Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chicken Soup with George Huguely...

Terrorists and soldiers share a common problem. It's a lot easier to do their job and sleep at night if they can learn to hate their targets. Not to worry. Americans seem almost obsessed with behaving in a manner that makes them easy to hate.

Think of your own daughter, niece, or sister as you take a good, long look at what the American Family has become infamous for producing.

This is George Huguely, the habitually violent, habitually drunken American Hero of the athletic field who killed his girlfriend Yeardley Love because she dared to believe she had the right to use forbidden words like no, stop, and goodbye.

Silly female. Didn't she know that women are the property of the most violent American males on campus?

The particulars can be found here. This quote from the article says it all.

"The two sides of the George Wesley Huguely who could stroll a manicured golf course in the afternoon and allegedly commit an unfathomable act of fury in the wee hours of the next morning were not unknown to his friends and teammates."

By using the term, "two sides of George Huguely" it sounds like they're preparing an evil twin defense. I like more honest terms: George Huguely is a violent sociopath, he was raised that way, and no one was brave enough to say so publicly before he chose to prove his manliness and exhibit the quality of his parents' child rearing efforts by slamming Yeardley Love's head against a wall...accidentally of course. George Huguely does not suffer for lack of defenders.

George Huguely is being defended by Attorneys Francis Lawrence and Rhonda Quagliani.

Attorney Lawrence can be found here attempting to convince us that a mysterious force yet to be adequately studied by physicists crushed Yeardley Love's head. Poor unfortunate Mr. Huguely was simply an observer.

You can read more about Francis Lawrence and Rhonda Quagliani here. Pay particular attention to the comments section where people are actually expressing support for a man who drugged and raped a woman because he successfully escaped punishment for many years. Why do so many Americans want to help terrorists sleep at night?

Lawyers can be forgiven (just barely) for defending society's effluent. After all, it's their chosen profession. What cannot be forgiven and what makes it easier for terrorists to do their job guilt free are all of the people who defend the George Huguely's of America with their silence while the victim is being terrorized, brutalized, and controlled in a... ahem, manly fashion and with their phony condolences and expressions of bewilderment only after the criminal has been safely locked up or killed. George Huguely's lacrosse teammates demonstrated this behavior masterfully by acting as pallbearers at Yeardley's funeral. They said and did nothing to protect the victim beforehand, but they were perfectly willing to posture before the cameras after the fact.

The average American is some combination of mean, stupid, and callous, and terrorists know it. Keep up the good work.


  1. I hope you feel better after writing your piece, but it is complete nonsense. You first argue that Huguely is a sociopath, then you argue that it is the fault of his parents and his peers. Which is it? His acts are reprehensible and he will be punished. No lawyer in the world will be able to get him off. Your mushy thinking is no different that the mushy thinking you accuse his parents and peers of.

  2. Simply declaring my ideas to be "complete nonsense" means nothing. What I'm looking for here is someone who possesses both the willingness and the ability to debate the problem at hand:

    Why do so many Americans shamlessly praise violence and cruelty in young men and then pretend to be shocked and remourseful when either the bully or his victim commits a violent crime?

    Debate the issue or go somewhere else.

  3. I love your article I can't believe all the uva young men supporting this ahole its disgusting I know his mother and father and you are 100 percent on the mark

  4. Its so sad that people are supporting this raging abuserin ny we just had a case where a man decapitated his girlfriend qho was leaving him. I ask george' s mother who I read has a daughter -- how would you feel if it was your daughters head and brain opened up by her boyfriend left to die alone after her boyfriend thru the comforter over her head? @

  5. As a cheerleader.... I must say-

    what a dream boat! Oh, what a hunk! I'd love to let him park his penis inside me! I'd never say no to a cutey like him, tee hee! I could totally picture spending the rest of my days in a trailer park or low-rent apartment with him! And he's a bad boy too! Bad boys are so fine!!!! :) <3 (:

  6. Yup. You're a cheerleader.
    Have you met Ryan Tucker?

  7. George is hot. He could park his penis in my garage any day.

  8. You sound like a Columbine cheerleader. They knew which sociopaths to service.

  9. Mmm, mmm! This boy sure has pretty lips! We'd love to have em in our slammer with us!

  10. George epitomizes one of civilization's greatest problems:

    Assholes reproduce.

  11. So not getting George...August 7, 2011 at 12:41 AM

    Yep! George is definitely " beauty" and the beast. Much respects to the family of Yeardley Love