Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chicken Soup with the gridiron heroes of Steubenville, Ohio High School...

My customary prediction that football players and their toadying sycophants couldn't possibly be any more depraved has once again proven false. I can't decide if this is worse than Pedophile State University or not. Unlike mass or volume, depraved indifference isn't measured in generally accepted units so it's difficult to make a direct comparison. But it's the same social institution protecting the same kind of soulless sociopaths. If these gridiron heroes don't end up doing some serious time, the world's terrorists can add one more example of the American Character to their list of reasons not to feel guilty about what they do.

Please enjoy viewing what the American Family produces these days. Listening to young men laugh about gang raping a teenaged girl is bad enough, but I could swear that I saw a young female in the background at about the ten or eleven minute mark. A few readers have suggested that some of my writing indicates a mysoginistic streak in me, but that isn't quite true. I don't hate women. I hate anyone who behaves exactly as their demographic group's worst stereotype says they behave. Because of what I saw in the video, I suspect a young woman has traded the use of her body for association with a high status group, in this case the throbbing members of the local football team. She probably isn't the least bit concerned about the victim either.

The contents of the video may or may not be of any use in a criminal trial, but it certainly leaves no doubt in the minds of every resident of Steubinville, Ohio. And those individuals can act immediately. They don't have to lynch anyone. All they have to do is take a year off. For one entire season, just don't go to any event having anything to do with the local football team. This will divide the community into those who have a conscience and those who make mass murderers and terrorists feel good about killing Americans.

If you think I'm being too harsh, just leave a comment. And remember...there are people in America who are still ignorant enough to question why Columbine is a metaphor instead of the name of a high school.

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