Friday, December 7, 2012

Chicken Soup with NFL hero Jovan Belcher...

Here's another character the world's terrorists can study in order to assuage any feelings of guilt they may have acquired about their chosen profession.

A Chicken Soup fan directed my attention to yet another great American hero of the gridiron, Kansas City Chief's linebacker Jovan Belcher. This article in Slate by Justin Peters reports that he bravely murdered his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins by shooting her. He then drove to the Chief's practice facility and after thanking two of his coaches and the team's general manager for all they'd done for him, he did the best thing possible. He shot himself in the head. Unfortunately, he didn't shoot himself in the head before murdering Kasandra Perkins.

You're wondering about the terrorists...

Americans shamelessly display a slovenly worship of large, physically powerful athletes and depraved indifference for their victims. The article doesn't specifically mention it, but Jovan Belcher has probably been a violent bully since grade school and you can bet the farm that his violence was excused for the usual reasons:

He was an athlete.

The victim asked for it.

Terrorists share a common characteristic with soldiers. Their job is much easier if they can dehumanize their targets. Soldiers usually have to be propagandized into dehumanizing the enemy. Terrorists have it a bit easier because Americans dehumanize themselves. Americans will be talking about the tragedy of Jovan Belcher's death for years. They'll forget about the victim by next week. And best of all, fans will come out of the woodwork to declare that "NFL players aren't significantly more apt to harm women than guys in general." Someone using the name "Geack" left this comment in response to this article. The rest of the comments read like a dry academic debate and most of them avoid criticizing violent behavior or expressing concern for victims...Chicken Soup for the Terrorist Soul.


  1. Here's one for your files:

  2. I'm not sure how that relates to this weblog.

    And what happened to Izzy anyway? Was he abducted by aliens?

  3. Just one for your files. A pair of DJs that after doing a "prank" where a 14 year old girl revealed to a national audience that she'd been raped then does a hoax which ends up in a nurse committing suicide. Basically "Bullies bullying people into suicide, with an international audience and getting paid to do it."

  4. If the public stops listening to their show or to the radio station and if the advertisers pull their ads then the public is reacting in the appropriate manner, something the public rarely if ever does when the bully is an athlete.