Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chicken Soup will be left on the stove to simmer...

I was considering deleting this blog because I work about 60 hours per week and it's become something of an unproductive distraction. I had several other blogs which I eventually deleted for the same reason. Very few people read them.

It finally occured to me to emphasize the fact that the public's deification of violent, athletic, and oh so manly sociopaths and indifference toward their victims only makes it easy for criminals, including terrorists to feel good about what they do. That's where the name of the blog comes in. Every time a victim or former victim of sigh athletic manliness reads about yet another knuckle dragging hero of the gridiron being lavishly rewarded for his manly demonstration of criminal behavior, another serial killer, misogynist, or terrorist becomes able to rationalize the necessity of what they're going to do. Bully enablers are obvious morons, so I'll allow this blog to stay on the stove and annoy them.


  1. God bless you, good sir! :) This blog going under would be like Da Vinci burning a painting.

    You know Izzy Kalman and tons of other jocks/coaches would be dancing like idiots if this takedown of their behavior went away, so I'm pleased to see you're keeping it up. :) Bless you!

  2. In his book, "I, Robot" highly prolific author Isaac Asimov outlined his Three Laws of Robotics. Here I outline the Three Laws of Bullying:

    1) Social climbing females reward the bully.
    2) Cowards blame the victim.
    3) Toadying Sycophants fawn for the bully's favor.

    Enjoy the soup. I'll only be dropping in once a week or so.