Monday, April 9, 2012

Chicken Soup with anyone who is confused about what I'm doing here...

I received a message from someone who did not appear to understand what this weblog is about. Either the individual is easily confused or I haven't been clear.

Imagine that you want to commit a crime of some sort that involves imposing great harm upon others. It doesn't have to involve terrorism but it does require you either injure or kill your victims, or render them extremely vulnerable to harm from other sources. Plundering retirement funds is a good example of the second scenario. Regardless of your personal values or character it would be a lot easier to sleep at night if you felt as though your victims were evil or callous and therefore deserved to be harmed.

Here's how it works:

Millions of Americans make it easy for criminals (terrorists or otherwise) to feel good about what they do and easy for them to sleep at night by openly praising and enriching violent criminals like Ryan Tucker and ignoring the suffering of their victims. The lowest of these scumbags will even shamelessly blame violence and cruelty on the victim. This social conditioning begins in early childhood and continues through high school and college.

Terrorism is a form of systemic feedback. A culture that rewards sociopaths and ostracises those who are civilized is only getting what it deserves.

What's your opinion?

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