Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicken Soup with the movie, "Jumper"

In the movie "Jumper" a young man discovers that he can teleport. He uses his power to "jump" into bank vaults after the bank has closed and lives quite lavishly on what he's stolen. There's more to the story but his ability to rob banks is the subject at hand.

How many Americans can honestly claim that if they possessed the same ability that they would not use it to enrich themselves illegally? Would you continue trying to make ends meet by fighting commuter traffic and working a crappy, low paying job? Not likely. You currently work for a living for one simple reason:

You have to. You are inhibited (key word here) from pursuing any other alternative.

You don't quit working and go back to college because the lack of money "inhibits" you.

You don't rob banks or commit some similar crime because your fear of going to prison "inhibits" you.

Now let's get a bit more personal:

If you had the ability to teleport, would you use it to take revenge upon people who harmed or offended you in some way?

Be honest...

Imagine the joy of being able to teleport into the home of the bully who made your formative years so miserable and pouring a bucket of urine and feces you'd been collecting in your garage on his head and then teleporting back home before the jackass could jump out of bed. Imagine how humiliated he'd be in front of whatever bully loving bimbo was lying next to him.

You're thinking about it...aren't you? You could really enjoy life if you weren't "inhibited" by the inability to do what you want.

The point of this post is simple. Few of us will ever be able to teleport, but people who commit acts of terrorism are not "inhibited" by empathy. If their lives are miserable enough they're not "inhibited" by fear of death or prison either. The Columbine killers certainly weren't. Empathy is learned behavior and spending one's formative years being conditioned to fear and hate everyone around you undermines that learning process very effectively.

Speaking of domestic was Timothy McVeigh treated during his formative years?

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  1. I don't even want to say all the things I'd do with teleporting powers, but would I rob banks?


    I don't know if they have tracking devices in dollars now though, or how to deal with those damned exploding ink things, but robbing banks would be kick-ass! I might also rob those drug dealers in Mexico with rooms filled with money.

    I wouldn't chase after all of my old bullies though- I mean, that's a trail of evidence going after people who knew you and might eventually suspect you. Besides, I'd think much bigger than them.