Monday, January 2, 2012

Chicken Soup with George Huguely's defense team...

The world's terrorists must feel overwhelmed by the wealth of material they can reference when training their field agents.

George Huguely's defense team requested the medical records of his former (She's dead Jim!) girlfriend, Yeardley Love. By itself this wouldn't mean much except for the fact that the police found her "lying face down on her bed with her right eye blackened and swollen shut." Huguely's attorneys are claiming that she "died from an irregular heartbeat caused partially from taking prescription Adderall and drinking alcohol."

The American Judicial System is an Alice in Wonderland drug trip where nothing makes any sense to most intelligent people. In such an environment, blaming death from a savage beating on the weakness of the victim might actually work. In the real world, it only assists criminals, including terrorists to rationalize the moral neutrality of what they do.

If anyone can explain why intelligent, well educated Americans knowingly behave this way I'd like to hear your opinion. Terrorists are learning from our behavior. Are you?

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