Friday, April 26, 2013

Chicken Soup with Dr. Susan Eva Porter...

Dr. Susan Eva Porter is another victim blaming, bully coddling, and of course...highly educated and widely experienced critic of the anti-bullying movement. Many thanks to Izzy Kalman for bringing her to the Chicken Soup kitchen.

Read this article, listen to the interview, and take notice of the fact that she refers to cocky, sadistic adolescents as "kids who make mistakes" and reminds readers that bullies "are also victims." And if those enlightened words from the article don't make you want to puke or indulge in homicidal fantasies, just wait until you listen to the interview.

At about 55 seconds into the interview, Dr. Porter reminds us that children are no meaner than they ever were and that it's not the children who've change. We've changed.

I can agree with that.

After an embarrassing series of victim suicides and schoolyard massacres, we, the enlightened, child loving adults of America are finally showing an iota of willingness to address the problem. I graduated from high school 35 years ago and many adolescents were raised to be sadistic assholes back then just as they are now. Neither sadistic adolescents nor the criminally incompetent parents who raise them have changed much since then. They've had no reason to change because until recently, no one seriously criticized their behavior. Fortunately, not all of America's sociopaths have been so coddled.

Racists, homophobes, anti-Semites, batterers, date rapists, child abusers, and child molesters were also no worse 35 years ago than they are now. Those criminals haven't changed. We have. We now openly recognize the previous list of hate worthy characters as the public menace that they've always been and take steps to punish them. What we don't do is refer to their criminal behavior as a "mistake" and even Dr. Susan Eva Porter hasn't been foolish enough to blame their victims.

At about 2 minutes and 25 seconds Dr. Porter states that referring to a bully as a bully is "character assassination." We all know how sensitive and fragile violent sociopaths can be and we wouldn't want to assassinate their character.

At about 2 minutes and 47 seconds she serves up the piece de resistance. She shamelessly blames bullying on the victim with the statement, "Bullying is never a one way street." Sure lady...tell that one to Alex Libby. I'm sure he invites cruelty by choosing to look different or talk funny.

And finally, at 3 minutes and 55 seconds into the interview, Dr. Porter reminds us that the brain of a child is not fully developed and therefore isn't capable of completely comprehending how much harm its imposing on the victim. What a load of psychobabblesque bullshit. None of the bully enablers who make this claim can ever explain why the smallest and weakest kids in school seem to have no problem comprehending what will happen to them if they talk back to the bully or otherwise display any form of disrespect. Perhaps the brains of victims develop more quickly.

As always...terrorists who want to feel good about what they do need only observe the behavior of Americans like Dr. Susan Eva Porter, bully enabler extraordinaire.


  1. Well, I'm glad society is starting to be anti-bullying- it is a trend in the right direction.

    However, there are those who will fight against it. Remember how much trouble people had to go through to get equal rights for other races?

    I remember once I got bullied horribly by this one kid.... he spent months calling me a faggot, a loser and countless other bad things thousands of times. I asked him countless times to stop- after all, I did nothing to him. He simply got annoyed and distant with me every time I tried to talk some sense into him.

    Eventually, despite being half my size, he had little trouble picking a fight with me. He was so arrogant, and held me in such contempt, that he never fathomed he would lose. I didn't want to fight, I was -very- non-aggressive. (thus why I got bullied so much)

    By the end of the fight he was forehead had been cut open and was bleeding. He also had his pinky finger broken (when I shoved him into a wall he "caught" himself with that finger by mistake) and was crying like a little girl when the teacher came in.

    After that, he bullied me no more. I don't know what happened to him after but, I get the feeling he never treated anyone else the way he treated me, because what happened to him was so traumatizing and humiliating he didn't dare risk having that happen to him again.

    My actions greatly improved his moral fiber far more than any nitwit adults trying to get us to "discuss our feelings" ever could have.

    The best way to stop bullying is to arm victims of bullying, physically and psychologically, to prepare for this abuse and not to be simply allow themselves to be passive victims. Bullies stop bullying when bullying stops being fun.

    The school knew what was happening- but never intervened. And yet, they expect victims to do nothing and to blindly follow their commands.

    Children can't let adults intimidate them into allowing themselves to be abused simply because it suits their ancillary agendas and their warped senses of morality of certain adults.

    I nearly killed myself because of the psychological abuse I endured. Many others aren't quite as lucky, because they did kill themselves. The only bullycides anyone cares about are attractive young girls, gay kids, and a few acceptable sob stories of cute bespectacled little kids.

    Oh, and the bullycides of people like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, though few are willing to recognize those for what they were.

  2. It's very rare for the bully to be "half the size" of the victim. The size and power disparity is almost exclusively the other way around which makes it very unlikely that the victim will be able to teach the bully a lesson.

    Until bullies are looked upon and treated like any other kind of bigot, nothing will change.

  3. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were not bullycide victims. Please do not lump them in with actual bullycide victims like Phoebe Prince. Thank you.

    Bill Dobsy

  4. They loved bullying me, not just because I didn't fight back, but because I was like a giant compared to them. It seemed to give them a real sick thrill to make me suffer more than it would have had I been tiny.

    Fighting and winning isn't exclusively linked to size- consider how "tiny" Bruce Lee was, and in his prime he'd probably be able to take down Mike Tyson.

  5. Bruce Lee was extraordinarily well trained in the fighting arts. He is a very poor representative example.

    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold obviously intended to end their own lives, but it would be a stretch of the imagination to place them in the same category as Phoebe Prince. I prefer to think of their behavior as negative feedback.

  6. Can Lockwood be found on Facebook? I have some things I want to say to her.

  7. I haven't found her, but she may be under a maiden name or include her middle name or something. I'm sure she's still doing her part to ensure the continued manufacture of tomorrow's Adam Lanza's.