Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chicken Soup with the good citizens of Steubenville, Ohio...

A lot of people are screaming for more arrests in the Steroid Trash vs. State of Ohio gang rape case. Don't hold your breath. Either the local law enforcement community is completely beholden to the football culture, or few if any witnesses are willing to come forward because of intimidation, or because there really is insufficient evidence to make further arrests after someone thoughtfully deleted it from his cellphone. That really isn't the concern of this weblog.

This weblog is concerned with how the aggregate behavior of the public helps serial killers, mass murderers, and domestic terrorists to rationalize what they do. Scroll down a page or so in this article and consider the following sentence, "The case has completely polarized the 18,000 residents of Steubenville, Ohio, a town where high school football is taken very seriously."

Polarized?!! Really? Polarized.

The term "polarized" is generally used when there are lots of people on either side of an issue. Am I to believe that half of the good, Christian citizens of Steubenville, Ohio are actually in favor of dragging a drunken teenage girl from house to house and repeatedly raping and sodomizing her? Is that true or are they just tolerant of it as long as the victim is some out-of-towner...someone else's daughter...someone who doesn't matter who only got what she deserved for getting drunk and attending a party full of drunken titans of the gridiron? Do any of the good citizens of Steubenville, Ohio have an answer?

The relevence of this case and how it relates to domestic terrorism, etc. is simple enough for even the most inbred hicks of Stupidville to comprehend:

When a significant portion of a community displays this level of depraved indifference toward the victim and is perceived as being supportive of the abusers, it only serves to convince men like Timothy McVeigh, Eric Harris, and Adam Lanza that Americans are fundamentally mean, stupid, and callous...utterly deserving of what terrorists and mass murderers do to them. And how do such men identify communities worthy of such vitriolic rage?


No American with an iota of decency in their character would be caught dead attending a Big Red football game or any other related function because they understand that denying violent athletes the attention and blind worship they crave is the only way to get through to them.

Show every budding mass murderer and domestic terrorist in America that they're wrong.

Stay home.

Or stand around with your thumb up your ass and pretend to be shocked the next time someone slaughters a bunch of school kids.

I think it's a simple choice. What do the good citizens of Steubenville, Ohio think?


  1. At least some of them aren't complete assholes. As time goes by, I think the media shaming will force more of them to admit to their assholery.

  2. No American who is civilized enough to have earned the right to complain about terrorism needs to be shamed by the media.

  3. Idiots abound. I wonder if the "good" people of Steubenville realize that they are acting like the Taliban?

  4. The worst kind of criminals are those who don't believe they are criminals. Steubenville is obviously an overflowing toilet, filled with the effluent of gridiron manliness.