Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chicken Soup with Brian Wood

Five years after blithely attempting to injure another player three times during a single game back in 2006, Brian Wood is still allowed to play football.

Chicken Soup fans will remember that he became the subject of national news stories when Riveroak Redskins Assistant Coach Cory Petero attempted to knock some sense into him during a game on September 2, 2006. The story is a simple and familiar one:

Brian Wood, like all bullies was perfectly content dishing it out to victims who are smaller and weaker than he is. When a larger Cory Petero put him on the receiving end of his own behavior Brian Wood (the bully), the parents who taught him how to treat smaller, weaker people, and all of the world's usual sociopath enablers expressed outrage and feigned bewilderment because there was one adult present who dared to put the safety of the victim ahead of the ego of a stereotypical Columbine Jock. A follow up story reported that Cory Petero was sentenced to pick up trash on the highway for a few weekends, serve four years on probation, complete a 16 week anger management program, and pay Brian Wood (the bully) $100. Brian Wood's mother, Denise Champion expressed outrage and disappointment with what she described as a light sentence.

I'd give the guy a medal.

Once again, terrorists have yet another example to study. American parents raise their children to intentionally harm smaller, weaker children and public outrage is entirely directed at the only adult on the field willing to punish the offender.

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