Friday, March 23, 2012

Chicken Soup with "extremist" websites...

In the post immediately previous to this one (just scroll back) I promised to browse an extremist website in honor of Orwellian nutlob Nicolas Sarkozy. I'm disappointed to report that I couldn't find one. I Googled a few obvious terms like, "jihad website, die Americans die, death to the west (this is a musical group), god is great, muslim terrorist recruiting, and sarkozy blows godzilla." I was disappointed by the absence of a musical group named "Sarkozy Blows Godzilla."

To be honest, I wasn't trying all that hard to find an "extremist" website, but the question must be asked:

If "extremist" websites are responsible for turning otherwise ordinary people into terrorists, what causes ordinary people to want to find such websites? If I really, really wanted to find one, I'm certain I could have. But...I would have to have already been motivated to blow up shopping malls or bravely shoot little girls in the head. So what's motivating people to consider such behavior before they even visit one of those eeeeevil websites?

Hey Nic'...good luck with that election.

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