Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chicken Soup with amazing comedian and criminal attorney Walter Madison...

Monty Python's Flying Circus was a British comedy show that aired on PBS in the early 1970's. One of their skits featured someone who wrote a joke that was so funny, the author died laughing within seconds of completing it. When the police arrived to investigate an unattended death, they read the joke and died laughing as well. A series of others arriving on the scene also read the joke and died laughing. Finally, the joke was cut up into individual words on seperate pieces of paper, translated into German one word at a time, and read over loudspeakers by non-German speaking British soldiers near the front lines of WWII. Vast numbers of German soldiers died laughing, which is of course, the real reason the Germans lost.

The reason I'm reminiscing about this particular comedy skit is not to reveal how truly ancient I am. I'm just using it to segway into a news article that may have the same effect upon readers. After reading the title...just the title of the online article linked below, I came very close to dying from excessive laughter. Indeed, expert medical personnel had to be summoned to administer strong depressents to prevent further levity induced damage to my health.

Medical and legal disclaimer:

Reading the title of the article linked below may cause uncontrolled laughter intense enough to cause permanent incredulity with America's Alice in Wonderland legal system.

Laugh Now.

I don't normally beg for attention but if you're even remotely as put off by Attorney Madison's appeal, and if you survive the laughter, please e-mail this post to everyone on your address list and tell everyone you come in contact with to risk death from excessive levity by reading the article linked above. This is really over the top, even for the subjects of this weblog.


  1. I have one better. Read what the sheriff said about the peanuts:

    1. I'd need some back story before I can fully understand the great peanut case. Were the students involved chronic troublemakers and this was a handy excuse to nail them? Is the local school system creating the illusion for insurance purposes of being vigilant about violence? V'Ger requires more information.

  2. I have to be honest, I agree with him 100% that his brain isn't very well-developed.

    However, that's no justification for rape.

    He's probably crying because he's about to learn what his victim must have felt like.

    1. I suspect the rapist was simply doing what was considered to be normal behavior in Steubenville. Not that long ago it was legal and perfectly normal to buy, sell, and work to death other human beings. The community of Steubenville considers someone else's daughter to be little more than materiel to be used by heroes of the gridiron. This kind of standard starts at the top. You can find all you need to know by observing the morals of that community's leading adult citizens.