Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chicken Soup asks, "Whatever happened to David Salmon?"

Whatever happened to Franklin, Massachusetts gridiron hero and all around sociopath David Salmon? To no one's surprise, I received no response to this...not that I expected anyone to take it seriously.

When I do an internet search the latest articles are from May of last year. A few months ago I e-mailed several of the reporters who covered the story, asking for a follow up. No one responded. I even called a newspaper that is headquartered in a town very close to Franklin, Massachusetts and asked for information. I was transferred three times to the reporter "who has been assigned to cover the story." I started feeling like I was asking which of the nuns in Catholic school would be teaching sex education.

Is David Salmon an ambassador's son? What gives?

The reason I'm trying to follow up on His Majesty should be obvious to regular readers. Every present and future bully and most of the assholes who raise bullies were probably aware of David Salmon's criminal behavior. What did they learn from it? Was His Majesty locked up in prison for a few years? Was anything at all done that might convince a bully raising parent to clean up their act?

The fact that no one is covering the story almost certainly means that David Salmon walked with little more than a finger wagging and a slap on the wrist.

Once again...Americans worship violent males, praise their amazing manliness, shower them with female attention, and then whine incessantly about violence. I listened to a report on National Public Radio this morning about the recent massacre in a naval facility in Washington, D.C. It was mentioned that this was the 20th mass shooting in America during Obama's Presidency. There was some loose talk about gun control, but no one mentioned the fact that violent males are treated like gods in America.

Perhaps it's time for Americans to pull their heads out of their collective asses and treat violent males as the cancer they are. Once again...what ever happened to David Salmon?


  1. It is amazing how a society can be so willfully ignorant and allow such atrocities to occur. I am losing hope in humanity as a whole and do not think I can regain it. Unlike Izzy Kalman who compares bullies to Jews of Nazi Germany, I think it is actually a much more real comparison of bully victims to Jews of Nazi Germany, I say this as a bully victim and as a Jew who lost the majority of my close family due to the holocaust. I believe that I am not trivializing the holocaust when I compare bullying victims to victims of NAZIs, to be terrorized, tortured, dignity destroyed, living in fear every second of everyday (even while asleep having nightmares, emotionally and psychologically destroyed, having the world turn on you even though you have never done a single thing wrong and was always kind and caring person but through lies, slander having your loved one tricked in thinking you are bad and hating you while the bullies recieve admiration. I am simply in shock at how demented society can be...Why? WHY??? To think that society screams for justice at every turn yet constantly commit it. The injustices of the past seem to be in vain because from what I have witness from humanity, in a thousand years from now, people will still be sadistic savages, possibly even worse. I do not really know what to say...I have made some posts already in this website but will probably not contribute any more, thank you for writing these blog entries. I will still read as I try to somehow gather the strength to keep "living"

    1. Continue "living." Taking your own life only emboldens those who enjoy tormenting others.

  2. His name sounds familiar... could you please re-familiarize loyal viewers to who he is and what it is he did?

    To answer your question, he's probably either wealthy or powerful and comes from a small town in which he's a whale in a small pond.

    1. There's nothing about Franklin, Massachusetts that stands out. I didn't get the impression that Franklin was another Littleton or Steubenville. His address is listed as an apartment which suggests he's not particularly wealthy or important. And one reader left a comment stating that he was an ex football player, hardly a ringing endorsement for sports fans.

      You can learn everything you need to know about him by doing a simple internet search or by clicking on the link above. I'm not so concerned with Mr. Salmon. He's just another run of the mill asshole. What concerns me is that 14 years after Columbine should have pulled heads out of asses, no one seems remotely interested in preventing another massacre.

      It's fair to assume that the next killer will have seen David Salmon on You Tube and come to the same conclusions I did.

    2. Oh dear, the link has died... well, David Salmon wants to be recognized for what he did so I am more than happy to restore the story for him and all of his admirers.

      Hmm... the page is acting funny so I better copy/paste it for immediate reading to viewers here!

      "FRANKLIN (FOX 25 / - Police are investigating a disturbing video of a Franklin High School student attacking another student after it made its rounds on social media site Twitter on Thursday.

      FOX 25 obtained a copy of the video, which school officials say was taped inside the school on Thursday. During the video, it appears only one punch was thrown at a male student as he walks down the hallway.

      The victim, 18-year-old Cory Pingeton, has since been released from the hospital after suffering two orbital fractures, a swollen retina, and a burst sinus.

      Pingeton and his lawyer Martin Kane talked with police on Friday about the incident. Kane said his client had been bullied by the alleged attacker in the past, but was unsure why he was being antagonized.

      Students identified the attacker as David Salmon.

      Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski responded to the incident in a press release. It reads in part, “This cowardly act is disturbing and it does not reflect the expectations we espouse as a school district or as a community. We are committed to ensuring all of our students are safe while they are in school.”

      Sabolinski adds that the school system will continue working with the Franklin Police Department as they continue their investigation. Her office also says the school department will conduct their own investigation once the police conclude their investigation."

      Ah simple case. The jock made two mistakes...

      1. Videotaping the attack and...

      2. Injuring the victim TOO horrible.

      The first option forces the school to do something about it and makes them unable to sweep it under the rug like they ordinarily do, just as the second option does.

      If he had just socked him in the gut or tripped him without serious injury, it would have been just a "harmless boyhood pranks that builds character."

    3. The fact that there was no follow up story almost guarantees that other sociopaths like him will feel safe committing crimes in front of a camera.

  3. Oh man, that's unbelievable. It shames me that machismo's in this world. Why, I bet that Izzy Kalman worships it and encourages others to do the same. Just sickening.

    1. What advice would Kalman have for David Salmon's victim?


    - Bill Dobsy

    1. Thank you. I'm not sure how I missed that. I'll give the reporter a call.

  5. This is off-topic, but I gotta question for you FI.... you're one of the smartest people I know when it comes to bullying, so I want to hear your take on this.

    My brother was bullied a lot in Jr. High, including by the most popular guy there. However, in private when nobody was around he'd be nice to him, but when his buddies were around he'd act like a dick for "appearance's sake."

    And here's an interesting one- I talked to one of my bully enables many years ago. She'd seen me get bullied countless times- never lifted a fucking finger.

    Well, Princess told me, "oh I stood up for you so times! Guys would say so many hateful things about you and I'd complain to them!"

    Yeah, she did that alright... in fucking private when I was nowhere around to hear it. She never tried to be my friend then, and had no trouble befriending those monsters.

    What are your thoughts on both stories? I have my own ideas but I want to hear yours, you're too smart for me to pass up this golden opportunity.

    1. Bullies do what they do for one of two basic reasons. They're either demonstrating to others that they are the dominant male or they are acquiring a sense of power over the victim. The "popular guy" who bullied your brother was probably either an alpha male with a reputation to protect or a wannabe who knew he'd better impress the other assholes if he wanted to retain his position as part of the in crowd. The fact that he didn't bully your brother in private may indicate that he wasn't doing it in order to get his secret, power trip hard-on. The bully was most likely either earning or maintaining his social status among his peers.

      Your female bully enabler is also an easily explained textbook case. She was also seeking social status but in her case it was with the popular guys instead of with other females. In our still male dominated culture, women are expected to present at least some token defense of other women in order to avoid the appearance of being vile bitches. This is probably what she was doing. She was doing the fence walk, not toadying too much to male assholes yet leaving the door open to being accepted as one of the popular guy's favored sperm dumpsters.

      I hope that helps.

    2. It does, thanks. I just don't get why she'd refuse to ever defend me or say a kind word to my face but would defend me when I was miles away and unable to actually appreciate it.

      Also, the guy bullying my brother was a football/baseball/basketball captain, he was THE popularity god of Jr. High. It's pretty sad that even a guy like him was terrified of doing the right thing when he was in a better position than anyone to get away with doing the right thing.

      Oddly enough, he wound up committing suicide- his daddy always pushed him too hard then he bitched about it in his suicide note. As someone who had nothing and was always at the bottom of the barrel of popularity in Jr. High, I always looked down upon him as an unbelievable wimp for what he did. While I respect bullycide victims, a guy like him committing suicide seemed idiotic and pathetic to me. I'd gladly have exchanged places with him (and been "perfect" at everything in school) in exchange for my dad being a massive dick.

    3. Much of what people do is a function of their social status. You can better appreciate this by really paying attention to commercials. When I was young my father and I used to make fun of commercials, pick them apart, and try to figure out what they were really appealing to. Once you start doing this it's a little disturbing how many times a product is pushed with the promise that it will elevate the purchaser's social status.

      There was a series of Humvee commercials a few years back that suggested to viewers that they'd get more respect and their children would be treated well by their peers in school if only you were seen dropping them off in a big, black Humvee. This was obviously a direct result of the far greater public awareness of bullying and the marketing industry took advantage of it shamelessly.

      Celebrities have endorsed everything from cigarettes to automobiles in an effort to make you believe that you will somehow be associated with a famous or otherwise high status person or group simply by buying and being seen by others using the product. I satirized this sort of behavior in my Chicken Soup with the Columbine has beens post.

      The post is over the top satire but it's also very familiar to just about everyone.

      The bully who committed suicide after a lifetime of being pushed by his father is a pretty common character. Not enough of them take their own lives though. They mostly drive their victims to suicide. John Wareham is an executive search consultant (headhunter). In his book "Secrets of a Corporate Headhunter" he writes about the effect that trying to please daddy has on even the smartest, best educated executives.


    Btw, your chicken avatar isn't too far off from the reality of most chickens I'm afraid.

    And yeah, that girl was a real fucking bitch to me. I'm not the slightest bit grateful about her "defending me" behind my back and never lifting a finger withing my presence. She was a whore to the most popular jock bully at school (someone that called me a faggot a lot) so she can go fuck herself as far as I'm concerned.

  7. Order a few sleazy magazines in their name and have them delivered to their parents' address.

    Sorry...that was very immature of me.

  8. Oh no worries, easy to lose your temper at bullies. But prob. best to delete your post and this one, I'm afraid bullies would be more likely to utilize that tactic than their victims would be, best not to give em any ideas.

  9. Actually, I found that one in a book of revenge tactics about 30 years ago. It's already in the public domain.