Monday, October 10, 2011

Chicken Soup with Ron Paul

Every terrorist wannabe and every criminal in America can thank Ron Paul, M.D. who took a Hippocratic Oath...OB/GYN Ron Paul who cares for women and infants...Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party Ron Paul for leaving no doubt that human life has no value and human suffering is a non-issue.

How does Ron Paul feel about all of our nation's evil, socialist, taxpayer funded fire departments? They don't ask emergency callers if they have insurance. They don't send fire victims a bill. And even Ann Coulter hasn't stooped low enough to suggest that people shop around for the lowest price fire department while their home burns to the ground.

The world's terrorists can thank Ron Paul for removing any moral impediments to sacrificing human life and imposing human suffering in the pursuit of their goals. After all, who are terrorists to argue with the tenet that health insurance industry profits and bloated executive bonuses are more important than human life.

Ron Paul for President!!

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