Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chicken Soup with Thomas Junta...

A couple of co-workers were discussing the behavior of some of the parents in their local children's hockey league the other day. Words like "jerk" and "moron" were used. Needless to say this reminded me of Thomas Junta of Reading, Massachusetts.

Back on July 5, 2000 Thomas Junta (270 pounds of pure manliness) sat on top of 165 pound Michael Costin and beat him to death at an ice rink after a children's hockey practice. Does it get any more manly than that? Apparently Junta was angry about the way Costin was coaching or refereeing his 10 year old son's game and complained about it. Costin then allegedly attacked Junta after he came back into the building looking for his son, a scenario that suggests a complete lack of sense on Costin's part. And to be fair here, Costin appears to have been something of a violent moron himself. This time he paid with his life. Junta was eventually convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter and sentenced to 6 to 10 years. He ended up serving about 8 years and was released on August 27, 2010.

This might be just another routine story about a run-of-the-mill sociopath with a sperm count except for the bizarre interpretation of the crime described in Wikipedia. Obviously the Wkipedia article wasn't produced by a journalist. The writer emphasizes the claim that Junta (270 pounds of pure manliness) was only defending himself against an attack by 165 pound Thomas Costin, something he could have easily done by giving Costin a good shove. He/she then implies that Costin was somehow unworthy or weak or otherwise not qualified to be called a man by stating that his injuries "were nothing more than the result of three punches." Obviously Costin was unworthy of life due to his inability to take a few punches and learn his lesson. I suspect that a close relative wrote it.

I've repeatedly emphasized my belief that bullies and most other violent criminals are the product of criminally incompetent parents so I wasn't surprised to learn that Thomas Junta's son, Quintas Junta was arrested for staging an armed home invasion. Then Quintas Junta was found dead, presumably from a drug overdose. I wasn't surprised by the behavior of Michael Costin's son either. Apparently he likes to abuse his girlfriend and according to this article he spent a little time with his own kind for it.

After reading a variety of articles (Google "Thomas Junta.") it looks like all parties involved have criminal records and long histories of abusive behavior. This story is about an unremarkable collection of violent meatheads but I was a bit disturbed by the opinions of a few close acquaintances. Three male and one female acquaintance of mine expressed surprise and disappointment with the fact that Thomas Junta was going to actually serve prison time. All four of them expressed the opinion (separately) that it was just a fight and that junta should go free. One of the males justified what Junta did with a shrug of his shoulders and the partial statement, "once the adrenaline starts know..." I haven't been in contact with three of these people in years, but adrenaline man was convicted of a double homicide a few years back and won't be leaving prison until he's dead. I'm starting to wonder what went on in the house next door all those years ago.

This weblog is mostly about the public's tendency to favor violent males and rationalize that the victim somehow brought it on himself. Unlike most of the other sociopaths who've graced this weblog, Junta did not appear to have much of a following outside of his family. It was the fact that four people whom I'd previously thought of as mentally stable and reasonably civilized all wanted to see a 270 sociopath go free that reinforced my low opinion of humanity in general and reminded me of The Rule of Most:

"Most people can be relied upon to behave in a manner that is Mostly civilized Most of the time. But, you can reasonably expect anyone to turn on you at any time for the pettiest of reasons."

Domestic Terrorists aren't insane. They simply understand that people are really dumb, violent animals at heart, only slightly more civilized than chimpanzees.

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