Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chicken Soup with the University of North Carolina...

Try as I might, I just can't escape this weblog. Hardly a day goes by without some wonderful American reminding me why our society produces men like Eric Harris, Adam Lanza, and Timothy McVeigh. Today's Chicken Soup features yet another college administrator who treats rape victims as if they were the cause of the problem.

This story in Huffington Post (and a lot of other sources as well) explains in nauseating detail. Enjoy the following delicious morsels of Chicken:

"Well... Rape is like football, if you look back on the game, and you're the quarterback, Annie... is there anything you would have done differently?"

And if that wonderfully empathetic statement doesn't warm the hearts of the world's terrorists, the following list of questions surely will:

"They asked me how high my skirt was...where was the hem?"

"They asked me how many times I've had sex in my life."

"They asked me if it was really rape, or just bad sex."

"They asked me if I knew it wasn't a good idea for a 'pretty girl' to walk alone on campus."

"They asked me to demonstrate how hard I fought back."

"They asked if I was really raped, or if I was making it up to cover up bad grades."

I'll attempt to help the University of North Carolina...because I'm a helpful sort of person.

When a student reports being raped, you ask if she needs medical attention. If she says yes, you call an ambulance. If she says no, then you pick up the telephone and offer to call the police. What you don't do is cover up the problem so you can boast of your low crime rate in all those shiny catalogues.

Stop making it easy for homicidal maniacs to feel good about spraying bullets into crowded rooms.


  1. I'm going to be honest...

    Rape is common to the human race. Every war out there? LOTS of rape.

    Hell, it used to be legal in America 100-200 years ago for husbands to rape their wives. The notion that "rape is wrong and must be punished" is fairly new. (well, unless someone was raping their wife/girlfriend/etc.)

    Rape is clearly wrong and should be punished but sadly, it's a big part of human behavior. The guy making excuses for girls being raped is no different from the church officials covering for their own rapists, or that Penn state crap.

  2. It used to be acceptable behavior.

    Now it's not.

    The same could be said for slavery.

    My point is simple. Stop making it easy for homicidal maniacs to feel good about mass murder.