Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chicken Soup with Matthew Barnett's rapist and attempted murderer enablers...

I wrote about Matthew Barnett's behavior in a previous post.

A few weeks ago America once again shamelessly demonstrated its customary level of depraved indifference for violent crime victims. Matthew Barnett received the token, ritual finger wagging from the Judiciary including such horrible, medieval punishments as "a suspended sentence of four months in the county jail and two years of probation." In layman's terms this is roughly equivalent to the "double secret probation" imposed upon Delta House in the movie "Animal House."

Judge Glen Dietrich also imposed seven special restrictions:

1) "No alcohol." Yeah...I'm sure this is enforceable.

2) "No contact with the victim." There were no such restrictions placed on the assholes who harassed the victim's family enough to prompt a change of address. Nor was there any mention of the arsonists who burned the victim's home. Blaming an electrical fault is worse than insulting to anyone with an I.Q. over 50.

3) "100 hours of community service." No doubt coaching children's football. He is, after all a role model.

4) "Restitution of $1800 for counseling services for the victim." No doubt paid for by the wonderful parents who role modeled his majesty's behavior.

5) "Drug testing." How often and how much warning will he receive from his politically connected family?

6) "Substance abuse counseling." This has a questionable history of success.

7) "Acknowledgement of wrongdoing to the victim in the form of a verbal apology delivered by the Jackson County prosecutor. That apology was “heartfelt” and “genuine,” Peters Baker said during the press conference." He wasn't even required to apologize himself. The prosecutor did it for him. This last gem of depraved indifference is especially heartwarming. A politically connected rapist and attempted murderer was saved from the embarrassment of having to deliver a disingenuous verbal apology in person.

As the group "Anonymous" tweeted, "Good job America."

I'm sure the world's terrorists are sleeping soundly knowing that we're such a caring and civilized nation.

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