Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chicken Soup with Donte Stallworth and the Patriots...

Terrorists can look no further than Patriots owner Bob Kraft when they're looking for a way to rationalize the low value of human life.

Football fans will remember that the Patriots drafted that wonderful example of human goodness and gridiron role modeling Christian Peter back in 1996 and only dumped him when Mrs. Kraft objected to his majesty's presence. Now they've done it again by picking up Donte Stallworth.

My very first post of November 7, 2010 described the behavior of Donte Stallworth and the fact that he got away with killing someone without serving any prison time for it. Of course, he killed an old, blue collar worker and as every good Republican knows; their lives aren't worth anything anyway.

Terrorists, particularly the domestic kind can take comfort by following a two step rationalization process:

1) First they can envision a large, violent member of the gridiron elite brutalizing one of their offspring.

2) Then they can envision vast hordes of football fans cheering wildly when his majesty runs onto the playing field.

Anyone who truly believes that Americans are not this morally depraved can leave a comment.

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