?

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