Monday, April 8, 2013

Chicken Soup with the victim hating whores of Steubenville...

When I was a child, women had a very narrow field of careers from which to choose. They were even depicted as second class in even the most progressive television shows. Witness what happened to Majel Barrett. When Gene Roddenberry produced his Star Trek pilot "The Cage" in 1964 he cast Majel Barrett as the first officer on a starship. Men treated her with respect and followed her orders. The catty women in the test audience hated her so much she was demoted to Nurse Chapel in the television series.

Enough nostalgia.

Things have changed a lot since then. Today we have female senators, astronauts, CEO's, military officers, airline pilots, and just about everything else. Few, if any career fields are closed to women.

Here's your homework question for today.

Why does the American Family continue to produce such large numbers of young women who behave as if they believe that the road to success requires them to whore themselves to high status males?


  1. When I was bullied, and would see girls laugh at my suffering or ignore it and smile and chat amicable with those who made my life hell, it would truly make my blood boil and make me feel miserable.

  2. Then you understand how mass murderers are conditioned.