Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chicken Soup with the steroid whores of Steubenville...

A rape victim's worst enemy isn't the rapist. A rape victim's worst enemies are often other women.

Athletes are often surrounded by women who's behavior is indistinguishable from prostitutes, with one exception. Instead of simply demanding cash for services, they hope to trade the use of their bodies in exchange for inclusion in a high status group, association with high status males, or some other form of elevated social status. Some women are very successful at their chosen profession and it's not unusual for them to shamelessly refer to rape victims as whores and brazenly threaten bodily harm for daring to accuse His Majesty of a crime. In the tiny minds of steroid whores, athletes can do no wrong.

Terrorists can sleep soundly knowing that their victims have even less empathy for victims than they do.


  1. Reminds me of Glenn Ridge. A lot of their whore groupies and "little mothers" (girls who provided emotional support and friendship for the privilege of their friendship, but were never permitted to sleep with them) defended the posse of jocks down in the basement who took turns raping a retarded girl.

  2. Glenn Ridge was basically a cult of worship centered around the Football team. Even during the year of the rape, with them losing about 70% of their games, the principal dedicated 2.5 fawnings hours to giving them tributes, and about 40 minutes to all else.

    One girl who left the area and apparently got deprogammed later said that "Glenn Ridge ruined relations with boys for me on a psychological level."

    P.S.- One of the punks at school got the jocks taken down by contacting 100+ media organizations about the story. :D There's a famous book "Our Guys" about GR, I'd love to see you read it and review it!

  3. I've heard of the book and it's on my reading list but time is something I don't have in abundance right now. I'll eventually get to it.

  4. I'll tell ya this- it is one of the most addictive books I've read in years. With us having similar interests, I know it'll be one of the most fascinating things around when you do pick it up and you won't stop til you finish it.

    As for that girl, I do think she was a victim too... a lot of people are terrified of the bully authority figures and desperate to fit in. They're young and naive and desperate to "fit in" so will do stuff that is wrong. That doesn't justify bullying and bullying-enablers, but the terror of rejection and the desperation of "acceptance" can be terrifyingly powerful for those who are young. Kids that aren't taught right from wrong or the way that system works are helpless against it.

    Had she been taugh better, and simply avoided the jocks, she wouldn't have developed so many psychological complexes regarding guys. But it's too late for her, she already got traumatized and abused. At the very least, she was smart enough to realize what happened was wrong to her. There were still ex-students who were girls (whores and "little mothers") who insisted on continuing to defend the jock rapists even after high school because so much of their identities were tied to worship of the jocks and "protecting" them.