Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chicken Soup revisits America's healthcare issue...

I'm repeatedly amazed by the average American voter's inability to distinguish between health insurance and healthcare. Imagine if most of your neighbors, coworkers, and personal acquaintances couldn't tell the difference between automobile insurance and the industry that manufactures automobiles and you'll understand how I feel. I'll try to explain the difference in simple terms. I'll even type slowly for those who can't read so fast.

I want those who manufacture medical equipment and pharmaceutical products to have a profit incentive and a significant number of market competitors so that they'll supply patients with the best that our technology can provide. Capitalism is an asset to patients here.

I want doctors, nurses, and hospitals to have a profit incentive and plenty of competition so that they'll have an ever present reason to do the best job they can do in order to avoid losing their patients (customers) to someone else. Capitalism is an asset here as well.

I do not want the health insurance industry to have a profit incentive and here's why:

1) Health insurance companies are not in the business of healing the sick and injured. They're in the business of making money. Health insurance companies make money by two basic methods. They charge premiums to those who are currently least likely to become sick or injured. Then they save money by refusing to pay legitimate claims as often as they can get away with it. Republicans like this arrangement because people who don't make much money are about as worthy of life as a Jew at a Klan rally. Hitler referred to people who were least likely to produce more than they consumed as "useless eaters." Republicans probably have a similar term, but they're smart enough to avoid using it in front of a camera.

A single payer health insurance system would cover everyone, but it will be economically inefficient because it will cover Americans who are in the Republican moral sphere, not economically worth treating. Republicans don't like the idea of a single payer system because it would allow those unworthy of life to receive healthcare they could never pay for on their own. Republican politicians like to criticize the legality of abortion while they take campaign contributions (bribes) from an industry that forces huge numbers of their fellow Americans to suffer and die needlessly.

And that's all a terrorist needs to know about the value Americans place on the lives of their own citizens.



  2. Anyone who's still confused about why this blog exists is invited to read the comment just above this one. Who comes to mind? Perhaps the sort of character who screams, "Another Jew in the oven!" when sinking a basket in gym class? Perhaps the good people of Penn. State? Perhaps the steroid bloated Horned Frog sociopaths of TCU? In all probability this comment was left by a solid Romney supporter who simply found this weblog by accident yesterday and couldn't resist reminding the world why terrorists, foreign and domestic find it so easy to kill Americans.

  3. Hmmph! You openly admit to hating America AND you clearly support the terrorists and try to give them words of support encouraging them to attack our nation! Classic left-wing lib! I bet you listen to that Rachel Madcow woman too!

    I got my eyes on you boy! Derp!

  4. Transforming a violent, predatory species into a civilization is a long and difficult task. In that sense I consider America to be an important stepping stone. And I don't hate Americans. I'm just frustrated with their tendency to think and act as if they were still hunter/gatherers, particularly their blind devotion to violent alpha male wannabes.

    I don't support terrorists. I criticize those who behave as if they want terrorists to feel good about killing Americans.

    I get my news from a wide variety of sources only one of which is Rachel Maddow. Given your obvious bigotry, I can understand why you hate her.

    Do you listen to Bill O'Reilly and that smoldering phallus chomping drug addict Rush Limbaugh?

  5. Hell yeah I do, boy! Now those are some real, honest to goodness true Americans!

    Oh yeah, bout to give me shit about how Bill O likes titties and Limbaugh used to drugs? Ain't nobody perfect, a lib like you oughtta worship them for those flaws, derp!