Friday, March 16, 2012

Chicken Soup with Chris Brown's fan base...

Terrorists can avoid feeling guilty about what they do by realizing how callous most of their victims really are.

Chris Brown may not be a professional athlete, but he certainly behaves like one. For those of you who've been living in a closet, Chris Brown reminded Rihanna who wears the pants by beating her into submission a few years ago. In a civilized society he would have been locked in a cage for many years. In America he didn't serve a day and continues to make money selling crappy music to the sort of people who have no problem with men beating up their girlfriends. He even has people who shamelessly defend him.

Terrorists know that no decent American, certainly not anyone who is civilized enough to have earned the right to complain about terrorism would be caught dead enriching a violent sociopath like Chris Brown.


  1. It's not PC to say but a lot of women don't give a fuck because they think it's sexy what he did.

    I think, throughought history, most human males did boss/slap around the women. (that kind of behavior is still common in places like the Middle East)

    Again, I'm not defending CBrown or his fangirls, but maybe it's a genetic response. Because he's rich, famous and sexy (to them) the thought of being slapped and kissed by him is a turn-on, as opposed to having some fat, poor drunk redneck slob do it, then it's just gross and evil.

    Seriously, it would explain a lot of women's love for violent men wouldn't it? A violent man can take care of you when rival tribes come along, and women used to being slapped around were bred more to pass along genes of acquiscence.

    1. If it's not Politically Correct, then it's probably accurate. When everyone was a hunter/gatherer who spent every moment looking over their shoulders for something or someone trying to kill them it made sense to attach your self to a violent alpha male. He may be an abusive jerk, but he'll supply food and protect you from the neighbors. Our society is structured very differently. I do all of my hunting and gathering at the supermarket and we have multiple layers of protection from the local police to the Navy. But you're correct in assuming that women are still instinctively attracted to violent alpha males. I asked a close female acquaintance about this and was told that women are attracted to men who appear confident. She admitted being completely unable to tell the difference between a confident man and a cocky sociopath, something any male could identify upon making eye contact.

  2. Oh yeah, one more thing....

    Violence and subjugation of women is an epidemic problem in many Middle Eastern countries that spawn terrorists.

    Women respecting a strong-armed man wouldn't really be all that offensive to a terrorist so, in that regard, you're kinda wrong. (not insulting, just sayin)

    1. This blog is mostly about domestic terrorists who want to take revenge upon or change the society they grew up in. Public acceptance of violence against women would be just one more example of public indifference that such a terrorist could reference in his own mind to self justify what he does. The terrorist's reasoning would be that he is only harming people who have no concern for others anyway and therefore deserve what they get.