Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chicken Soup with sociopaths who reproduce...

Terrorists must love the American Family.

Remember George Huguely, the all American male who bravely defeated his girlfriend Yeardley Love in unarmed combat? His father, also rumored to be a really wonderful guy was recently arrested for drunk driving.

It's never been a secret that bigots, bullies, and batterers are like human feces. They emerge from the orifice of family character and they're welcomed with open arms by their moral peers in the cesspool of community character.

Our civilization would be much better off if sociopaths avoided reproducing, but don't hold your breath waiting for anyone in America to admit it. That's a taboo subject and it's considered a third rail in American politics. As a result of everyone's refusal to admit the ugly truth, the world's terrorists will continue to have an unlimited supply of evil characters they can refer to when building up the necessary hatred to attack.

Sleep well everyone, and whatever you do, don't look in the mirror.


  1. Greetings,
    Recommend that you complete your profile, thus readers can know precisely, what it is that you stand for...

  2. "Our civilization would be much better off if sociopaths avoided reproducing"

    Tienes razón (You got that right).