Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chicken Soup revisits the Pedophile Enablers of Penn. State...

Sara Ganim is generally credited with bringing the true character of Jerry Sandusky and his pedophile enablers into the light of day. The element of her story that interests me the most and embodies the reason for this blog's existence can be found in the following quote from a Glamour Magazine article about Ms. Ganim:

"But many were relieved. They were done keeping their story bottled up inside."

There are situations where the crime and the identity of the perpetrator are known to many members of the public but due to the status of the perpetrator, no one is willing to speak openly. This is the kind of scenario that almost screams for a domestic terrorist to step in and begin ruining lives and reputations. Let's consider the following scenario:

An adult survivor of Jerry Sandusky's pedophilia quietly returns to the local community and anonymously stages a media worthy act of Domestic Terrorism. The act itself doesn't need to be particularly sophisticated. He could fire a few random shots into the stands from a very long distance or detonate a crude pipe bomb somewhere. The objective is to grab the attention of the local community and the media, not to kill or maim a large number of victims. The Terrorist could then send a letter to the University President explaining that Jerry Sandusky was and still is a pedophile. Blind copying dozens of newspapers, magazines, law enforcement officials, etc. would also be a good idea.

And then he could go home and wait...for months if necessary...

What would all those heroes of the gridiron do then? How would all those pedophile enablers react? How would the law enforcement community react? Would they attempt to contact every former member of Second Mile in order to create a suspect list? How would they approach them? Excuse me sir. After one of Sandusky's victims set off a bomb, we've decided to pretend that we care about victims. Um...did you set off a bomb the other day? If the law enforcement community suspected the Terrorist of being the Terrorist, how far would they go in their attempts to prosecute him? This is a sticky question because Sandusky's pedophilia and the University's willingness to cover it up would probably have become public knowledge by then. Would they risk the appearance of revictimizing a victim who may be guilty of nothing?

Just a thought folks. Enjoy the weekend.


  1. But you and I both know that human psychology doesn't work like this. It's far more likely that if the victim becomes aggressive and vengeful, he'll vent on someone other than his abuser.

  2. In the above scenario the victim does not attack Sandusky. He attacks his enablers and puts them all in a very awkward position. It would no doubt be very cathartic for the victim/terrorist. He might even be able to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon once it gets rolling.

    Football certainly produces some sick trash.