Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chicken Soup with ex-gridiron gorilla Christian Peter...

Christian Peter is another character whose behavior terrorists can study in order to avoid feeling guilty about their chosen profession. You can read about Christian Peter's character here. He whines about the New England Patriots and calls them a pack of liars here. But here you can find behavior that I've found to be truly disturbing since high school.

Apparently Christian Peter created a video worthy of entertaining the psychotic audience at the Roman Coliseum. And the psychotics are still around in dangerously large numbers. Scroll down to the January 14, 2012 comment, allegedly left there by Christian Peter's wife. She makes two statements that terrorists can learn from:

First she says that she "laughed so hard watching my husband in this video as a boy." He was not a "boy" when he made that video. If what's been written about him is true, he was a violent, 265 pound rapist; not a boy. She then continues with "he still has the heart of a lion" as if that were some sort of compliment. If someone released a lion onto a college campus, how would the public and our law enforcement community react? Lions aren't things to be admired. They're just dangerous animals.

I've run across women since high school who shamelessly defend men who've spent their lives establishing a reputation for cruelty, violence, and criminal behavior. That's a bit disturbing, but they're not alone. Colleges actively recruit football players who commit violent crimes off the field. Team owners like Bob Kraft obviously do likewise. And most disturbing of all; millions of ordinary Americans, none of whom would like their daughters to be raped blithely show up on game day and pay ludicrous ticket prices for the opportunity to enrich players like Christian Peter.

Terrorists can learn from their behavior.

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